Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call 278 : JACK DANIEL's

Hello Son, 

Thursday, September 1

Mom went to pick Justine up from college in the evening. 

In the car, the song WHEN YOU'RE GONE came on the radio. 

The time was ... would You believe it ... 4:44 pm.

Mom pointed that out to Justine. She was at the wheel.

Definitely take notice. ZAP ZAP ZAP.

When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

We stopped by a cafe for Justine to have something to eat ... can't remember what she had now ... and after that, Mom dropped her off at the condo, before driving to school.

On the way, FALL FOR YOU filled the car. 

Mom will always remember this song, Daniel, because it's the second song You sang the night before you left us. Even then, You knew the TWO is better than ONE rule, huh. You sang TWO songs that last night. That is a very precious memory, Son ...

The time on the dashboard was 5:55 pm.

A wry smile must have appeared on her face. 

Just now, 4:44 pm ... and now, 5:55 pm?

Decode : 4

Oh My ... 

Take notice. Her Son is near. :D

Secondhand Serenade

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That evening, whilst in school, Aunty D called Mom. She said that she had something important to tell Mom. 

Mom listened.

Aunty D said that there was a girl who wanted to give up her 2 week old baby, and she thought we should check the baby out for Aunty J. Mom said okay. We were supposed to go that night to the girl's place.

So, anyway, we were in the car. Aunty C and her girl-friend went along as well. In the car, there was a lot of OMGs, can you imagine if J adopts the baby etc. 

Mom said, "Let's ask Daniel to give us a sign." 

We will soon know if we were meant to take this baby for Aunty J.

A few minutes later, would You believe it but IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio.

Aunty D gave a yelp. 

Mom was like, "OMG, do You hear that???"

The time was 8:18 pm. 

Oh my, that's like a whole lot of angel number 4 in there.

Mom said incredulously, "I just asked him for a sign, and this song comes on?" 

OMG ... What are the chances ???

The Band Perry

Yes, You were definitely with us, as we were driving to the baby's place. 

OMG ... You cannot imagine how powerful that moment was, when we asked for a sign, and this song came on shortly.

However, Mom knew that one lil sign was not enough. 

There must be two. 

Will there be two?

So anyway, we reached the girl's apartment. Mom's gonna be brief here and not go into the details to protect the interest of the baby's mother.

Aunty C checked the baby, and found that she was dehydrated and a lil malnourished. She looked like she has not been taking enough feed. Both your aunts gave some advice to the girl on how to care of the baby. 

Aunty C felt there was no "connection" with the baby.

Mom asked the girl, "Can we bring the baby home tonight?" to which the girl replied, after a two second hesitation,

"Yes, please take her." 

Her two friends who were with her also echoed, 

"Yes, take her back, take her back."

Mom found herself saying, "Okay ..."

Your aunts both reacted in unison ... "Eh, cannot la ..."

"Wait till the papers are done up properly first ... this could be a trap," Aunt D whispered to Mom. "They may report that we kidnapped the baby ... We haven't ask Jessie yet ..."

Hmm ... kidnapping? 

That sure did not enter Mom's mind. 

Mom's first thought was that we could help by taking care of the baby whilst your Aunt Jessie made her decision. The girl and her two friends seemed to be in a hurry to get back to work and did not have the time nor the resources to care for the child.

The girl told us that a couple will be coming over the next day to see the baby. 

Good ... Good. 

"If the couple do not adopt the baby, give us a call. We will be contacting our sister in the US, and get back to You with her decision," Mom said. 

Your mother stood up, to walk over a small table. There was a calendar there. Casually, she picked it up, and when she did, she saw ... 


Mom stared at your name momentarily.

Is that her second sign? 

Was she supposed to help out by taking this child home? 

Honestly, mentally, emotionally and physically, she was not fit to take full care of the child. Having said that, she heard herself offering to help by placing the child in the nursery of the new school even though there was just so much that had not been done yet at the school. 

She really did not have the time to care for this baby at home. Why,  her new school is her baby at the moment. She did not have the time nor the energy for anything else.

We went home without the baby.

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