Saturday, December 21, 2013

Call 515 : NO ENTRY

Hello Son                               (continue from Call 513)

Saturday, December 14

That afternoon, Justine and Mom went to the mall.

Dad would have reached Penang by then.

So anyway, as we were approaching the underground carpark, we saw the abovehead signboard that flashed:


Ah, full.

We drove in. 

Are You kidding us? Of course there will be a bay for us.

With that many FULL FULL FULLs.

Ha ha.

We took our normal NO ENTRY lane ...


Passing the first entrance to the mall, Mom pointed to a space beside a parked car, "Park there, Jus ..."

It wasn't a parking bay.

It was merely a small space beside a parked car.

Mom insisted, "We can park here ..."

Justine hesitated.

Mom insisted, "Just park here la ... We're late already."

We were having our facials at 3 pm.

Your sister reversed in to park beside the parked vehicle.

We got out of the car and checked that all other vehicles that would need to drive through whatever space is left, after our illegal parking, would be okay.

Yes -- should be okay.

Oh, there's plenty of space. 

Two elephants can easily pass through with no problem. 

We were so not blocking traffic.

We went for our facials ... 

and forgot all about the car. 

Aunty C met us at the salon and she too had her facial.

Two hours later, Mom was done. 

Justine came out of her room a few minutes later to and said, "Our car got clamped."

Teng teng teng ...


"How do you know?" Mom asked immediately.

Your sister said, "Aunty Diana called my handphone ..."


Mom purposely chose to keep her handphone in the locker provided for some peace and quiet during her beauty treatment.

Aunty D said there was a note on the wiper that said, pay RM100 to un-clamp.



We'll see about that.

In her heart, Mom found herself tele-messaging you anxiously. 

What happened there, Daniel? 

What happened?

Oh, don't tell Mom You were having a facial too.


Facial ...


Mom remembers all the daily facials she gave You in bed during those last months.

Last weeks.

Last days.

The very last one the morning before ...

Aunty D smsed and said there were some people at our car -- looking.

Mom felt a sudden grip of -- fear -- and was soon rushing to the car. 

Aunty C and Justine followed closely behind.


Quickly, she scanned her eyes over the car to check that there were no scratches on the surface. You remember right? When Grandma blocked someone's car many moons ago, the guy (probably uneducated) drew deep long lines all around her car with his car keys.

When Grandma told Mom, Mom was -- AGAHST -- as in downright upright side-to-side horrified! 

All Grandma said was, "The man is so bad ..." and then off she went to send her car for major cosmetic repairs.  

So anyway, to cut a long story short ... if that's even possible ... Mom asked the first security guard she could set her eyes on ... to release the clamp.

She gave her story ...

The guard passed her to a second guard.

Mom repeated her story.

She was sent to a third guard.

Again, her story came tumbling out.

The 4th guard came to the scene.

Before she could say "Once upon a time ...", he interrupted and said he would bring her to see his --- boss.


Like she should --- shiver?

Her heart whispered as she followed the guard --- quite coolly --- through the mall at first, and then the stairway, and after that, some kind of maze, before ending up in a tattered-looking admin office.  

Do something, Daniel, do something.


The boss appeared shortly.

With down cast eyes, she sneaked a glance at the boss man and her heart kinda -- sank.

Straight into the deep blue sea.

He didn't look at all friendly.

Nor could she sense any kind of sympathy that would emerge from that non-smiling man.

This man, Daniel? You're giving Mom this man???

She suddenly felt like a ... a ... criminal. 

A criminal, who had been -- arrested.


He called her to "masuk" into the room, which she did ... and then told her to, "Close the door ..." which she did not.

She pretended she didn't hear the second instruction. 

Instead, she decided it was time for her Hollywood performance. 

And so, her story began -- for the 5th time. 

From once upon a time, to and then, and then, and then, and then, and then ... and then ...

And then ...

The man, unstirred, said, "To unclamp, you must pay RM100. It's the rule."


Do You hear anything?

She didn't hear that. 

She went on -- yet again -- with all her --- and thens.

The boss put down his pen, and got up abruptly. He apparently decided he wanted to see the "situation."

Oh -- kay.

Help Daniel, help ...

We walked back to the car. 

The boss asked, "This is your car?"

Mom replied, "Yes ... You see? I'm not blocking anybody ..."

He appeared to be inspecting the surrounding, and then said that our car was blocking. 


How could our car be blocking traffic when two elephants can pass through?

Mom was about to begin her crouching tiger hidden dragon theory when he finally said, "I'll ask my men to open the clamp ... Just do me a big favour and don't park like this again. Okay?"

Oh gosh.

She could have jumped for joy.

She did -- a little. :D

She cannot remember now how many thank yous she said.

Oh gee wow.

You were definitely there with us.

Justine and Aunty C were right there with Mom. We couldn't believe our ears.

One of the security boys came and opened up the clamp. Mom got into the seat. As she started the ignition, a car on her left drove out of its parking bay.

Justine was quick to point. 

Smile. Mom drove straight into the bay. 

As she got out, she saw the number of the bay.


Secret code : 4

Thanks Son. You're definitely with us, Son. 



We walked back to the mall, went up the escalator, and another escalator.

Suddenly, Justine grabbed Mom by her shoulders, and pointed her to something in front.

Mom stood -- and looked.

She saw a big banner that had the words : SALE.

Justine jerked her a little towards the right and said, "Not there! There ..."

Only then Mom saw. 

Do You see?

Her number 4.

Mom said, "Your brother is telling us that he's definitely with us ... just now." :D

Just then, Aunty C chose to walk into this lingerie boutique.

Mom happened to look up and saw this.

She nudged your sister, "See up there. Hello and 1234. 4 is clearly enlarged."

CoinciDANS, of course. :D


Thanks Son ... for making your presence felt. You were clearly with us today.

Meanwhile, Dad sent Mom a text and this picture.

Dad said that the number 24 guy was right beside him. Arm's length.

Bryant and 24.

Dad and You.

What are the chances???

See? You're also with Dad. Or maybe You wanna remind us all that both your birthdays are just round the corner. 

Dad and You share the same birthdate : December 24

Gosh, that was awesome, Son. 

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll always be.

Keep the zaps coming, Daniel. 

Gotta go pack now.

Hugs and squeeze.