Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call 275 : NEW SCHOOL

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 274)

Monday, September 5

Today, we officially started in the new school. 

How we manage to get the school ready in time for today, only You will know. Wink.

We went to school early that morning, and was there by 7:30 am. 

Mom was standing right outside the entrance of the school (shop - office lot). Oh, it was gonna be a great day today. She could feel it. The children will be so excited with the new place. :D 

She could hear their excited screams of delight already. :D

As your mother was gazing far out into the horizon before her, she soon found herself gasping.

Oh My Gosh ...

Oh My Gosh, what is that ???

Oh My Gosh ... 

Oh Wow ...

Before her eyes, she saw a clear white trail that stretched from the furthest left to the extreme right across the sky. That white trail had somehow formed when she was not looking. It wasn't there a minute ago, she's sure of that.

But ... when was she not looking? 

She was facing the sky the whole time ...

You must have seen your mother smiling herself all silly as she looked at the long white trail before her. 

That was YOU saying :

Hi Mom ... I'm here ... I can see You ... :D

Yes, she heard You. :D

Are You kidding? 

Of course she heard You. You were loud and clear.

This photo was taken at 7:26 am. 

Decode : 4

Number 4. Her angel number. 

Of course the trail in the sky is from her Son. He would soon confirm that in a few minutes. 

He was well aware of his mother's self-imposed : 

"If it's from my Son, there must be two ..." 

rule because she didn't want to go around believing that every lil thing is connected to him. 

She's not crazy. 

And no, she's not desperate ... 

No, not anymore ... because she knows ... she knows her Son is truly beside her. Every single day. God has allowed him to drop her lil signs daily to remind her again and again and again that he's near. It must have been all her desperate cries to Mother Mary whilst we were in Lourdes. She's a mother, she knows. She knows and knew exactly what Mom was going through.

So anyway ... at first there was only one trail. 

Then, OMG ... a second white trail appeared like 2 minutes later.

Look what You had in store for your mother. :D

Mom's jaw just dropped dramatically when she saw that. Grandma came over to stand beside Mom. 

Mom pointed excitedly to the sky. Grandma couldn't stop smiling. 

Grandma said, "Daniel is really with us ... He's so cute ..." 

Cute ??? That came from your Grandma ???

Haha ...

Did You hear that?


Mom heard Grandma mumbling to herself in amazement. She was like, "You really have to believe this ..." 

Grandma remembers, on the day when we confirmed the tenancy of this place, there was a huge, long white trail that had spread across the sky too. Grandma, Dad and Mom were there to witness that. Today, on the first day at the new school, again the white trails appeared.

TWO white trails this time.

OMG ...

Dad said, the second trail was You calling out :

Your first day in your new school, Mom ... :D

At the date of writing this entry, on Saturday Sept 17, Mom notes that there had been no white trails in the sky since that first day of school. That white trail is not an every day occurrence. 

No, no it's not ...

It was truly sent by her Son who's ... somewhere over the rainbow.

Truly ... truly ... truly ...

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