Saturday, September 10, 2011

Call 273 : FLOOR STORY

Hello Son, 

It sure is difficult having to be in school and not on the blog. 

Mom misses our daily calls very very very much. :(

So much happens every day ... 

the ZAPs ... 

especially the ZAPs ... 

OMG, the ZAPs ... 

It's been amazing how You show Mom just how right - beside - her You are each day. Every evening, Mom would say firmly that, tonight, yes, tonight, she must get on the blog to make a call to tell You the inciDANs that happened. 

However, her brains just don't function as they used to and she's completely exhausted at the end of the day, every day. It's pure raw talent how she can get her head to be completely blank ... at the end of the day.

Anyway ...

The one week school break started on Saturday, August 27 to Sunday, Sept 4

We were supposed to speed up renovation works to the new school during the period and prepare the place for Monday, September 5

It was crucial for the place to be ready by the very latest, on Sunday, Sept 4

We had only 7 days to do it. There was so much to be done.

Would You believe it, but on that last day of school on Friday afternoon, after school, Mom had a major crisis with her back. She was attending to a boy when she felt her back kinda snapped. It was from an old injury that happened when she tried to lift You up one day on the bed, remember?

Man Oh man Oh man ... 

Not only was she in severe discomfort, she could not move. For a while, she had to remain motionless, as she could not feel her legs. That was kinda scary. She called out to the day care attendant to attend to the boy while she tried to pull herself up, first grasping at the chair nearest to her, then up by the side of the table, before leaning heavily against the wall. 

After getting up, she couldn't walk. 

Yeah, it was all very dramatic. 

The first thought that came to her mind was, "My Son endured more pain than this ... This is nothing compared to what he had to go through ..."

After all, what is pain? What he had to go through was pain. 


This is so so so ... not pain at all, she had winced and gritted her teeth bravely.

The second thought that flashed through her head was, "OMG, how am I going to do the shifting and see to the renovation works now?"

Of all the times she had to hurt her back, it had to be right before all her major plans for renovation. :(

The boy soon fell asleep (nap time), and the day care attendant brought out some massage oil (specially for aches and back pains) to rub her back. 

Hmmm. Do people carry these sort of oil in their handbags all the time? 

Anyway, the day care attendant did, and Mom's back felt better. 

However, despite all the rubbing, she could only move like ... a snail.

Very very very slowly ...

As it turned out, the next day, on Saturday, her back was worse, but she could still move around like an a, uh ... robot walking on the surface of the moon ... 

Yes, moon ... 

We're still on the moon frequency ... :D

Call 268 : Moon Talk

On Sunday morning, she could not get out of bed. That was like the worse back ache day ever - in the history of the world. But wait ... nope, she's not complaining. She's just relating the story. Dad made her rest at home, while he went to the new place.

By Sunday evening, Dad said that the contractor called to inform that he was going on a holiday from Monday to Thursday, and will only do the flooring on Friday (3 days before school started).


Mom flipped.

WHAT ???


After 5 minutes of   !@#$%^&* ... 

Mom suddenly remembered a floor guy by the name of Jimmy who had called her about 2 weeks ago. It was a follow - up call from an earlier meeting but your mother did not engage him then. He had come to see her equipped with a large bag of 3 floor samples and 2 carpet brochures. 

Only 3 and only 2 ??? Is that all ???

Pig snort.

Can You blame her if she was not that impressed? 

Lesson learned here. Follow - up calls are important ...

So anyway, Mom called him immediately, and Jimmy came to the new school the next day, on Monday, promptly at the scheduled time. 

Ah, now that she was impressed. 

He brought the same 3 floor samples and 2 carpet brochures.

OH WOW !!!

When she's desperate, every little thing suddenly become so darn impressive.

Jimmy turned out to be a guy who flies up up up in the sky, and wears his underwear outside his pants.

Pause ...

Hellooo ??? Superman ???

Tsk Tsk Tsk ...

Mom heard You. Don't You start ...

More importantly ...

On Tuesday, the floor boards for the first floor was completed, and on Thursday, the second floor was done. By Friday, when the contractor came back from his holiday, the flooring for both floors were already finished and we were able to move tables and chairs in the next day. Thank God we did not wait for the contractor.

Mom told Justine about it. 

Mom said confidently, "It was Daniel who sent Jimmy to us. That was definitely him. He sent the contractor away so that Jimmy can come in to finish up the flooring works."

Justine listened, and said thoughtfully, 

"Daniel used to watch Jimmy Neutron." :D


Jimmy Neutron?




Ah, but of course. She knew it. She knew it all along.

See the link? That's her eviDANs. Of course, Jimmy was sent by an angel. At a time when we were so frantic after the contractor bailed out on us at the last minute, another guy stepped in.  

Excuse me, but that's a clear intervention by an angel. :D

Say no more. Mom knows that was your doing, Son. :D

She knows. It's so obvious.

That was YOU.

Nobody, nobody but chiu. :D

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

You will never leave us in a lurch. 

Are You kidding? 

That was definitely You to the rescue. 

Thanks for that, Daniel. :D

Your mother's !@#$%^&* must have traveled through the inter-space between heaven and earth to reach God's ears. :D

Mom cannot express just how relieved we all were when Jimmy said he could complete the works in two days. You must have pestered God to allow You to send Mom a flooring specialist on an urgent basis.

God, how will my mother know the floor guy is from Me?

God probably answered, "Send the one called Jimmy."

"My mom won't get it."

God would have smiled, 

"Your sister will. You can whisper to her." :D

That, Ladies & Gentlemen, was the FLOOR story. Truly, a happy ending. :D

Next challenge ... the Painter. 

Oh My Gawd ... the painter is another story.

At the same time as we were encountering the floor problem, the painter who was supposed to paint the walls for both floors, recommended by the holiday - contractor, quoted an exorbitant figure of RM7,600 for paint job.

He came to see us on Saturday, when the holidays started. Mom was at the new place, wearing a kidney belt on her waist for support. Remember, she hurt her back the day before on Friday.

She would have done a double-flip if not for her back. What was he thinking? Painting the walls with gold dust and a sprinkle of diamonds?

RM7,600 was out of the question. 

What's wrong with these people? 

Mom asked Dad to call another painter. 

Dad did. For one third of the amount for two painters.

Dad asked the two painters if they could start work on Monday August 29

One of them called back later to ask, if they could start on Sunday. :D 

Have You ever heard of workers who volunteer to work on a Sunday? Very rarely this happens. 


You must have whispered to the guy.

Mister, start work on Sunday ...

All the other workers at the site do not work on Sundays and public holidays. However, the ones sent by You were happy to work on Sundays and throughout the public holidays on Tuesday 27/8 - Thursday 29/9 (Raya and Merdeka holidays). That really helped to speed up the renovation works. 

Honestly ...

How awesome is that? :D

Look at the beautiful colors of the first floor. 

That's Dad painting the shoe rack a bright red.

Photo taken on Friday, Sept 2 (3 days before opening).

This is the second floor.

Don't You just love the happy candy colors?

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