Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hello Son,

Mom spoke to You on Sunday on Call 511.

On her last paragraph, she made an attempt to interpret the graffiti on the seat in front of her whilst in church that Sunday.

Daniel loves ...

Dad said the scribble looked like "POM."

Mom said she's sure You meant "MOM."


After mass, Dad and Mom went to IKEA to look-see, look-see.

We didn't stay long. Soon we were queuing up at the payment counter. Whilst Dad was at the Q, Mom took a short stroll over to one of the shelves displaying Christmas candles. It was on those shelves, that she soon saw a message for her.


Awwww ...

Only Mom and You (and Dad and Justine) know that that can only mean one and only one thing.

There's only 1 way

2 say

those 3 words

4 You-oo

I love You ... <3


Thank You, Son ...

That was definitely a MOM and not a POM. 


You sure have a way to communicate with Mom, don't You?

At the point of writing, Mom's checking her journal.

She had scribbled on Tuesday, Dec 10 :

9:47 pm ... Daniel sends his love.


Decode : 21

That was tricky but Mom got it. Hah.


Yes, REVENGE was on telly. Mom happened to be at the right place at the right time, and heard the right thing. One of the characters said that line.

"Daniel sends his love ..."

Omgosh ...

Mom googled for a picture of the TV show.

Oh Wow.

See the 8?

Decode : 44

Not only that but upon downloading that image, she saw it appear on her desktop with this description:

See the revenge-14?

And 82?

Secret code : 14

Two times 14.

Two times.

Take note. 

Take notice. 

Pay attention.

Okay, now hold the thought.

Remember the 14.

And the 21.

And the "Daniel sends his love ..."

So anyway ...

That was on Tuesday.

The next day, on Wednesday Dec 11, Dad came to pick Mom up from the condo lobby. 

You're not gonna believe this but when Mom got into the car, the immediate lyrics that came on from the radio to greet on were : 

I'll be watching You ...  (Every Breath You Take)

The time was 6:56 am.

Decode : (8) 44

Then, this evening, Justine sent this photo to Dad and Mom (WhatsApp).

She took that passport photo this afternoon ... all by herself.

Dad replied with a thumbs up.

And Mom said, "Wow ..."

Your sister text back, "RM14."

And then, "fall for you came on radio after i messaged 14 ..."

Omg ...

Justine made this video after You left us.

Justine and your friends sang this on your first anniversary.

At the point of writing, Mom just noticed the time your sister sent the photo.

6:35 pm.

Decode :14

Oh boy ... 

Oh boy ...

Oh boy ...

See the connection?


At home, Mom said to your sister, "Remember the movie last night?"

Under The Mistletoe.

Dad, Mom and Justine were having dinner at Grandma's. That movie had just started. In short, there's the father, the mother and their son. They were in a car accident. The father died. As the story goes, the son is able to communicate with the father. At one point, the son asked, why he was able to see the father and his mom couldn't, and the father replied, "Because you believe ..." (something or rather)

Mom asked, "You know why Fall For You came right after you messaged 14?"

Justine nodded with a smile.

"Yes, because you believe ..." Mom said, unnecessarily.

Yes Son, we believe.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be.

And yes, Mom knows that You send your love.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Near far wherever You are ...

You're right here with us somehow.