Monday, December 2, 2013

Call 508 : KITCHEN ZAP

Hello Son, 

There's a lot going on in your mother's mind at the moment. 

It's just so weird that everything is falling into place. 

Things somehow have a way of working out. 

It's unbelievable.

Have faith, Ma ... things will work out. :D

Mom can hear You say.

This evening, she was washing the dishes.

As she was staring into the empty black space in front of her, black because it's dark, a little feather came a-fluttering down right in front of her face.

Omgosh, Son. The first time that happened was your 1st Anniversary with Jesus and Mama Mary. Just before the stroke of midnight, (must You be dramatic?) a tiny white feather came floating down and got itself stuck at the back of the water faucet.

Call 128 : White Feather

Mom gave a lil yelp, picked up the feather carefully, and kinda half-ran out of the kitchen to get her cellphone.

Calling Justine at the same time, "Jus Jus, a feather just dropped down ..."

From Heaven, was what she should have said, but that's already implied, isnt' it?

The time was 8:59 pm.

Mom asked your sister, "What's eight fifty-nine?"

Justine frowned a lil before replying, "25?"

"25???" Mom echoed in disbelief. Disbelief because it wasn't a zap number.

"dAnIeLLLL!!!" Mom called out your name dramatically.

Justine said, "Eh, wait a minute ..."

Mom punched the numbers onto a calculator beside her, because these days, her addition is only up to within 10. It's after 8 pm -- her brains are not functioning anymore.


The calculator showed 22.

Decode : 4

Ahhhh ... that's more like it.

Mom showed Justine the calculator with a triumphant smile.


You really do know what's going on, don't You?

Help Mom make the right decisions, will You please?

Give her a sign.

Correction, two signs.

See the grey feather?

Thanks Son for zapping your mother and reminding her that You're near. 

It's just too amazing how things just have a way of working out in the end.

Keep the zaps coming, Son. <3

Talk to You tomorrow, kay?

Love You, Son.