Monday, September 17, 2012

Call 405 : ANIME BOOBS

Hello Son,                              (continue from Call 404)

TUESDAY, AUGUST 21           

Your 31st month anniversary.

We went to your garden in the morning.

That day, for some reason, there were many ants on the cement plot. Mom noticed the ants ... yes we all did ... after all, your family has been to your flower garden every month since You left ... but this is the first time, that we see all those many ants visiting at the same time.

Mom avoided the ants, and tried to sweep them away with the broom. She couldn't get rid of them completely, and finally she let them be ... they were after all minding their own business and busily moving in one trail, not really disturbing us or crawling all over the place.

After saying the rosary and finishing with a prayer, we left your garden. 

In the car, Mom said aloud, "Daniel, Mom's waiting for your zap ... " :D

She wondered how and what You would send her that day. 

The radio was on. Mom listened carefully to every song that came on - but - nothing. 

No zaps.

In fact, as it turned out, the whole day passed without her receiving any zaps from Heaven. 

"Why hasn't Son said anything? Today is his 21st ... He's so quiet today ..." she'd moaned to Dad.

Evening came ...

And still nothing.

Where are You, Son? Aren't You gonna say something? Mom's waiting ...

A shred of uncertainty crept in her veins as she suddenly thought of those ants that morning. 

She soon found herself wondering if those ants at your garden had been "it." 

Were those it??? 

She'd frowned as she tried to make a connection.

Oh well, even if they were, there would be a second zap, confirming that. That's the understanding between her and her son in heaven.

After dinner at home, Mom uploaded some photos on your Flower Garden 21 blog. 

Then, at 9:06 pm, she sent You Call 398 (31st Month).

Right after that, she prepared the draft entry for Call 399 (No Lollipops)

It was then that she received a big ZAP!!!

Omg ...

Just to recap ... 

Friday 17 afternoon (Call 399) : Chest to Chest at the sundry shop opposite the school.

Friday 17 evening (Call 399) : Chest to Chest at the juice stall at the mall. 

Saturday 18 in the car (Call 400) : Rihanna (Chest to Chest) on Friends DVD.

Sunday 19 at the resort (Call 402) : The scorpion (You).

Sunday 19 in the jungle (Call 403) : The ants 
(at the time, Mom was unaware that the ants had any connection to You).

Sunday 19 in the TV room at the resort (Call 404) : Electricity power suddenly went off (You).

Monday 20 in the car back in KL (Call 404) : Chest to Chest came on the radio with a loud boom.

Picture all those inciDANS now, would You please? 

One after another ... leading to the BIG ZAP on the night of your 21st. 

Mom had been waiting for her zap the whole day that day, as she said ... but nothing came ... except for those ants, which she had desperately tried to make a connection. 

So anyway, whilst preparing draft entry Call 399, she had googled the words "anime boobs" for an image to upload under the paragraph where she related about the Chest to Chest inciDAN in the sundry shop. 

When your mother first viewed the boobs images that enfolded, she had shook her head and decided those over-sized, enormous, generous-looking bosoms, most of which were either spilling or bursting out of the outfits, were not all that appropriate to upload on your blog.

No, they were certainly not for your eyes ... 

You're much too young to be seeing those kind of images.

What would Mama Mary say?

As she was scrolling, she suddenly found herself drawn to this image below ... 

She had in fact been staring at the image ... perhaps because it is different from the other boob pictures.

Flat chested and totally modest ...

Ah, this would be appropriate, she'd thought.

Mom dragged the image to the desktop and proceeded to upload on that entry.

It was only after the image was attached on to the entry, that she suddenly noticed that the image was coming to life. :D

Mom began to laugh when a flash of enlightening hit her and she experienced that familiar ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Omg ...

You've gotta be kidding, Son ...

Omg ...

How funny is this ???

Still laughing to herself, Mom called Dad over to the monitor.

"Omg ... would you take a look at this?" she chuckled happily.

She continued heartily, "The whole day today, I've been waiting for Son to zap ... since this morning at his garden ... I thought it was the ants at first, but there was no second zap ... and tonight, before the day ends, he sends his second zap ... Omg ... I'm quite sure he whispered to me ... I'm sure of it ... of all the images that appeared on the screen, I was staring at this one for quite awhile ... yes really, the others I just glanced through ... but this one, this one, I actually stopped and stared and wondered ... Omg ...  Chest to Chest, Ma ... Awww, how perfect is this ... I waited the WHOLE day for him to say something ... This is him, I know it's him ... It's definitely him ... Hahahaha ... "

Mom was so caught up with the moment, she was almost speaking in tongues.

Dad laughed and said that that idea of a boob joke sounded like something You would do.




That was quite a moment there, Daniel ...

It was definitely worth the wait, Son ...

All those Chest to Chest inciDANS the few days before your 21st, leading to this big boob zap that night on your 21st. Oh boy, who would have thought ... :D:D:D

Boobs to boobs, Ma :D

Mom heard You ... and which she secretly interprets that as:

Here's a big boobs - to - boobs hug from Me, Ma ... :D

Yes Son, Mom felt that big hug from You all the way from Heaven, down here. :D

Thank You, Daniel ... that was super-amazing. 

You must have seen your mother go to bed with a big smile that night.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... :D

We love You so very much, and miss You more than words can say ...

Monday, Sept 17

(after publishing this entry entry)


Oh Wow, Daniel. 

Rihanna just appeared on E News.

Mom jumped up to check the time.

The time on her mobile showed 5:09 pm

Decode : 14

Zap Zap Zap

That was a definite :

Hi Ma, chest to chest ... :D

Smile Smile Smile ...

OMG Son ... 2nd zap ...

21 GUNS now on TV.

Dad's here watching the music video whilst Mom's on the computer.

It came on 5:27 pm.

Decode : 14

14 again?

Two times?


How perfect. :D

You're with Mom, that's for sure. :D