Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello Son, 

Monday, Jan 23

It's Chinese New Year's Day today. 


Mom received this cute little card from Aunty G last night.

We went for New Year Eve's dinner at Tony Romas on Sunday night. Justine wanted to have ribs for dinner. That was our reunion dinner ... just the 3 of us ... correction 4. 


Grandma, Aunty C and Aunty D, her husband and baby, were in Genting Highlands for a brief 2 days stay.

Anyway, at Tony Romas, we did not make any reservations. We didn't expect the restaurant to be packed. The manager attending to us asked, "how many people," and then disappeared for a short while presumably to check for available tables. 

Meanwhile, Dad was flipping through the colored menu at the entrance. Justine was like, we'll order this, this and this. 

The restaurant looked packed from where we were standing, looking in. The manager came back shortly and said, 

"This way ... table 41."

image from : betweenclarkandhilldale.blogspot.com

H- huh???

Table 41?

Oh Boy ...


Mom exclaimed to Dad, "OMG ... I mentioned 14 and 41 in my ending paragraph just before we left the house (see Call 315 : The Rose) ... and now the guy is taking us to table 41. Is my son not talking to me? He's with us, that's for sure. It's reunion dinner. He's here with us ..." :D

Dad replied, "Of course he's with us. He's always with us."

I am la, Ma ... I'm right here ... :D 

We had a really nice dinner. The ribs were very good, the buffalo wings really yummy and the pasta dish was richly packed with calories. There was a mini salad that came with the chicken wings. Dad didn't bother to call a salad dish. You know your sister ... she's still very anti-salad.

So yes Son, You were with us during dinner on Sunday night, last night.

Dad and Mom left the house at about 11 am on Monday morning. We were meeting up with Aunty G and her daughter in Midvalley Mall. This is Aunty G's first Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur.

Something awesome would soon happen.  To be honest, Mom did not expect any inciDANs. Everything was just very normal. We met somewhere near the center court.

Then, as Aunty G and daughter were taking photos of the decorations at the center court, Mom strolled to a mobile stall nearby. She wanted to get a little dragon for Baby Megan. 

All the toy dragons on the display shelves looked kinda fierce. She soon spotted a cute little one in one of the toy bins. She picked that up to check the price tag. 

Hmmm ... a bit pricey for this little thing. Should she buy it? She was about to put the toy back, when the stall attendant who happened to pass by your mother said, 

"50% discount ..."

Oooooohhhh ... A 50% discount? We gotta buy it then. :D

So Mom went to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier gave her a rather large black and white plastic bag with some fancy scribbles, for the little dragon stuffed toy. 

At the cashier, Mom saw a lady holding a bunch of everlasting flowers in her hands. 

Mom asked the cashier, "Bunga ada discount?" 

("Is there a discount for flowers?")

The boy replied, "Ada - 30% ..."

(Yes, 30%)

Picking up her plastic bag with the dragon toy, Mom went around the stall to get a bunch of red cherry blossoms. She paid for the flowers and the boy gave her a second plastic bag for her flowers. Since the bags were quite large, she folded the first one with the toy inside and put it into the second bag with the flowers, so that she would only be carrying one bag.

Mom left the place. 

We all went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. 

After lunch, we walked around for a bit. Aunty G and her daughter went to look for some sport shoes, whilst Mom and Dad went to the departmental store to get an outfit for Baby Megan. 

Shop Shop Shop ...

Soon, it was time for tea. 

We met at Orange Pancake cafe. There, we ordered pancakes. Aunty G said she wanted to try the Halo Halo.

Halo Halo

Mom had to smile. When she first encountered this Halo Halo name some months back, this word had jumped up and zapped her. :D

We parted after tea. It was close to 5 pm, if Mom remembers correctly. In the car, Mom was placing the shopping bag on her lap, when she suddenly noticed the large print on the bag.

OMG ...

Hello Planet ...

Oh my goodness ... Did You see that???

Hello Planet ???

Mom showed Dad excitedly, "Look ... Hello Planet ... Who would say Hello Planet, except for somebody who is not on the planet and looking at the planet from somewhere else ... OMG ..." :D


"Wahhh, we had a Halo Halo, and two more Hello Hello today. The boy gave me two bags." Mom explained with a grin.  You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel. :D Mom can just about hear You holler from where You are somewhere over the rainbow :

Hellooo Pla - nnnnnetttttt ... :D:D:D

When we reached home, the first thing Mom did was to place both plastic bags side by side on a cushion seat, for Justine to see ... and to take a photo.

Justine looked at the bags and said nothing.

Mom remarked impatiently, 

"Jus, Hello Planet ... Who would say Hello Planet? Only he would say Hello Planet ... And earlier, we had a Halo Halo on our table."

Your sister nodded thoughtfully, but made no comments.

Oh well ...

Mom walked over to the computer table to download the photos. On her table, as she was waiting for the computer to come on, her attention was drawn to an exercise book which was left open, with the red words : 

Pause ...

Mom stared at the words ...

Oh my gosh ... 

What is this?

Your mother picked up the book and asked Justine in disbelief, 

"When did You write this, Jus? Why did You write this?

Justine said, "This afternoon about 3 pm. I was testing the red pen out." 

"You were testing the red pen, and of all the words in the world, You wrote Hello Hello? Two on the first line, and another two on the second line? OMG Jus ... Your brother must have whispered to you ... Normally when you test a pen, you'll just draw a scratch or scribble ... not write a clear word ..."

OMG ...

Justine replied with a grin, "When I wrote that down, I had a feeling that it was going to connect to something but I didn't know what ..."

Oh my ... Daniel was probably filling You in about what we were doing at the mall ... 

Moms has 2 Hello Planet stuffs, Jus ...

And now she's having Halo Halo ...


He was with You and with us at the same time. 

Oh wow. How awesome.

Seriously, what are the chances of Justine writing this word??? 

Honestly, how amazing is this. 

How do You explain this? 

That was You whispering to your sister.

Definitely You.

Hello Planet :D


Nobody, nobody but YOU ...

Oh gosh. That was super-amazing, Daniel. 

Stay super-close and keep the zaps coming, kay. 

We love You. <3