Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call 277 : FOTO ANGEL

Hello Son,                                                                         (continue from Call 276)

Monday, August 29

This Monday morning, Mom got up from bed with difficulty ... 

as a result, Dad forbade her to go to the new school. 

He would take care of the renovations, he said. 

She was to rest at home. 

Her back had hurt terribly and she was in major discomfort. 

Still, she knew her pain was nothing compared to her Son's.  

Why, this was only her 4th day of a sprained back. 

Suffer quietly, and remember your Son, she chided herself.

Mom could not stay at home and do nothing. 

She put on the back support and drove to the old school. She decided since Dad said she should not go to the new school, she would go to the old school, and instruct the school staffs about the things that needed to be transported over. 

No, no, no ... she would not lift anything. 

Don't worry.

She couldn't anyway ... her back ...

Oh, stop with the whining ...

In the car, the lyrics chest to chest, nose to nose ... came on ... :D

Rihanna's California King Bed.

Mom had to smile as she recalled her chest to chest memories of her Son. She had asked for a hug one day and he immediately got up, went to the bedroom to bring out a pillow. 

Placing the pillow in front of him, he had bent down to give her a hug. :D

Your mother was in hysterics of course, and had said, 

"No pillow ... chest to chest ..." 

Smile. Who would have thought that a chest to chest song could invoke such fond memories? 

After the chest to chest song, the next song was COUNT ON ME.

The time on the dashboard was 10:02 am.

Bruno Mars

Click on title to view video.

You can count on me like 123

I'll be there ...

In school, Mom was slowly taking her time, walking in from the gates, when Teacher E walked out with a big box in her arms. She put the box down, and straightened up.

Mom noticed the words on Teacher E's um, chest ... and a gasp escaped her.

Oh My Gosh ...

The words : BAD BOY ...

As in Bad Boy Dans ...

Your email add :

You also have a dark colored tee shirt with the words BAD BOY.


Not only did the words zapped your mother, there was a Harry Potter slash slicing the words up. 

OMG ... 

Mom instantly thought of your orange dot entry ... 

In particular, the entry that had the same Harry Potter word ...

Dot 38 : Fishmonger 

Oh Gee Wow ... TWO zap signs on the chest. 

That was definitely YOU telling Mom that you're right beside her. The two songs in the car were to get her attention and just as she was thinking about her son, and the chest to chest memories were fresh in her head, the chest sign appeared.

OMG ...

How do You do it?

If you ever forget what you really mean to me ...

Every day I will remind you ...

(Lyrics of Count On Me)

Yes Son ... every day, just remind Mom ... 

Every day, You hear? 

Every --- single --- day ... :D

Mom knows she can count on You to be there for her and your family. At a time when she wasn't able to do anything to help prepare the new school because of her back, You cheerily assure her to just count on You. :D

She wasn't there in school for long. Her back felt weird and she thought she should go back to rest, before it got worse. She knew she was meant to go over to the old school, despite what Dad had said, just to be zapped ... and to get connected with her Son for a precious moment.

Before Mom left the school, look what she saw on the floor near the admin table?


Yes, yes ... an angel is surely watching over her ... :D

Would You look at the two eyes in the word  F O T O  ...

Hehehe ... 

Grin. :D

Aren't You glad your mother can understand exactly what You are saying to her? You must be whispering to her. 

You must be.

I'm watching You, Ma ... 

See my big eyes ... :D