Monday, September 19, 2011

Call 279 : NO BABY

Hello Son,                                        (continue on Call 278)

As it turned out, the couple changed their mind about the baby. 

So, the girl called Mom. 

Mom told her that the school will be ready on Monday, September 5

She called on a Saturday

Mom told her to bring the baby to the nursery on Tuesday. Allow her at least one day to settle things down, your mother explained.

When Monday came, OMG ... she knew at once that the place is not suitable to take in a new born child. It was too - noisy. :D

Besides, there was much to be done and finally, Mom knew what she must do. If she took the baby, she could be depriving of somebody who might desperately want to adopt the child. 

So, Mom chose the coward's way of handling the matter. She sent the girl a text message. Her heart was heavy as she carefully chose her words, explaining why she was not able to help the girl right then.

She re-read her message several times. Sucking in her breath deeply, she took one final glance ... and pressed SENT.

The girl never replied. 

Mom let her down, she knows. :(

Perhaps someday ... your mother will know why she had to encounter this girl with the baby. 

A few days later, Aunty D said, "Actually, the baby was not for Jessie. It's for You."

W - what ???

Your aunt continued, "We thought that maybe You may want to adopt a child."

Your mother adopting a child?

Nah ... 

Like what Aunty C said, "There's no connection."

Dad said no. 

Justine said no.

Anyway, God has given her many kids to take care of. Was that your idea of trying to get your mother to adopt a child? 

No Son, Mom's not prepared for that. She doesn't need another child. She's got her hands full, with one kid in college, and the other in heaven. :D