Sunday, January 1, 2012

Call 308 : TWO RUBBERS

Hello Son, 

Saturday, December 31

It was New Year's Eve, yesterday. After the hugs and goodbyes and more hugs and goodbyes with Aunt J, Mom and Dad drove to town. Your mother had to get stationery supplies, materials etc for the school which would begin on Wednesday, January 4th.

When we arrived, Mom said, "Park at the open space car park." She pointed ahead. Normally, Mom would park there, and not go into the basement car park, which is really dark and eerie.

Dad said, "It's full ..." There were 3 vehicles at the barrier, and the parking attendant did not allow any to enter, until one exits.

We saw a car exiting ... and the first car was allowed to enter. Now there were two cars in front of us. 

Dad said, "You want to wait? I don't see any more cars coming out. We may have to wait a long time ..."

Grudgingly, she relented ... but not before sending her son a telephatic message.

Where are You, Daniel? This is your thing ... 

Where are You?

Dad turned into the basement car park.

As soon as we entered, Dad pointed a finger upwards.

"Listen ..." 

Mom listened.

OMG ...

(If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

Sink me in the river at dawn)

Send me away with the 

words of a love song

OMG ... If I DIE YOUNG was on the sound system of the basement car park. Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard.

It was 12:06 pm.

Decode : 14

Her angel sign. 

"You see? It's him. He had to put two cars in front of us to stop us from parking up there just now. There were three cars at first but when we joined the queue, one car went in, left two. That's him." :D

Dad said, "(Son said), Dad, go to the basement car park, Dad ..." :D

Dad drove slowly looking for a bay to park the car. Mom brought her window down just a bit to hear better.

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

 The Band Perry

Click on title to view video.

Honestly, this song really is written for your mother. She's quite sure You whispered those lyrics to the song writer of The Band Perry. That rainbow line is meant for Mom. Besides, who in the world would write a song that starts with :

IF I DIE YOUNG ... ???

It's amazing how You zap and connect with us, Son. 

We walked to the departmental store and went up to the third floor. Mom started picking up this and thats, before dropping them into her trolly basket. Manila cardboards, paints, brushes, pencils, colored paper, construction paper, tapes, glue, staples etc.

Everything was very normal until ...

she picked up a box of alphabet rubbers. 

She opened the box ... to make sure that all the rubbers are there before adding to the cart.

As she opened the lid ... 

Would You believe it?

OMG ...

A - rubber - jumped - out - of - its - original - place ...

Mom looked and a gasp followed.

OMG ...

Rainbow ...

The Rainbow rubber somehow jumped up as if to greet your mother. Honestly, she's not kidding. She had opened the lid, and as she did, one rubber jumped out ... and when she looked, it was one that is connected to You ...

See the photo above. The Rainbow rubber was supposed to be on the left side of Pumpkin and above Dragon. It jumped out.


That Rainbow line (from the IF I DIE YOUNG song) had come on just before we came into the store. How amazing is that? It could have been any rubber from A to Z but it was one that had to be connected to You.

That was really awesome.

You were / are with Mom, she knows. By the way, take notice that the Rainbow rubber is right next to Santa Claus (Merry Christmas).

We were finally done some 2 hours later. Dad went to get the car, whilst Mom was at the cashier counter. 

One by one the girl scanned the items.

Mom watched.

The girl finally came to the last item in the basket. Mom watched her scanned the price, not expecting anything to happen, when the cashier showed the total amount. OMG ...


RM 400 - 10

Decode : 14

Oh Wow, what are the chances? 

We went home.

You were certainly shopping with your mother just now. :D

That evening at home, Mom was at the computer. 

She was checking out New Year videos and images for your Facebook and Blog.

It wasn't long before she found a nice image and proceeded to upload that in Call 306. Most of the other 2012 images had a X line across for obvious reasons, but this one is clean. 

Mom was meant to have this particular image because the song that she wanted to link to your blog is :


by Celine Dion.

So this image is perfect!

Your mother was admiring the image when at one point, she found herself getting up and walking to her handbag. She wanted to get her mobile to download the photo (the Rainbow rubber) taken at the store earlier. As she was rummaging through her bag, she came across a receipt that zapped her. 

OMG ...

It was a number waiting ticket, a queue ticket if you like, that she had pulled out when she went to place an ad in the papers on November 1, 2011. Mom had kept this slip with the intention to write about the inciDANs on that day, but she did not have the time.

Suddenly, she experienced a lightning flash of enlightenment. 

Like everything coming into place. 


Hey, isn't that her receipt amount : 4001 (RM 400-10).

Both : 14

What are the chances? 

Same angel sign 14 as the IF I DIE YOUNG song that had come on in the car park. Mom went back to her desk, and while waiting for the rubber photo to be downloaded, she found herself staring at the 2012 Merry Christmas image

Her pulse was racing somehow.

She had after all enlarged the image, it was so big, You can't help but look at it. It was then, when she received her next EUREKA zap.

Here ... look at the image again.

2012 ...

That's 14.

Merry Christmas ...

Why, is that not Santa Claus ...

The Rainbow rubber that was right beside the Santa Claus rubber in the box. See the connection?

OMG ... How amazing. 

What are the chances of this Merry Christmas / 2012 image connecting to the Santa Claus rubber, to the Rainbow rubber, to the Rainbow lyric, and back to YOU???

That's YOU ...

All YOU ...

Nobody, nobody but YOU ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ma ... :D



Code cracked. 

Message received.

OMG Son ... 

That was awesome ...

Awesome Awesome Awesome ...

Please send our warmest wishes to Jesus and Mama Mary too.

2012 will be the year ... where everything happens. :D

Whatever that means.  o.o

We love You, Son ... keep the zaps coming. :D