Saturday, September 24, 2011

Call 282 : NO EINSTEIN

Hello Son,                                              (continue from Call 281)

OMG ... Something really awesome happened just now. :D

Mom called Daniel Stairs, the guy who did the stairs in the new school, and asked if he could do a small gate at the top and the bottom of the staircase for safety reasons. The time was 1:29 pm.

Call 271 : Daniel Stairs

Daniel Stairs said he would call her back later. He was with a customer. 

Oh alright.


Half an hour later @ 2:05 pm, he called back. 

After telling him what Mom wanted, he said he was on the way to the school. He asked Mom to meet him there in 5 minutes.

Mom said, "You reach there first and you sms me. I'm only 5 minutes away." 

He said, "I'm on my way now. You meet me there. 5 minutes, I'll be there."

Mom was insistent, "You reach first then you sms me."

The last two times he made such an appointment, she had to wait an hour, and half an hour, respectively. That time, Dad was around, and she was busy doing other stuffs in the new school so it was okay. Today, she would be alone, and she wasn't too keen on waiting by herself.

At 2:16 pm, he sent her a message to say he was there at the school. 

Mom grabbed her handbag and car keys and took her time walking down to the basement four to get the car. Let him wait, she had thought grimly. If she could wait an hour for him, surely he can wait 10 minutes for her.


In the car ...

OMG ...

You will not believe what happened in the car.

Oh My Gosh ...

Mom turned on the ignition. 

The radio came on with the immediate lyrics :

Send me away with the words of a love song ...

Mom sat up.

OMG ... 

W - what was that???

She sat very still. Her ears were pricked up like a German Shepherd's and all ready for the next line.

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

Her hand flew up her mouth as she gasped. 

OMG ... If I Die Young ???

You have got to be kidding. 

Her Son's talking to her. Her eyes shot to the time on the dashboard. Right at that split - of - a - second moment, she witnessed 2:23 turning to 2:24 pm. 

Oh Gosh ...

How awesome is this?

24 ???

Quickly, she called Justine, so your sister could hear the song on the radio. She wanted a witness. 

It was too awesome. 

The ZAP.

OMG ... Somebody pinch her. :D

Yes, Lord make me a rainbow ... 

She was just in time to hear that line come on. That's the new line for the newly added photo on the left panel on your blog that Mom uploaded last night. And ...

24 ... 

Why, You must be referring to the call entry that Mom wrote today, on September 24

You know right, that Mom was writing about those inciDANS at your garden. She mentioned she told your Aunt J that You wanted us all to be together on your birthday this year ... your birthday on December 24. 
Call 281 : Garden Zap

Yes, that must be it. :D She's no Einstein. She's just a mom and she thinks she's right. Hah. A mother knows when her child communicates with her. :D And hers did just that.

You must have heard your mother singing in the car. Were You singing along too? Yeah Daniel, as long as you're safe. It's good to be reminded again and again that you're safe with Jesus and Mama Mary. :D 

Had Mom gone immediately when Daniel Stairs asked her too, she would have missed the song for sure. She had got in the car just in time to hear her favourite line, Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother ...

Call 23 : Die Young
Call 56 : Sharp Knife

Mom slowed down at the traffic lights just as the song came to an end. She had a big smile on her face. Did You see that? 

Honestly, that ZAP was just incredible. :D

At the traffic lights, as Mom looked ahead of her, she suddenly spotted ...

The word FREED ...

OMG ... FREED ???

Would You look at the angle? She's so meant to see it.

What a way to assure your mother that you're near. 

First the song, then the FREED.

FREE with the D.

Yes, that's You. :D   Nobody Nobody but YOU ...

Cal 210 : Free Fireflies

Keep the ZAPs coming, Son ... :D