Sunday, December 8, 2013

Call 511 : RED GUY

Hello Son,

On Saturday yesterday, Mom talked to You on Call 510 at 1:14 pm.

Later that evening, Dad and Mom sent Justine to Bandar Utama for a function. One of her friends was celebrating her birthday. So anyway, we were in the car, waiting for one of her friends to arrive ... when ...

FOREVER YOUNG came on the radio.

Just the one line.

At 7:42 pm.

Decode : 4

Her angel sign. 

Take note please.

FOREVER YOUNG, I wanna be forever young ...

Of course Mom's senses were alerted. 

Like -- excuse her, but who else can we all think of when FOREVER YOUNG comes on, right?

So her thoughts were on You. Especially You. In fact, she cannot think of a moment when she's not thinking of her son. When she wakes up, he's there ... when she goes to bed, he's there. :D

Need she say more?

The next song came on. When Mom heard the intro music, she let out a yelp and nudged Dad excitedly, "Omg, Call Me, Call Me ... He definitely got my call ..."


The song ends with a lot of Call Me ... 

Call me (If you need a friend)

Call me (Call me uh-huh)

Call me (When you need a friend)

Call me (If you ever need a friend)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (If you need a friend)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (Call me)

Call me (Call me)

Call me

Yeah, that many repeats --- for Mom's benefit, that's for sure. :D 


She was too overwhelmed at that CALL ME moment, she forgot to check the time. She was sure it would have been her angel time. That was a clear ZAP from her son all the way from heaven. Oh, why didn't she check the time? Then she would know for sure!

Note the doubts.

Mom can see You shaking your head already.

Justine soon left us when her friend appeared. 

Dad and Mom drove on to IKEA. 

Yeah, in the jam. How crazy were we???

Another song came on shortly after and spoke to Mom.

Yeah, spoke.

FAITH came on the radio.

I gotta have faith faith faith ... (George Michael)

The time was 8:16 pm.

Decode : 15

Forever 15.


You gotta have faith, Ma ... :D

Mom had to smile. She felt the --- chide.

You just know how to zap your mother and make your presence felt, don't You?

So anyway ... that was Saturday, yesterday.

Today, Mom got up about 7:15 am. 

Grandma called -- to remind Mom that Justine would be following Grandma to Holy Rosary for mass. 

Mom hung up, and walked to the window. 

Looking out into the horizon, she said aloud to Dad, "Daniel is there, far far away amongst those clouds -- over there ..." 

Sighing, she closed the windows. We were going for mass, and may be back late. 

It might rain.

Dad and Mom left the condo after 8:30 am.


Don't You say a word. 

Yes yes, we all know mass starts at 8:30 am ...

Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.


So anyway, we arrived in church.

Outside of the church was already packed. 

Mom spotted 2 empty chairs.

We walked over quietly and sat down.

The first thing Mom noticed was this :



You had a bumblebee suit when You were a baby. 

 The hood was down and the bottom part of the outfit was lifted up 
as the maid was about to change your pampers. :D

Anyway, Mom was sitting right behind the guy in red.

The person on the right of the red guy was wearing an orange tee shirt.

Hmmm, something smells fishy here ...

Bumblebee on her left ... and orange on her right.

Mom whispered to Dad, "See the bumblebee there?"

Dad smiled.

"And right in front of you is a big orange tee shirt ..." :D

Dad nodded with a chuckle.


There was just something -- something -- weird -- about these two signs that had -- somehow -- captivated her attention. 

She couldn't put a nail on it. 

What was it?

What was it???

Then, all of a sudden ...

Mom almost jumped out of her seat as she jerked forward, one hand covering her mouth, as her jaw dropped dramatically.

Omg ...

Omg ...

OMG ...

You can't be serious!!!

No way!!!

What are the chances???

Omg, she cannot believe her eyes!!!

Mom pulled on Dad's arm urgently and whispered in excited tones, 

"Omg, look at the chair ... look at the chair ... look at the chair!!!" 

as she pointed to the chair right in front of her.

Yes, the chair that was in front of your mother's face.

The chair that the red guy was sitting on ... that was right in front of your mother.

 Mom was sitting right behind the red guy.

Dad was sitting behind the orange guy.

Do You see it??? 

Do You see it???


You don't see it???

How about now???

Omg ...

Do You see it now???

Can You see YOUR NAME on the seat???

Omg ...

Mom reached out to touch the --- grafitti.

She whispered to Dad, "It's carved on to the seat ... I thought it was written but it's not, it's been carved on to the seat ... Omg ... What are the chances? What are the chances, you tell me?"

A blade of some kind was definitely used to scratched your name onto the chair.

Omg ...

A million and one names that could have been on that seat ... and it had to be yours.

What are the chances of Mom sitting RIGHT BEHIND THAT SEAT???

Good Lord ...

How incredible!!!

Bumblebee on her left, Orange on her right, and DANIEL in front of her.



After mass, in the car, Mom said with extreme joy in her heart, "Son is telling me that he's not far away ... He's very near me ... maybe like right in front of me, that kind of near ... he may be on the clouds far away, but he's also near ... he wants me to know that ... he can be here and there and everywhere ... but he's always near me ..."

Sniff ...

Near far wherever You are ... (Titanic)

That was surreal, Daniel ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

You're near ... very near ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

We love You and miss You so very much ...

Oh yes, by the way, Dad read the graffiti and said, "Daniel loves -- POM?"

The heart.

And that word looks like POM.

Mom said, "I'm sure he meant M-O-M ..."


Over to You, Son ... :D