Sunday, January 22, 2012

Call 315 : THE ROSE

Hello Son, 

Saturday, Jan 21

On Saturday morning, yesterday, we were on the way to your garden. In the car, Justine happened to make an announcement. 

Your sister said, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ..."

Of course, Mom didn't know then that it was a lyric from Kelly Clarkson's latest song.

Mom responded, "Chemotheraphy kills you ..."

Justine heard, and she frowned at the relevance of that information.

Mom found herself explaining, 

"Chemo doesn't make you stronger, it kills you ..."

Justine was like, "Oh --- kayyy ..."

Would You believe it but in less than two minutes, 

Justine exclaimed loudly, "Hey, it's the song ..." 

(on the radio)

Mom asked, "What song?"

Before your sister could answer, your mother heard the words:

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ...


Oh gosh ...

Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard. 

It was 8:22 am.

Decode : 4

It's so obvious that You are near. :D

Mom turned to your sister, "OMG Jus, You just mentioned the line. Your brother just zapped you ..." :D

Your sister responded with a big grin, "Awesome ..."

Mom said to Dad, "Son's with us. First thing in the morning, he sends Justine a zap. She just mentioned that line ... You heard her, right? And the song came. He must have whispered to her. OMG, how cute is he ..."

Yes, Dad definitely heard.

Honestly, what are the chances?

It's your 21st today. 

Of course You'd be with your family, and you'd make your presence felt throughout the day. :D Since the day You left for God's Home, You have made your presence felt to us on a daily basis. For that, we are grateful to God. We really are. Be sure to tell Jesus that, Son. God really gave us a way.

After planting orange rose buds, lighting candles, saying the rosary and singing some hymns, we packed up. Dad and Mom were already in the car. Today, Justine was taking her time. Dad in fact asked Mom to take some snapshots of your sister at your garden bed. 

Dad said, "Today, she looks like she doesn't want to go back yet ..."

Yeah ...

Some ten minutes later or so, your sister finally came to the car. She got in, and shut the door. The time was 10:21 am.

Decode : 4

And 21

Helloooo ...O.O

It's so easy ... 

Mom hears You. :D

"Look at the time, Jus," Mom said. "You even have to go home at the perfect time." :D We came this morning with a zap and now leaving with a second zap. Two zaps ... 

Yes, two ...

Take notice, people. I'm near. :D

Justine said she wanted to eat noodles. 

So, Dad drove to our favourite flour noodle restaurant. We were supposed to have the noodles and then drop by a kopitiam around the corner for Dad to have his coffee and Mom, her giant curry puff.

Turning into the lane to the restaurant, Dad drove right in and stopped by an empty parking bay one shoplot away from the eatery. 

Dad said, "Thanks Son ..." 

Did You hear? :D Yeah, thanks Son. 

After our noodles, we drove to the next lane to the kopitiam which was at the far corner. On the left and right of us, were cars parked in their parking bays. Would You believe it, but there was an empty spot that was right in front of the coffee shop, waiting for us.


Our car is on the first bay from the right.

Not only that, but Mom saw her sign ...

The Harry Potter slash ...

Dot 38 : Fishmonger (Harry Potter slash)

Orange Dot Blog

... with the word BAHAYA  (dangerous) at the bottom.

Dangerous, was your very first 3 syllable word.

Call 254 : Dangerous Tree

Check out the bold numbers 15454 ...

Decode : 44

Her double angel sign.

Oh my, two zap words, and connected to her angel signs.

All You ...

Nobody, nobody but You.

You know what happened next? We took a seat and the waiter came to take our orders. Justine filled up the order slip. Mom suddenly noticed the song that had come on on their overhead system. 

Pointing her finger up to the ceiling excitedly, Mom said, 

"Hey, listen ... In The Arms Of An Angel ..."

You must have seen your mother checking her cell phone time, and showing it to Dad. It was 12:04 pm.

OMG ... How perfect.

Decode : 21   ...   4

Both YOU YOU YOU... :D

You really are with us, aren't You? We feel You with us, Daniel. Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Our drinks and curry puff came. We were enjoying our food when your mother suddenly noticed a familiar song that had come on. Dad heard the familiar tune too. 

It was Bette Midler's The Rose ...

OMG ... 

The Rose ??? You really do know how to connect with us, don't You, Daniel? The time was 12:18 pm.

Decode : 4

Mom said, "We planted roses today ... He knows we planted roses today ... He knows, he really knows. You see how perfect? We have to listen to THE ROSE before we go back. Two zap songs in the kopitiam." 


We were so meant to go to the kopitiam. :D

Bette Midler

We went home after that. 

The cleaner was coming at 2 pm. 

So anyway, the cleaner came. She carried out some cleaning tasks. Then, as she was at the living room mopping the floor, Mom asked her where she lived.

She said, "di Jalan Klang Lama, dekat dengan restoran kari kepala ikan." 

(along Old Klang Road, beside the fish head curry restaurant).

W-what did she say?

Kari kepala ikan? 

Mom couldn't help but chuckled. Justine was at her desk. 

Your mother reminded your sister, 

"Daniel called fish head curry, kari muka ikan, remember?"

Dad remembers that clearly. You were in preschool then and had run to the maid very excitedly one day, telling her, 

"Bapa beli kari muka ikan ..." :D:D:D

(Dad bought curry fish face)

Grin. It was so weird for the cleaner to say something that would trigger a memory of You. Mom thought it was a one off inciDAN but no. 

The cleaner soon told your mother that she married at 14 years old and had a child at 15. Her youngest daughter is now 14 years of age, her grandchild is 4 months old and she is 41.

Oh my ...

Justine and Mom exchanged glances. 

Would You look at all the numbers?

15 - your age. 

14 / 41 - I am Number 4. 

4 is your angel number.

What a coinciDANs.

Oh Wow Son ... Thank You for staying close. You certainly made your presence felt throughout the day. Do keep the zaps coming. We're going out for New Year's Eve dinner now. 

Be with us, okay?

Love You, Son ... <3