Saturday, September 22, 2012

Call 407 : SEIZURE ZAP

Hello Son,


This afternoon, whilst driving to school, would You believe it but CHEST TO CHEST came on the radio?

Gosh, what are the chances?

Her eyes had shot to the time.

It was 4:36 pm.

Decode : 4


Mom normally leaves the condo before 4 pm to school. That's when the kids get up, and have an early dinner before the evening activities. That day, she was tired, and had taken a nap ... and by the time she got up, it was way past 4 pm.

She was rushing to school.

Approaching the slope down to the hospital, CHEST TO CHEST had come on and literally had her gasping.

Omg ...

It was only two days ago that she published that entry on ANIME BOOBS (Call 405) ... and in that entry she had listed down all the CHEST TO CHEST inciDANS that had happened prior to your 21st last month.

Oh, she was so meant to hear the song. It only took about 5 minutes to get to school and yet she was able to hear the whole song and ... think ... and think ... and think ... and make her connection ... to a very special angel somewhere over the rainbow.

It's just too awesome how You communicate with Mom, Daniel.

Nobody will ever understand this bond we have.

Honestly, no one ... except for ummm ... perhaps, another mother who has a child with Jesus and Mama Mary up in heaven. It was amazing to hear CHEST TO CHEST in the car at the time. Mom always appreciates her alone moments with You, Son.

Here's a big hug from Me, Ma ... :D

Thank you, Son ... Just continue to keep all the zaps coming, You hear?

Always always always ...

Always let Mom know You're near, Daniel ...

Always ...

The evening passed ...

It was almost 6 pm.

Time to drop the kids back home.

So anyway ...

We were in the MPV. Mom was driving, with the kids watching a cartoon DVD behind.

It was less than 5 minutes, when Mom spotted a 4WD with the registration plate 2222.

Decode : 44

She had looked and had smiled to herself as she thought of the 2222 inciDAN that happened about 3 weeks ago. That morning then, before leaving the condo, Maid R and Mom were waiting by the fountain lobby for Dad to pick us up to school. A white vehicle with the number plate 2222 had drove pass us.

Mom made a casual comment, " Look at the white car ... 2222 ..."

Maid R said, "Yeah, so many twos ... 2222 ..."

That was first thing in the morning before we went to school. About 7 am. Then, would You believe it but after school that evening, about 8 pm, we were driving near the shops to get some dinner ... and another vehicle with the number plate 2222, black this time, somehow appeared in front of us.

Mom exclaimed, "Hey, a black 2222 ..." and proceeded to explain to Dad, who was driving, that she had seen a white 2222 in the morning ..."

Mom turned to the back seat, and said to Maid R, "We saw a 2222 this morning, right? White one? See? Another 2222  ..."

Maid R replied, "Yes ma'am ... morning was white, and this one is black ..."

It was not strange at all for Mom to note that 2222 first thing in the morning, and a second time, later in the evening (3 weeks ago). It was because it happened TWO times that she knew there was a connection. Her son was telling her that he's near. She had received that familiar ZAP ZAP ZAP moment.

Yeah, those moments always leave her feeling incredibly happy ... and all smiley.


She remembered the 2222 inciDAN clearly ... she had thought to herself as she was driving that Wednesday. It made her smile as she saw the 2222 vehicle disappearing before her eyes. Almost immediately, her attention was diverted to a bright yellow vehicle that drove past on her left side which left her gasping.

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...


See Call 402 : Scorpion Flash.

Oh My Gosh ...


Plus check out the number ...


Decode : 24

Why, that's clearly You.

Nobody, nobody but You. :D


It's so your style ... Get Mom to focus and think about You first, and then ZAP her. :D

Hi Ma, I'm right here ... :D

Oh Wow  ... 

Gosh Gosh Gosh ...

Was that zap not loud and clear ?

That night at home ...

Law & Order (Special Unit Victims) was on the telly.

Justine had come out from her shower and was sitting on the sofa.

Mom went into the kitchen to get some apples and a tub of yogurt.

She came out of the kitchen, walked to the living area, and had plonked herself onto the sofa, when she suddenly saw a guy (or was it a woman now, she's not sure) having a seizure on the big screen.

Good Lord ...


Mom turned to your sister, "I -- just -- sat -- down ... and I have to see this ..."

Justine made a face and nodded. 

Before You slipped into a coma, some two weeks before You left us, You had had a seizure.

This took place in the hospital.


Mom will never be able to describe what the family went through seeing You in that way.

We felt so helpless, Daniel ...

Someday, Mom's gonna finish your Orange Blog story. It's just painful and difficult as the story goes closer and closer to your departure day. Having said that, it was just incredible how Jesus and Mother Mary made their presence felt every step of the way till your last breath.

Right then, when Mom saw the seizure on telly, she had thought, if that person is having a brain tumor, this is a zap. She was meant to see it. Her son is making his presence felt. He's near. He's right beside her. He wants to remind her.

As it turned out, that guy (or women) with the seizure did not have a brain tumor. Instead, he (or she) was having a condition that is related to AIDS. The medical term was mentioned, but Mom cannot remember now what it was.

To be honest, she felt her spirits take a dip when she learned that the seizure was not connected to a brain tumor but to AIDS.

She had grimaced.

You would have seen your mother's face.

There should be TWO signs, Daniel, for Mom to take this zap sign seriously and know the zap is from You.

Where is the second sign???

The timing was so spot on. She had just -- sat -- down ... and there she was, witnessing a seizure.

And then --- AIDS???

What an anti-climax.




Shortly after, You're not gonna believe this but the detective on the show brought this AIDS infected boy to visit a girl-patient in a hospital environment. 

Mom was watching as she ate her yogurt ... not really following the story.

The boy asked the girl, what's wrong with you? (something or rather)

The patient replied ...

Get ready for this ...

 "Brain cancer ..."


Oh My Lord ...


What are the chances???

Justine couldn't believe it either.

I'm right here, Ma ... :D

Two days to your 21st ...

You sure know how to make your presence felt, Daniel ... throughout the whole day.