Thursday, September 1, 2011

Call 272 : RED PARIS

Hello Son,

Tuesday, August 23

This evening, Dad and Mom picked Justine up from college. 

She finished class at 4:30 pm. Your sister said she could do with some tea and snacks. 

So, we decided to go to one of the cafes back in Taman Desa for convenience. After - office traffic would soon start and Dad did not want to be caught in it as he had an appointment later that evening.

Reaching Taman Desa, Dad drove along the row of shops area. We normally like to avoid this place during sane hours because of congestion. Left and right side of the road, cars were double-parked.

Since Justine wanted to have some food, Mom had a feeling You would get us a spot to park. 

In fact, Dad said out loud, "Come on, Son ..." 

The cafe we wanted to go to was right at the corner lot, at the end of the row of shops. Dad slowly drove there, following a line of vehicles. We soon reached the cafe. Dad stopped right in front of the cafe and asked Mom and Justine to get down first.

We got down. 

We did not immediately go into the cafe. Mom stood by a parked car at the entrance of the eatery, to see where Dad could go.

No where.

Everywhere was sardine-packed with vehicles. 

Then, a lady came a-walking. She walked over to the car that Mom was standing in front of. Your mother was almost holding her breath as she wondered whether the lady was going to take her car out.

OMG, would You believe it but yes, the lady got into her car and before that, she said, "Give me a few minutes to warm up my car."

Oh Wow ... 

How cute is that? Thanks Son. 

Mom signaled to Dad to wait so he wouldn't drive off anywhere.

The lady drove out of her parking bay shortly after, and Dad reversed in. Oh My, that was amazing to watch.

"Did you see that, Justine? You want to makan (eat), and your brother immediately clears a spot for you directly in front of the cafe ..." :D

That was super amazing. :D

Your sister was grinning from ear to ear. :D 

Surely You saw that.

Park here, Dad ... :D

Mom could not get over the parking inciDAN. Look at our car - directly in front of the cafe at a congested area with a waiter in bright orange on the left. This is definitely Daniel's work, Mom said. Even Dad was calling out to You. By the way, Mom just noticed that this photo is image No. 44 in her cellphone. Chuckle.

How many more signs does she need?

It's so obvious. It's YOU, Daniel Phua ...

Nobody, nobody but chiu. :D

Wednesday, August 24

In school, we had a temporary teacher who came to help a class for 4 days. From Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th.

She's a new teacher and she's never been to our school before. Mom gave her some instructions in the morning to carry out certain activities. 

On Wednesday afternoon, after school, Mom happened to check her work. She picked up the first exercise book and flipped open ...

What she saw in the book made her gasped.

OMG ...


She couldn't believe her eyes.


Yes, she had informed Teacher E to let this particular child do some work in an exercise book. He's a Japanese kid and was only with us for 20 days, as his school was having a semester break. That Wednesday, he did some math and English writing.

There are a million words the teacher could have chosen for him to write, and she chose SUN and MOON??? 

OMG ... What are the chances???

Then, Mom noticed the date : 24/8

Decode : (24) (44)

That's surely YOU talking to your mother. Honestly, if that's not YOU connecting with Mom, who else can it be? :D

It's MOON & SUN Ma, not SON ... :D

Call 268 : Moon Talk

Mom hears You. You spoke straight to her heart. 

That is so amazing. :D A week ago, Mom had seen the words MOON & SON on a red tee shirt when she went to buy bread at the grocery shop. 

She was pretty certain the word she saw was a SON, although she does agree that it would make more sense had it been SUN

After all, it's not surprising. 

We are Asians. 

We mis-spell, and we mis-print. 

That's our trademark. 

Hey, everyone knows that.

It's not a secret.

After school that day, Dad came to pick Mom up. 

Mom said, 

"You remember the MOON & SON inciDAN I told you about? Today, the new teacher made a kid write SUN and MOON. OMG, what are the chances? We were not doing any activity about the sun or moon. How did she come up with these 2 words? Son was answering me ... I'm telling you, he's answering me ... I wanted to know whether it was SON or SUN, and he's telling me now, it's SUN ... OMG ..."

Mom said she wanted to go to the grocery shop again. 

She wanted to see that red tee shirt again. So Dad drove to the shop. Mom saw a boy in a bright red tee shirt outside the shop.

"There! There! He's there! The red tee shirt! Stop the car! STOP THE CAR!!!" She felt like she was playing a character straight from a typical scene in um, CSI.

Dad stopped the car and Mom jumped out. 

Like real.

You must have been shaking your head at this point huh.

Approaching the boy, she found herself slowing down her steps as she noted with a heavy disappointment that he was a different boy from the one who attended to her last week. She looked at the bright red tee shirt. There was a big circle with lots of tiny black and white words all over.


What an anti-climax.

He looked at her ... probably wondering why she was staring at his chest.

She looked back ... hoping he didn't notice she was checking his tee.

He asked, "Yes?"

Find something to buy quick.

She said, "Do you sell ice-cream here?"

He showed her to the ice-cream box. 

Hmm, she's good. She could be an actress. She followed him to the ice-cream box and pretended to take a keen interest on the variety of drumsticks available ... when all the time, she was grumbling in her heart, where is that MOON & SON boy?

She picked a KIT KAT drumstick and went to the cashier. 

Pulling out some notes, she paid him. While waiting for her change, Mom looked at his tee shirt again. The words were all tiny and she really couldn't read any of them ... when suddenly, she spotted the word PARIS.


OMG ... PARIS ???

Paris like France? 

Like Lourdes?


Mom went back to the car, with a smug look on her face. Even though she couldn't and didn't find what she was looking for, she was nicely zapped and had felt her Son's presence. :D

Someday, we'll get to the bottom of this, Daniel. Mom will still drop by the grocer now and then, less often now since we're gonna move, but she's sure she's gonna see that red tee shirt again. 

The next time, she won't hesitate. She will take a snap shot.

For the time bring, she's pretty happy with the PARIS. :D

Thanks for that, Son ... :D