Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call 276 : WALL PAPERS

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 275)

Sunday, August 28

The one week term break started the day before on Saturday. 

Remember ... On Friday, Mom had twisted a nerve in her back. She was in discomfort and was wearing a kidney belt for back support, and walking like a robot on the surface of the moon. :D

So, that's the scenario ... Can You picture that?

We went to the mall to check out wall papers. 

Yes, despite the back sprain two days ago on Friday August 26, Mom was still able to walk that Sunday ... like a 90 year old snail. 

Do snails live that long by the way?

Pause to check on Google.

Oh, apparently not. Only 10 to 15 years.

Hah. :D

On the way to the mall, Mom spotted a car that was in front of us, with the number plate 1234. Mom immediately pointed that out to Dad.

"Look look look ... 1234 ... I love You ... He's so going to the mall with us. "

Remember your mother's birthday last year? At the end of the day, that night, Justine and her were in the car, and there was a jam on the road, cars were moving bumper to bumper. Your sister had noticed the number plate of the car in front of us that started with DAN, and she had said loudly, 

"Hey DAN ..."

Right at that moment, the song by Plain White T's came on the radio. The timing was so immaculate, it was overwhelming. You used to bother your sister with this song, when You sang it with your finger action ... one two three and four ... 

Justine used to complain that You'd stick your fingers in her face ... as You sang the 1234 ... :D

We remember that with a smile, Daniel ...

Do You still do that, we wonder?

Plain white T's

Click on title to view video.

There's only one thing, two do

Those three words, four You

I love You ...

At the mall, we were walking long the shops, when we decided to take a late lunch. 

It was about 3 pm. 

Grandma was hungry too.

Mom walked into an eatery that served noodles and porridge. There were several empty tables. Mom walked over to one at random. 

She would have liked to pick a table number 4 or a 14 but there were no numbers on the table.

After our lunch, Dad called for the bill. 

The bill came. 

Dad showed Mom the piece of paper.

Mom looked at it and she couldn't help smiling. :D

Table Number 4 ???


Mom said to Dad, 

"How could I have known? I couldn't have known. He whispered to me to sit here. He whispered to me ..." :D 

She said with emphasis, as she pointed a finger to herself.

Yes, yes, You did ... :D

Sit here, Ma ... :D

This is a new mall, and we were not familiar with the shops. 

In fact, we weren't sure if there were any shops that sold wall paper. Having said that, shortly after, we did come across a shop that had colorful wall papers on its wall. 

We walked in.

Mom saw this patterned wall paper on the wall and pointed that she liked that one.

Yup, that one being this one below.

First Book ...

The sales boy picked a book of samples and opened to the above page.

We are thinking of using wall paper to decorate the stage area. Since there are 2 floors in the school, and 2 stage areas, Mom chose 2 different wall papers. 

There were about 30 heavy books on samples, but she found the next one easily. In the first book that she randomly opened. A similar theme to the first one, but different in character.

How do You like this one?

Second Book ...

Dad called out to her. 

He was at a corner, checking out samples when he came across this wall paper on the movie UP.

Mom looked over ... saw the UP character ... and said to Dad, 

"Son's definitely here with us." :D :D :D

UP was the last movie You saw on earth. 

We went to see that movie together, Mom and You, whilst Dad was away on a trip and Justine at camp. Mom and Dad did not allow You to join the camp, for obvious reasons ... obvious to your parents but might not have been obvious to You at the time.

You were well and had recovered from your last surgery in June 2009. This was before our Lourdes trip in September 2009. 

You were so full of energy ... 

You could have gone for the camp. Just that we remembered the one time You were away from us, You had a seizure. You were with Grandma and Justine in Penang, your parents in Kuala Lumpur, and Grandma had been frantic when she called us early in the morning, to say that You were having a seizure. 

Since your diagnosis at seven, You have never had any kind of fits ... and the one time You had to have one, it was when your parents were hundreds of miles away from You.

So, that's why we did not allow You to join the camp, and that's how Mom and You ended up in the cinema. Besides, You could have gone if Dad was free and your parents could tag along and be nearby, but Dad was on a business trip. 

Anyway, Mom remembers that during the UP movie, she didn't quite like the part when they showed that Mrs Fredricksen was slowly dying ... and finally died.

Honestly, she did not like that part at all.

Not at all.

Was that a gentle introduction for us that Mr Death would soon come a calling? You know, talking about this reminds Mom about what one of her teachers had told her quite recently (in the first week in the new school). She's catholic by the way. 

Her teacher had said, "When you get cancer, that's when you finally manage to get an appointment with Jesus. You're going to see Jesus." 

In other words, the big C is a big date with Christ.

Would it be right for us to think this way, Son? 

Go ask God, would You please ...

The shop boy interrupted her thoughts as he asked for her confirmation on her orders on the wall papers. He asked Mom to write down her name, telephone number and the code number of both the wall papers that she wanted. 

Mom scribbled down the details he wanted.

Mom looked at what she had written. 


She couldn't help but get zapped by the 21 and the 14 at the end of the code numbers of both her orders.

Grinning, Mom showed Dad the paper,

"Look, Daniel helped me to choose the wall papers. He wants me to know that. He is so with us today ... " :D

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