Sunday, September 23, 2012

Call 408 : FROM HEAVEN

Hello Son, 


(your 32nd month)

Friday was your 32nd month anniversary with Jesus and Mary.

We will be going to your garden on Saturday, the next day ... as Friday was a school day.

After school was over, Dad came to pick Justine and Mom up. We were supposed to go to town to check out costumes for the Mickey (4Y) class children.

And so we went.

Mom was wondering how You were gonna zap her that day. Oh, she was sure, quite, quite sure ... correction --- very, very sure, that You would be sending her a zap or two on that Friday. It was after all your 21st.

You'd be calling ...

Oh yes, You would ...


Mom knows. :D

You must have seen her smiling secretly to herself in the car on the way to town.

We arrived shortly after.

Dad parked by the side of a curb. Mom opened the car door and stepped out.

Immediately, she noticed a tiny little brownish feather right at the tip of her shoes.

Mom stared down ...

... but did not take a photo.

It was brown ... and truthfully, it didn't feel like it came from heaven. Had it been white, she would have eagerly taken a snapshot.

Oh well ...

We walked to the mall, browsed through some shops that sell children's clothing and had lunch.

Soon, it was clear to us that we would not find what we were looking for.

We walked back to the car, which was parked some 100 meters away.

Walking through the five-foot pathway, we passed a row of retail shops.

At one point, as we were walking through, the song WE ARE YOUNG came booming from up the stairs of a boutique.

Justine and Mom turned immediately to each other, with our mouths dramatically opened.

Mom glanced at her mobile.

It was 2:29 pm.

Decode : 4

You're near, we know.

We know.

We reached the car, hopped in.

We were driving away when Mom spotted a colourful boutique and asked Dad to stop by the side. Dad drove by the curb and stopped the car. Mom opened the door.

She put a foot out on to the curb ...

Immediately  ...

She saw something on the tip of her shoe.

Huh ... W-what's that?

Peering closer toward the ground, she narrowed her eyebrows.

Omg ...

Omg ...

What are the chances?

Omg ... Would You believe it?

It was a pure -- white -- tiny little feather.

Mom bent down to pick it up by its tip, inspecting the precious feather in her hand.

Awww ... it's so so so -- clean and so so so -- white and so so so -- sparkling.

How could it be this clean and this white and this sparkling on this horribly dusty area and by the roadside, for cryin' out loud? Unless ... unless ... it'd just came a - floating down from above.

From heaven.


You wanted a white feather, Ma? :D

See Call 128 : White Feather

Mom gently placed the tiny white feather on the dashboard. 

Turning to Dad excitedly, she said, "Just now there was a brown one, and I ignored it. Now, look ... look at this one. Son sent me a nice white one ... " :D

Gosh, what are the chances of Dad stopping at the exact spot where the feather was gonna be right at the tip of her foot? The second time ...

Two times this happened ... the same thing, the same way ... a tiny feather at the tip of her foot ... first, when we arrived and second, when we're about to leave ... By the way, both times, she had looked and checked around as far as her eyes could see, and there were definitely no other stray feathers laying around ...

Omg ...

Her son has spoken loud and clear.

I'm here la, Ma ... :D

Mom heard You, Son ... :D

See what You did there? Sent the song, got us focused on You, and then like 5 minutes later, ZAP.

Her spirits lifted and big wide smile appeared on her face.

You must have seen that ...

You were / are definitely with us, Daniel ...

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