Sunday, January 15, 2012

Call 313 : 21 GUNS

Hello Son, 

Mom was at the bookstore this morning, after church and a heavy western breakfast. :D

She was flipping over and browsing through some primary books, as what she does these days, when she came across your name in one of the pages.

Daniel ... something ... (can't remember the sentence now).

Anyway, that brought a smile to your mother's face. She did not attempt to take a snap shot though. She kinda felt like it was a one-off inciDAN. 

Besides, your mother can't be expected to behave like a lunatic each time she sees your name, right? No, of course not. 

However, her heart did whisper though, more than once, 

"Are You near, Daniel?" :D

So anyway, Mom spent another 2 hours or so at the store until Dad came and said that it was almost 1 pm and we had to get some lunch for your sister (she was at home).

After paying for some books she had selected, we walked to the car. Mom waited by the bus-stand whilst Dad went to get the car. Shortly after, Dad arrived with the car. Mom hopped in, closed the door, and put on her seat belt.

Not more than 5 seconds later, she suddenly noticed a familiar music that had come on the radio. 

Mom sprang forward, "Eh, 21 GUNS ..."

Click on title to view video.

She pointed at the time, "OMG ..."

Dad looked.

It was 12:51 pm.

Decode : 1 2 4

Mom exclaimed, "You see that? 21 and 24 ..."

Both You. :D 

Departure and Birthdate.


You know huh, that your 21st is round the corner. We were talking so much about 21 yesterday. Besides, Mom was talking to Dad about your ad on the 21st as we were browsing through the papers during breakfast just now. 

The Obituary Page. 

At one stage in her life, and yours, she would avoid this page like the plague. Now, she reads it like it's the most natural thing to do. Mom had reminded Dad that 21st is on a Saturday.

Yes, 21st.

What are the chances of her hopping in the car to hear 21 GUNS almost immediately? Before that, she had to see your name. 

21 GUNS is the ring tone of Aunty D's cellphone during your last stay in the hospital ... less then 2 weeks before You left us. 

One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

We would never have guessed, hearing the song repeatedly in the hospital then, that You would soon leave us on the 21st.  

You definitely knew / know what's going on, don't You? 

Yes, You know everything now ... 

We were meant to hear it in the car. That's for sure. Otherwise, Mom would have spent another half an hour in the book shop, and we would have missed the 21 GUNS zap. 

You must have whispered to Dad ...

Time to go, Dad ... :D

The timing was just too angel perfect. 

Thank You for staying close, Son ... 

Each and every zap is so precious.