Sunday, October 2, 2011

Call 283 : GO CHURCH

Hello Son,

Gosh. It's evening already. 

How time flies. Mom just got up from a long Cinderella nap. 



We had a really busy week in school, with a fun-filled birthday party celebration on Friday and Parents' Day on Saturday, yesterday. Even though, your mother has not been able to squeeze in the time to call You, since she needs at least 2 hours when she's on a um, long distance call, you've been zapping her daily and reminding her over and over again that her son's near.

Yes ... daily.

It's awesome, Son. :D 

There's so much to tell You each day. When Mom's more settled in the new school, she'll find the time to call You more regularly. Okay? There's just so much to do each day ... and so little time. 

Dad says, "Don't worry. Son knows what you wanna tell him ..."

Yes, sure You do ... and Mom knows what You wanna tell her too. Which brings her to last Sunday's inciDAN.

Sunday, Sept 25

Last Sunday morning, after dropping Justine off at HRC for her catechism class, Mom found herself debating whether she should drive to SFX to attend the mid-morning mass. She was alone. Dad was overseas at the time. 

Should she go? 

Maybe not. 

Maybe she'd go next week, she had thought. She didn't fancy driving to church alone by herself. Is that a good excuse? Then again, the last Sunday before that, she had skipped mass too. We were at your garden then. Is that a better excuse?

She was on the road ...  in deep thought. Should she go to church alone this morning? How Son? Should she?

Reaching the exit into Jalan Klang Lama, she found herself turning into that road, heading home. Mom's not proud about that. She could have gone on the highway to Petaling Jaya to drive on to church, but she did not.

Mom said aloud to You, "Tell God Mom's sorry, Son ... just don't want to go for mass alone ... Tell God, okay, please?"

Were You shaking your head then?

She drove back into Taman Desa, and stopped by a cafe. Inside, Mom ordered a cup of tea. She was going to go through her TO DO List for the week. 

Her mobile beeped.

A text message came in. 

It was Aunty C. She said : "going church?"

The time of the message was 8:28:14 am

Decode : 44 244 14

Mom found herself staring at the sms.

OMG ... All her angel signs. 

And 24

That's nobody, nobody but You. :D

As You know, Aunty C don't normally go to mass with us, since she goes with Grandma. So Mom was really surprised to read her message. 

She knew ... 

Yes, she knew, she knew, she knew ... You must have whispered to your aunt to call your mother.

Call my mother to go to church with you ... :D

Her tea came. 

Mom sent a reply : 

"U wana go ah? i in cafe having cupa tea like an old grandma ..."

Aunty C said, "Let's go ..." 

Grandma dropped your aunt at the cafe. 

Oh, by then, Mom was certain You had arranged for Aunty C to accompany her for mass that morning. We were supposed to go for the 8:30 mass. We left the cafe at 8:40 am and reached church 8:55 am. Almost half an hour late. 


After mass, we went to TESCO, the one nearby home. We had some noodles at an eatery while catching up. Among the many inciDANS that your mother was telling your aunt, she related the following one, which Mom has not told You at the time of writing this entry. 

It happened on Wednesday, Sept 14.

Wednesday, Sept 14

It was after school. 

Dad was driving. Mom was in front and Aunty H at the back. Mom had turned on the radio, and the music introduction to the song LEAN ON ME filled the car. 

The time was 3:06 pm.

Mom exclaimed, 

"Hey, the Call Me song ... He's asking me to call him ..." :D

This song ends with :

"Just call me ... if you need a friend ... Call me ..."

Had we gone in the car a few minutes later, we would have missed the song. The timing was angel perfect. Mom told herself that she would drop a line on the call-blog that night. 

At 3:34 pm, she received a text message from Aunty M. 

Aunty M said that DANIEL is playing on the litefm. Mom was in the car at the moment, and litefm was on. Mom sms-ed back. Aunty M replied shortly after and said, it was on another station ... can't remember which one now.

Mom had to smile. This would be the third time since You left us that Aunty M sent an sms to let Mom know that the song DANIEL is on the radio.

Mom went back to school after lunch, and only left late in the evening. Dad came to fetch her.  She got into the car, and turned on the radio. 

21 GUNS came on immediately. 

Oh Wow ...

Two ZAP songs today that came on instantly as she turned on the radio. That's something to take notice of. 

Mom said to Dad, "He's definitely talking to me. I must call him tonight." :D

That evening, we were having dinner. Mom was eating at the sofa while watching television. Law & Order was on. She wasn't exactly following the show until she heard the lines:

"You have another child?" said one character

"Daniel ..." replied the second character.

For the next 10 minutes or so, until the show ended, she kept seeing your name appearing on the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Tonight, she told herself, she must get on the call - blog and drop her son a line. She could feel him calling out to her. 

A mother's intuition.

Dad was at the computer that night. 

At one point, Mom was sending an sms to a friend, when her message suddenly disappeared and the number 44 appeared on the screen.

Mom had stared at the angel number. 

W-what happened to her message? Did she accidentally delete the whole message and entered 44? OMG ...

Mom called out to Dad, "Are you done with the computer? I have to call Son ..." :D

It turned out, as Mom waited for Dad to finish his work on the computer, she fell asleep. It was almost midnight when Dad called her to go to bed. She got up, and grumbled because Dad had switched off the computer. 

Dad said, "It's midnight already ..."

Mom replied, "I must call him tonight ..."

Mom clicked on a new post and started typing out.

Hello Son ... 

She had barely written 3 lines when she knew she was too tired to write further. She saved her 3 lines, and returned to the blogger dashboard.

It was there that she suddenly noticed a "1 comment" right below the Hello Son blog account.

Mom clicked on it, and read the comment. It was from someone somewhere in the world informing her that she (Mom) had used his / her image on one of her entries without his / her permission.

Mom immediately removed the image and replaced it with another similar picture. She checked and noticed that the comment was posted on Sept 11, 3 days ago then. She had not gone to the blog and so she had not noticed it earlier. 

So that's what You were trying to tell your mother. 

Go to the blog, Ma. Check the blog.

After removing the image, even though Mom was not able to post any entry that evening, she was able to go to bed peacefully. 

Clearly, You'd have whispered to her :

You can go to bed now, Ma ... :D

That was really awesome.  

Back to lunch with Aunty C on Sunday Sept 25 ...

Aunty C asked, "What image was it?"

Mom said, "It was a picture of a cat looking at a bird in a cage."

So anyway, we left the eatery and went to the supermarket. As we were strolling around the stationary lane, Mom suddenly noticed a notebook ...

the cover of a notebook ...

OMG ...


A cat looking at a bird in a cage???

OMG ... What are the chances? 

Mom picked up the book excitedly and showed it to Aunty C. 

"Eh, the image was something like this ..."

The forbidden image she had used in the blog showed the face of a cat looking at the bird in the cage. That was definitely You telling your Aunty C :

The image was something like that ... :D

That was awesome, Son ... Thank you for making your presence felt all the time, Son ... :D Keep the zaps coming and stay close.