Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hello Son,

This morning, Dad and Mom left the condo to go to school to pick up the vacuum cleaner. The maid was in the house doing her usual weekly chores.

So anyway, we were at school ... we got the vacuum cleaner as well as the laminating machine and sheets. Mom thought she would laminate some reading cards for use next year.

We were back in the car shortly and guess which song came on the radio to zap Mom?

1984 Karate Kid Movie.

Daniel-Son ... (character's name)

Glory of Love had just come on as Dad started the car.

The time was 8:52 am.

Decode : Forever 15 / 4

Mom had to smile. 

No matter how she looked at it, it spelt -- YOU.

Her zap moments were always -- special. :D

Mom said out loud, "Daniel-Son ... Glory of Love ..."

Dad nodded. He knows the song. 

It's um, during our time.


We drove to one of the coffee shops nearby for breakfast.

We had soft-boiled eggs, steamed bread that came with a large slab of butter and a generous amount of kaya.

Dad had coffee, whilst Mom ordered iced milk tea. 

We enjoyed our perfectly boiled soft-boiled eggs. 

Mom's only complaint is that her eggs were not hot enough.

Temperature hot.

They were just -- You know -- luke warm. 

Oh well ...

You must have heard your parents' conversation during breakfast, huh. Whether to redeem a vacuum cleaner or a ... what else what else ... from her accumulated credit card points, that would soon expire at the end of the year.

Big decision to make. :D

We were soon done with breakfast. 

Mom received a phone call. It was Teacher X. 

The time was 9:38 am.

Teacher X wanted the telephone number of the GAS man, having obviously ran out of gas. She must have been cooking presumably. Mom told her that the number is in school, however, she would swing by the shop on the way back to get the number and text her. 

"Give me 10 minutes," Mom said.

We were in the car, driving back. 

Approaching the school (the gas shop is opposite the school), Dad slowed down, before driving to the side of the road.

Dad said, "The shop is not opened yet ..."

Mom pulled out a large A4 size paper and scribbled on it.



"Put this on the entrance so somebody will see it," Mom said as she handed her rather large note to Dad.

Dad took it and got out of the car.

Meanwhile, THE ROSE (Bette Midler) had come on several seconds before that.

She had glanced at the time when the song came on. 

It was 9:48 am.

Decode : 21


Yes yes, You heard Mom.

The Rose.

Awwwwww ...


The rose that You gave Mom for Mother's Day in church when You were seven years old or thereabouts suddenly appeared in her mind as if it happened only last week.

Mom smiled ... a happy, yet sad, smile. 


Now how do You have a happy and a sad smile at the same time?

Oh, go figure.

You made her this way.

Okay fine, alright ... maybe not You.

God -- God made her this way.

HE made her have a happy and a sad smile -- at the same time.

Blame God.

God's fault.

Pause to re-think.

Are we allowed to blame God, Son?

How does God take it when we -- blame Him?

Does He -- dismiss it -- like, casually?

Or does He take it -- personally?

He doesn't get -- angry, does He?

Or perhaps He says something -- maybe like, "My foolish, foolish child, how little you know Me ... if only you have faith as big as a mustard seed ..."

Seriously, does Jesus say this line -- like, a lot?

At the point of writing, Mom is not able to decide which of the 3 videos to upload here so she's gonna do the next best thing.

Upload all 3.


Enjoy Son. <3



By Bette Midler.

Bette Midler (live)

Would You believe it but right after THE ROSE, a very familiar intro music came on to fill her senses.

Omg ...

You don't say ...


The time was 10:52 am.

Decode : 44



We'll always be together

However far it seems

We'll always be together

Together in Electric Dreams

Gosh, it was unbelievable.

We reached the condo just as it was coming to an end.

Oh boy ... as realization sank in.

Teacher X calling Mom for gas -- that was strange to begin with -- but it was part of the plan, wasn't it? To create a small delay -- because had we not stop at the gas shop just now, we would have definitely arrived home so much earlier and we would have definitely -- missed your message for sure.

We'll always be together.

Together in Electric Dreams.

Oh gosh, Daniel --- how awesome was that?

You really are with us, aren't You, Son?

You really, really are.

We reached home. 

Dad took a shower and about half an hour later, we were out again. Dad was going up north. Mom was dropping him at the train station.


So anyway, having dropped your father at the station, Mom was soon driving back home.

At the condo, Mom stepped in the house.

Justine immediately said, "Hey, my friend just called me Daniel Radcliff."


Your sister repeated, "My friend just sms-ed and called me Daniel Radcliff just as you walked in."

Mom pounced, "What time is the text?"

Justine checked her cell and replied, "11:01 am."

Omg, eleven - o - one??? 


Your mother inhaled deeply.

"That's 21 ..."

A reminder that -- DANIEL IS 21.

Or 21 is DANIEL.

Mom reminded, "Jus, last night (Friday) You sent me that 1234 image ..."

"Did you know that the day before Friday, on Thursday, I posted this image on the blog?"

See Call 512.

It's as if You are giving Mom a response.



Very deep.

ZAP deep.

Mom told Justine about the ZAPs that morning.

"Can you imagine, two songs that came on in the car just now, were songs from 1984?"

Glory of Love ... Theme song for Karate Kid (1984).

Electric Dreams ... (1984)

Secret Code : 44 / 21

Do You see that???

Omgosh Daniel-Son.

(continue on Call 515)