Sunday, January 29, 2012

Call 317 : MOM'S KUACI

Hello Son,

So much to say, so little time, and don't know how to start.

No, it's not an excuse. You know how Mom treasures her call-time with You on the call blog. It's just the time. What happened to the time? It's like there's not enough time in a day anymore. Could You tell God to just slow the time down a little, or give your mother another one or two extra hours in a day? 

Honestly, the days are just passing by like ... like the wind. 

Oh oh oh, talking about the wind ...

1. Cyclone

You know what happened in the evening of  Wednesday, Jan 25

At about 6 pm, the family, Dad, Justine, Grandma, Aunty C and Mom were in the car, driving out of Taman Desa to a restaurant at a nearby mall. 

After dinner, we browsed around the shops for a while before Justine said that she was very tired and wanted to go home. Of course, at the time when we wanted leave, we couldn't find Grandma.

By the time we left the mall, it was about 8 pm.

Reaching Taman Desa, we turned in ... 

Oh  --- My --- Gosh ... 

Say that in slow motion please.

How shocked we were ... how very shocked we were, to see the place and surroundings as though it had been hit by a hurricane of some sort. It would seem that all the trees along Jalan Desa Utama were uprooted as drove pass. There were more than 20 over trees that had fallen ... Yeah, about 20, Mom was counting in the dark where we were passing from one end of the road to the condo. 

OMG, what a huge mess there was on the road ...

Justine was taking photos. 

Grandma was like, "Aiyoh ... what happened? Aiyoh ... why like this? What happened? What happened? What happened? Aiyohhh!" as we passed one fallen tree to another.

Dad was like, "When we drove out, everything was normal, and when we came back, it's like a war zone."

Did it rain? 

Did it?

Yes, it did rain. The roads looked wet. Gee, we were not aware that it had been raining so hard. Um, we were at the mall - eating. Anyway, heavy rain don't uproot all the trees in a line. There must have been a mini cyclone of some kind.

You must have whispered to your family to leave for dinner early, and kept them there until it was safe to go home.  That was probably the first time we left for dinner so early. As You know, we normally leave the condo about 7 pm, sometimes even at 7:30 pm because Aunty C has to take Kish down to pee first, before we leave.

Honestly Son, Mom can't remember a time when we went for dinner at 6 pm.

You are / were watching over us, Mom knows.

Okay Jus, you guys can go home now ... :D 

You must have whispered to your sister.

Thank You Son ... <3

2. Morning of Wednesday, Jan 25

Mom and Grandma were in the car, driving to Putrajaya. 

We were talk talk talking non-stop, when Mom was suddenly alerted to the song CALL ME that had come on the radio. The time was 10:35 am. 

Decode : 144 

Mom increased the volume. A smile spread across her face.

CALL ME ... at her angel time.

Yes Son ... Mom will just have to call You tonight (Wed 25). Her last call was on Sunday 22, 3 days ago then.

click on title to view video

Mom was in a happy mood and had a smile plastered on her face. 

Call You in a bit, Son ... she had sent You a telephatic sms.

At Putrajaya, we did what we went there for, and then we left and drove back to KL to go to the ROC.

There, guess what greeted your mother as she stepped into the office?

2121 ...

Mom just had to smile. What are the chances, honestly? You were with her, and You wanted to make sure she knows that. That was like her Son calling out to her.

Hi Ma ... :D

Just in case your mother was not taking the greeting numbers seriously, take a look at the next number. Your mother had walked over to a counter to fill up a form, and when she came back to the waiting area, take a look at the number that greeted her.

2124 ???

Why, that's easy.

That's YOU. All YOU. Nobody, nobody but You.

Your arrival date, and departure date.

It's so easy ... Mom hears You. 

Your exact words on the hospital bed that last time You were in hospital, a week before You left us. You said a sentence, and none of us could make out what it was, which resulted in your finally telling us,  

It's so easy ...

That evening, at the mall having dinner before the cyclone incident ... Mom asked Dad to buy a packet of kuaci (sunflower seeds) while waiting for the food. The junk food shop :D was right beside the restaurant. Dad said, "We'll get it after dinner."

So right after dinner, about an hour later, Mom walked over to the kuaci shop. She took several scoops, and filled up a small tub. Handing her kuaci to the shop girl, she watched the girl weigh it. Mom was pleasantly surprised to see RM4-40 on the till.

44 ???

What are the chances of your mother scooping the correct amount of kuaci to make the 4:40 cut?  Slim chance.

Yes Son, You're definitely with us ... 

And so ...

Let Mom say this. When we were driving through the fallen and uprooted trees, Mom was munching her kuaci in the car. Sure she saw what had happened along the roads, but she was rather calm with her kuaci. Not so kan-cheong as Grandma with the "What happened? What happened?"

In fact, Aunty C remarked several times as we were inching our way through the cyclone mess, 

"You're still eating your kuaci?" 

Justine remembers that too.

Yes, Mom was with her kuaci ...

The number 44 angel sign kuaci ...

Her son was / is with her ...

Totally amazing how You made your presence felt, Daniel. 

Everywhere we are, there You'll be. 

Thank You Jesus for that. :D

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