Saturday, December 7, 2013


Hello Son,

Friday, December 6

Mom was in the car, ready to go to school.

She turned on the ignition, and a sound came from the radio. 

She turned to look. 

Within two seconds, and quite unexpectedly, these wonderful TITANIC lyrics came on to invade her senses.

Every night in my dreams ... 

I see You, I feel You ...

That is how I know You go on ...

The time was 6:51 am.

First thing in the morning, her mental math needs warming up. 

She said aloud, "Five one six ... six six ... twelve ..."

OMG seriously ...

21 ...

Good Lord, how do You do it, Son?

Would You look at the timing? It's just too perfect. Mom could have come down from the condo, say one or two minutes earlier or later, and those lyrics would have greeted her not in such a perfect way as it did ... right then.

And 21???


That was a clear :

Morning Ma ... :D

A wide smile appeared on her face. You must have seen that. Driving out of the condo, she listened to the TITANIC song and allowed the lyrics to immm-merse into every fiber of her being.


Immerse Ma? OooOoohhhh ...  O.O

She laughed quietly to herself, as she remembers your "trembling hands" action, mocking her whenever she was dramatic.

Mom misses You, Daniel. <3

Your handsome face ... she misses your hand-shome face.

Grimace ...

Are You here with Mom? Like sitting right next to her seat? 

She wondered.

Near far, wherever You are ...

I believe that the heart will go on ...

You're just everywhere, aren't You?

There's no specific point where You are at, is she right?

Near far wherever You are ...

She soon reached school.

By 7:40 am, as she had instructed, Teacher X reminded her that she had to go pick up a kid.

Yeah, just the one boy. All the others are on holiday.

Mom cleared the batch of papers she was photostating, before walking to the lift.

At the lift ...

The doors opened.

Something white on the red carpet caught her eye. 

It was a white feather. :D

Pulling out her cell, she checked the time.

7:46 am.

Decode : 44


Her angel number.

Her son is reminding her that he's near.

So anyway, she was soon driving to the boy's apartment.

Reaching the apartment, she parked by the side of the mini-playground, and turned off the engine.

It was still early. The boy would be coming down at 8 am.

As she was sitting in the car, all of a sudden, a tiny feather slowly descended down right before her startled eyes.

From heaven.

The time was 7:59 am.

Decode : 21

Omg ...

Mom jumped out of the car, to take a snapshot of her eviDANS.

Can You see it?

She knelt down to take a closer photo, hoping at the same time, that no one would pass by, and wondering why she was taking a photo of the --- ground.

A pure white feather.

Her second one that morning.

Two pure white feathers? 

And 44 and 21???

Confirmed -- from heaven. :D


Smiling to herself, she went back into the car, overwhelmed by the zap.

Just then, the boy and his mother arrived.

Perfect timing ... as always.

Oh wow ... :D

Back in school, at one point during the day, she looked through some book samples that the supplier had left her for orders. 

It was then that she came across this page and found herself staring momentarily.

Oh my gosh ...

Seriously Daniel ...

Would You take a look at all the eviDANS???

First, the rainbow ...

Then, the large numbers 5 and 7 ...

Secret code : 21

And then, see the tiny airplane (on the top left) ...

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane ... 

The song DANIEL immediately sprang to mind.

Awww Son ...


How could a page in a preschool book bring so much --- joy and --- happiness --- to her heart?

So much -- meaning.

And memories ...

It must be Christmas.

The feeling of warmth and love and ... and comfort, is in the air.

Shortly after, Mom was photostating some Math papers ... and she came across this sheet that literally --- spoke --- to her.

1234 ...

1234, I Love You ...

She hears it loud and clear ... the way You used to sing it with finger action and all.

There's only 1 way 

2 say

those 3 words 

4 You-uu

I love You <3

Thank You, Son for reminding Mom daily that You're near. 

And THANK YOU JESUS for His resurrection ... because of His resurrection, we will be together again some day, Son. That is GOD's good promise to us. 


Be good and keep the zaps coming.

Mama loves You. <3

Hugs and kisses from all at home.

At this point of writing, Mom keyed in the words illustration snoopy for an image to insert after the 1234 lyrics and was totally zapped by this:

Time stood still for her, as You must know.

That was your favorite line from the hospital bed, a week before You left us.

"Where's everybody?" You would say, oh - so - slowly.

Mom will always remember this line, Son. 

So would everybody.


You're zapping Mom as she's talking to You, she knows it. :D