Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello Son, 

Truly, all kinds of everything reminds Mom of You.

Something incredible happened today and Mom knows You're behind it.

Mom was at home. It was about 9:30 am or thereabouts.

She went to the kitchen.

She found herself looking at that grey feather that found her yesterday -- she had left it on the sharpening-bar (whatever You may call it). That grey feather had dropped on to the sink. 

Mom found herself looking at it.


Peering closer ...

Oh my gosh ...

What is that???

There was a fluffy white feather to the right of the grey one.

Oh my.

Last night, when Mom found the grey feather, she did quietly wonder why it wasn't white. Especially when she was reminded of the WHITE FEATHER in Call 128.

Last night she thought it, and this morning, she sees a pure white feather in her sink? She would have missed it, except that the grey feather had caught her eye ... and calling out to her to look closely.

Here's your white feather, Ma ... :D

Mom picked up the white feather and laid it on the sharpening-bar. 

As she was looking at it ...

 an ANT came a-crawling by.

Omg ...

An ANT???


Oh my goodness.



You're with Mom, aren't You, Son?

That was super incredible.

Aunty Di soon called and the next thing your mother knew, she was going to Gardens with Aunty Di. 

Before we went, Aunty C said to go over to Grandma's house to have Grandma's curry chicken.

So there we were, at Grandma's house, feasting on the curry chicken. In fact, we were not supposed to be there because shortly after, whilst we were still eating, Grandma's piano teacher arrived.

It's time for Grandma's piano lesson.

Someone said, can't remember who now, could have been Mom or Aunty D, but one of us said, "Mom (Grandma),why did you ask us to come eat when you're having your piano lesson?"

Grandma replied, "I didn't ask yall to come ..."

Aunty Di and Mom both turned to look at your Aunt C, and called out in unison, "Carolllll ..."

Aunty C apparently called us over ...  all by herself. Grandma meant for us to go over for dinner ... not during her piano lesson.

You must have whispered to your Aunty C.

Yes, You must have ... for reasons that would soon be apparent to us.

So anyway ...


Grandma played a Christmas piece -- can't remember which one now.

Aunty D, Aunty C and Mom looked at one another and gave the "not bad, not bad" expression.

Then, the teacher took over and played -- guess what -- 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Say what???

Aunty Di was like, "Eh, Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..."

Mom glanced at her cell.

The time was 10:59 am.

Decode : 15

Forever 15 ...

Awwww Son ...

You're with us, Mom knows. She was all smiles.

CoiniDANtally, the song BEAUTIFUL STRANGER is on right now (at this paragraph) ... 

the lyrics coming from the television :

Now I can see, you set me free ...

touched a chord in your mother's heart.


Free ???

You must have seen your mother's ears pricked up, huh?

You really know how to make your presence felt, Son.

Thank you, Son ...  for always reminding your mother that You're near.

Anyway, where was she? 

Ah, Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... so say HELLO to Grandma's new piece this week. She must have been inspired by the boy who played that song so beautifully on concert day that she has asked the teacher to teach her this song.

We weren't supposed to be there ...

Yet we were ...

Wow Son ...

Awesome ...

That afternoon, Grandma and Mom had tea with a friend.

For 3 hours.

We would have gone on longer if not for your mother's alarm to remind her that she had to send some kids back at 6 pm. This meeting is significant, and Mom knows You brought this person to her. Somebody's life is about to be changed ...

So anyway, to cut a long story short, later that evening, as she was driving home, with all your aunts and uncle in the car, we were driving behind this vehicle ... for an awfully long time.


You're near. She knows it.

It's too easy.


Decode : 4


You. :D

Then, whilst we were still crawling bumper to bumper behind this vehicle (office hours jam), the radio host announced: 

"Forever 21 is having a promotional sale ..."


Forever 21???


The time was 7:03 pm.

Decode : 4

You again.

Omg ...


You know what's going on, don't You? It's just amazing how things have a way of working out. Thanks Son. The situation is just perfect.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...