Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call 274 : A FINGER

Hello Son,                                                  (continue from Call 273)

Now, where were we?

Yes ... The floor guy and the painter ... 

Yeah, the ones You sent. 

You sent Mom two guys during that renovation crazed week, when the contractor and his workers, the ones Dad engaged, stopped work due the 3 day public holidays, and would only resume works 3 days before the new school started. 

The flooring, the painting, the moving of stuffs, and don't forget about the major clearing up after all that ... were just sitting there and lining up nicely on the TO DO list.

Honestly, we would not have been able to get the new school ready for Monday, September 5th if not for the Jimmy Neutron floor guy and the painter that You sent to us.

Two ...

You sent us TWO guys.

TWO guys.

That was You. Mom knows.

Always TWO. 

Like Mary and Elizabeth.

Another thing Mom must mention here that, during the massive renovation week from Mon Aug 29 to Friday Sept 2, Mom was at home resting her back.   

Dad said, "Your Son doesn't want You to lift a finger."

Is that true? Did You plan this with God?

Her back had felt better and better each day, until Sunday Sept 4, the day before school started, she was all back to normal. 

On Monday Sept 5, when she got up of bed, she knew with a smile what Dad said was true. Her Son did not want her to lift a finger during that heavy reno - period. 

Not a finger.

Not one.

She was at home the whole time, resting in bed, or on the sofa and only gone to the new school to view on Friday Sept 2 evening, when everything was done. 

On Saturday Sept 3, the movers did the moving of stuffs and on Sunday Sept 4, we engaged some cleaners to clear up the place.

The place was finally ready.

All in the nick of time.

There's definitely an angel watching over us. 

That's for sure. :D

Thank You Son, for helping us out. 

Honestly, Mom can't believe You confined her in the house so that the reno works could go on smoothly. Now thinking about it, had your mother been there at the site, she would have changed her mind several times on the paint colors like she did when we did our home and caused unnecessary delay.

Yes, it was all planned out. It's so obvious.

Was it not weird that she had to hurt her back on Friday Aug 26, after school in the afternoon, just when the holiday break started the next day and she was gonna be all out getting herself involved with the carrying out of the renovation plans?

Instead, she was at home that whole crucial week.

Stay at home, Ma. Let Dad handle everything. :D

Truly, everything was planned out very nicely. 

Mom hurting her back was part of the plan, she can see that now. 

She had to be put out of the way that week, and only allowed to visit after the works were completed.

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