Sunday, September 23, 2012

Call 409 : POLKA DOT

Hello Son,

You know what?

Mom sent You Call 408 at 10:34 am this morning. She told You about the white feather, among others.

Then, we went to church for the 11:30 am mass.

Dad, Justine, Maid R and Mom.

Normally, every Sunday, we've been late attending mass.

So today, Mom was hurrying Dad and Justine to get ready, and she was like, "We should leave by 11 am ... c'mon hurry up ... hurry up ..."

We were finally in the car, on the way to church.

The first song that came on when Dad started the engine was LOVE IS ALL AROUND.

Mom recognized the song.

We laughed. Dad and Mom had seen the movie LOVE ACTUALLY some months ago, where this song was introduced but with different lyrics -- CHRISTMAS IS ALL AROUND.

(music video)

The next song, came ITSY BITSY ...

Oh, You know the song ... It was an itsy birsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini ... The children sang this song during POLKA DOT week about 2 months ago.

Mom thought about the children with their teddy bears in yellow polka dot bikinis and singing loudly to the Itsy Bitsy music ... and soon found herself smiling from ear to ear.

Nothing would have prepared her for the next song that made its grand entrance and quickly filled up our senses.

Omg ...

The lyrics came on ...

If I die young ...



Omg ...

Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard immediately.

It was 11:11 am.

Decode : 4

Holy mackerel.

What are the chances? That's like the most perfect timing in the world.

Justine peeked at the time from where she was sitting at the back of the car.

Dad saw the time too.

Yes, we all saw the perfect time, Daniel.

Gosh, You were definitely with us.

Mom sang along ...

The Band Perry

... until she came to the line that says :

And I'll be wearing white ...

She stopped abruptly.



Oh Gosh, Mom thought.

Oh Gosh ...

Omg ...

White ...

Eres tu ...

What are the chances of her hearing this zap line about half an hour after she sent You Call 408 where she told You about the white feather??? It's been so long since she last heard IF I DIE YOUNG ... and it came right then in the car on the way to church. The song came to an end just when Dad was nicely parked by the side of the road. We were meant to hear that IF I DIE YOUNG ... and get zapped. 

Omg ...

That was incredibly awesome ...

Eres tu ...

After mass, we drove to town to have some lunch.

Dad started the engine. Once again, LOVE IS ALL AROUND US was on the radio.


Twice today ... and right at the time when Dad started the ignition.

Gosh, what are the chances?

Mom said, "Eh, this song again ... Son knows you like the song la ... "


Reaching the coffee shop where we were gonna have some noodles, this vehicle appeared in front of us.

Mom pointed, "Look ... 1994 ... right in front of our faces ..."

Why, that's easy.

1994 being your birth year.

You're definitely with us, Daniel ... it's so obvious. :D

So anyway ... after lunch, we drove to a nearby mall. Justine and Mom were there on Friday. We had spotted a really cute polka dotted outfit we wanted to get for the children for one of the concert items, but there were not enough pieces. We needed 7 pieces, but the shop only had 6. We had checked all the kids' boutiques and nearby shops for that one more piece, but --- nothing.

Justine and Mom went back to the shop this Sunday morning to see if any new stock had arrived for that polka dotted outfit.

No ...

None ...

Dream on ...

As we were standing there and trying to look for an alternative, Dad suddenly said he wanted to go down (to the floor below) to check. Would You believe it but 5 minutes later, Dad called Mom on the cell and said, "Come down to 3rd floor, I found it ... "


Not possible ... Justine and Mom have looked everywhere ... in the mall and nearby shops.

We went down to the 3rd floor. Dad was waiting for us at the escalator. He led us to the outlet, and proudly pointed to the outfit that was hanging on the wall.

Oh yeah ...

Oh yeah ... that would do.

It was of the same material and colour as the other 6 pieces, except that the pattern on the neck/shoulder is different.

We bought them all instantly. :D

Mom said to your sister, "You wanted this particular outfit right from the start, and somehow we are going back with them today ..."

Justine commented, "Dad suddenly just said he was going down ... he found the missing piece ..."

Hmmm ...

You must have whispered to Dad ...

Pause ...

Did You, Daniel?

Check out the shop on the 3rd floor, Dad ... :D

Thanks Son ... Mom's sure You have something to do with it. Even Dad couldn't explain why he suddenly took off when we asked him about it later.

That was pretty amazing, Daniel ...

Eres tu ...