Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hello Son, 

It's Saturday today. 


It's been a hectic few days since we got back from Phuket.

You were with us during the trip. That's clear. :D

Thanks Son. For making your presence felt - daily. 

What would Mom do without your zaps? 

Here are some photos of our Phuket trip.

At the hotel in Bangkok. Here are our luggage. :D

A seal? ZAP ZAP ZAP! On the way to our hotel room.

That morning, before our flight, Mom was listening to Jackie Evanco (live recording) singing O Holy Night on youtube. After her song, Jackie was asked, "What would like to have for Christmas?" She said, (among others) something to this effect, she likes baby seals and she hopes baby seals can be saved ... something or rather. What are the chances?

Hotel room 3131? Secret code : 44 :D

We spent the later part of our evening at the night market at ASIATIQUE.

2 elephants??? ZAP ZAP ZAP!

We were there in Bangkok on Dec 22nd. The day before, on the 21st, Mom had called on You on Call 515 : No Entry ... and in that call, she had mentioned -- TWO ELEPHANTS.


What are the chances?

If You were here, You' d be entertaining us with your sister.

Here's Aunty Jessie. :D

Amah on the right.

Here's Dad. We were at the River Front.

Lala Loopsie?

Dad was the first to spot these cases.

Here's Mom with Daniel ... This will have to do ... for the time being.

Mom can see You posing on the right side, back to back with Justine. :D

Christmas Eve ... Dad and your birthday. Our flight to Phuket was at 3 pm.

Aunty Jessie brought those tee shirts for us. Made by a teen.

Kodak Moment.

There was one extra tee shirt for some reason. Dad said, "It's Daniel's."

In the van on the way to the airport.

Were You laughing with us, Son?

At the airport.

Aunty Diana bought that mattress. Like there are no mattresses in KL.

We are all ready for Phuket.

Our gate in. Mom had to smile.

After we checked in our luggage, we took a photo here ...

... and with these 2 lovely Thai Santa Rinas.

The Bear Family ...

We're looking for a cafe to hang out while waiting for our flight.

Our lunch place ...

We took about a hundred photos while waiting for our food. :D

(continue on Call 517)