Sunday, September 30, 2012

Call 412 : COFFEE SHOP

Hello Son, 

Late this morning, Dad and Mom were in the car.

We were driving to PJ for some lunch.

At one point, Mom said aloud, "Daniel, where are You? We miss your handsome face ..."

We continued traveling, until we had to stop before a set of red lights.

Mom spotted a huge number 21 on a pillar that was on the right of us.

She pointed eagerly, "Hey, look - 21 ... I wrote about Forever 21 this morning in his blog ..."

Dad nodded.

You certainly got Mom's call, didn't You now?

She continued, "Did we have to stop right in front of this pillar?"

Tsk tsk tsk ... so meant to be ...

Mom did not scramble to take a photo ... which she would regret later ... besides, the car was moving on.

It didn't really feel like a real zap, to be honest.

The doubt was there.

Yeah, the doubt ...

Talk about the faith of a mustard seed, huh.

We drove on, and soon came to another set of traffic lights.

This time, Dad pointed enthusiastically, "Daniel rode that bike ..."

Mom turned to look and at the same time taking out her cellphone to take a photo.

She smiled when she saw the time on her cell. Quickly, she showed Dad the time.

It was 12:12 pm.

Decode : 21 two times

Oh, say no more.

How perfect is this?

Mom commented, "Is that the same bike? It doesn't look like the one he rode ..."

Dad replied, "It's the same model ..."

Your mother paused for just a second before remarking cheerfully, "You heard me call him just a few minutes ago, right? Can you see that he's answering me? Omg, can You see that?"

She cannot remember now what Dad said, because the car stopped at another set of lights ... and right before your parents' eyes was this vehicle.

Mom pointed quickly, "Look ... Look ... Count that ..."

Dad said with a chuckle, "21 ..."


We drove to the coffee shop that we intended to go.

It was closed.

Hai ya ...

Mom suggested another noodle coffee shop.

We drove there ...

As we were turning into the lane, she couldn't help but noticed the number plate of the car in front of her.

1011 ...

Decode : 21

It totally reminded her about the two balloons the boys were holding yesterday at the cafeteria.

See Call 411 : Red Velvet

We soon reached the coffee shop.

At the entrance, we saw the place packed with patrons. One of the waitress came and ushered us to a table right inside the coffee shop.

We followed her ...

Mom did not notice the table number until her drink arrived.

Beaming happily, she pointed to Dad, "Look at the table number ... Son's definitely with us today ..."

21 ... again ...

Gosh, would You believe it?

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... :D

So anyway, when we were done with lunch, we drove to a friend's house to drop her some skin care products.

After that, we drove home.

A vehicle appeared before us, which made your mother exclaimed aloud, "See that? Omg ..."

Dad replied with a smile, "21 ..."

Oh gosh, what an awesome day we had today, Daniel ... :D

We truly felt your presence the whole time ...

You definitely would have gotten your mother's message in Call 411 where she told You about the Forever 21

It's so obvious ... take a look at all the 21 inciDANS today.

What are the chances???

Thanks Son ... keep the zaps coming, kay ... :D

We miss You so very much ...