Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello Son, 

This morning, Dad and Mom went to the departmental store in town, to buy your flowers. Your 2nd year anniversary is on next Saturday, January 21. We cannot believe that two years have flown by without You by our side ...

Correction ... without You physically by our side.

Spiritually, we constantly feel You with us somehow. 

God is good.

His Plan is good. 

She hates to admit it because it still hurts. 

It always will. 


And that's okay.

At least He still allows us to get zapped and connected. That is more than we could ask for. For awhile, Mom did wonder if there would be a time limit as to how long God will allow You to make your presence felt to your family. She doesn't think that now. 

The bond between mother and son cannot be severed. 

God Himself made it so. 

His Plan is perfect, she sees it now. 

When in the beginning, your mother would constantly belt out to the Great I Am, WHY WHY WHY ... now after two years, and He has kept His promise to keep You safe until we meet again, she has learned to let go the need to know why.

Yes, yes, she has ... learned to let go ...

Pause ... 

Was that a snort at your end?

Oh alright ... on some days, she has ... 

And on other days, she tries ...

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Reaching the departmental store, Mom said to Dad, "Park at the open space car park." Dad drove to the entrance and as he pulled out a ticket from the dispenser, a car nearest to the entrance barrier drove out of its bay.

"See that?" Mom said with a big grin.

"My son's with me ..."

Dad had to smile. :D

We went to the store. Dad was on the ground floor whilst Mom was on the second floor. She walked over to the flowers ... everlasting flowers ... and decided that she would pick 21 small bunches of orange roses.

It turned out she could only find 20 nice ones. 

The remaining 3 bunches were faulty ... torn with petals coming off. Mom was admiring the bunch in her basket on the floor, and wondered if she should just get the red ones. There were more red ones anyway, so it wouldn't be a problem to get 21 bunches.

As she was staring and trying to make up her mind whether or not to change to the red roses, would You believe it but IF I DIE YOUNG came on over the speakers ... which was kinda strange because the music before that, and from the moment we stepped into the store had been Chinese New Year songs. 

The time was 11:38 am.

Decode : 4

The Band Perry.

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OMG ...

Where was Dad? Where was Dad?

Oh, but he would hear it too, she was sure. 

Right at that moment when Mom was staring at your orange flowers, IF - I - DIE - YOUNG came on? C'mon on. It doesn't take a genius. It's so obvious.

You're near, very near ... You're shopping with Mom ... :D

Just then, a store attendant appeared and asked, "Do you want those flowers?" as she pointed to your mother's basket some 5 steps away from where Mom was standing then.

Mom said, yes ... and then decided to complaint that she wanted one more bunch but the remaining ones on the display shelf were all bad etc.

The attendant said, "For every 6, you get a discount ..."

Ohhh ... 


Ooooh, we must always take advantage of a discount ... 

Okay then, we'll make do with 18 bunches, Mom sent a telepathic message to You. You don't mind, do You, Son? She took out 2 bunches from the basket and returned them to the display holders.

From "not enough" to "more than enough."

Your doing. You must have sent that attendant along.

Yup You. Nobody, nobody but You.

Mom walked over to the book stand ... and browsed through some preschool books from one stand to another ... for the longest time. In fact, Dad came over twice to check if she were ready to go, and she said no. By the way, Dad heard the song. :D  

It wasn't until she was at the last stand, when she caught sight of a nice book with a nice over ... quite different from the rest. This one just ah, oozed with um, quality. The book was bigger, the cover was smoother, she was pretty sure the price was higher than the rest.

She picked it up and randomly opened the book.

OMG ...

Guess what was starring back at her???

A rainbow ...

Oh Wow ... How did she do that? She had been flipping the other books back and forth, and forth and back, but this particular one, she had opened to the page.

The rainbow page.

OMG ...


The ...

Lord, make me a rainbow ...

I'll shine down on my mother ...

page. Immediately, Mom pulled out her cellphone and found herself staring at the time.

The time was 12:21 pm.

Oh My ... 21 ... that's You.

Decode : 24

Do You see the 24 too? That's You.

21 your departure, and 24 your arrival. 


You're right beside Mom, she knows. :D

Mom was ready to go home after that. :D 

We were in the car when the song SMILE came on. Dad turned up the volume, and announced that it's part of our song. :D Kinda strange to hear Dad say something like that. That was to get your mother's attention, wasn't it, because a little while later, a brief song preview of the following lyrics came on :

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me 

wherever I fall

You say it best 


The time on the dashboard showed 12:55 pm.

Decode : 4

OMG ... When You say nothing at all. 

Yes, You say it best when You say nothing at all. Why today, Mom heard You loud and clear. A mother knows. Ask Mother Mary. She'd tell You.

The full song came on at 1:11 pm. 

Mom pointed to Dad.

Decode : 21

No matter how You look at it, this song is just all YOU.

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word You can light up the dark

Try as I may I can never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing

Mom started singing along at the top of her lungs.

She told Dad to get her the karaoke version so she could sing the song for your 21st, your second year anniversary next Saturday. Justine is in the middle of exams otherwise we will get her to do a song for You.

We were gonna have lunch at our favourite flour noodle restaurant. Turning into the lane, would You believe it but Mom suddenly caught sight of a car, two vehicles in front of us, with the registration numbers :


OMG !!! The car was making a right turn.

Mom gave a lil shout and pointed excitedly to Dad. 

Yup, Dad saw. 

Good good ... it's always good to have a witness. Today has been pretty amazing. Timing was perfect and her angel signs were left right center and everywhere.

Oh My ...

Oh My Gawd ...

Dad turned into the lane of the restaurant. 

From a short distance, Dad and Mom both saw a car driving out of a parking bay DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the eatery.

Oh Boy Daniel Phua ...

Mom said with a big smile, "Look at that ... right in front of the shop ... OMG ... Just like this morning. We saw the car leaving the parking spot. You want to eat here, Mom? ..."

It was amazing.

Super amazing.

You'd have thought that that was all. But no ...

Mom's order came very very late. Almost half an hour later. Dad was almost done with his food when Mom's noodles came. Of course there was a reason. There's a reason for everything.

And that reason came in the form of a car.

Wait for it ...

We went home after lunch. Arriving at the condo, would You take a look at the vehicle that was just about to leave our block?

Mom grabbed her cellphone and attempted to take a shot. She had not taken a single photo today, but this one she must. OMG, would You look at the number :

21  1

Can You imagine - there is a small space, like a number missing on the place, just so that the numbers could be perfect for your mother?

21 and Decode : 4

How many more signs would a mother need to tell her that her son is near and is right there beside her?

No more. 

Thank You for today, Son. 

Today has been pretty awesome.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be. 

Keep the zaps coming, Daniel ...

We're thinking about You ... <3