Monday, September 10, 2012

Call 404 : POWER CUT

Hello Son,                                               

Sunday, Sept 2

Oh Wow Son!

You will not believe what happened on Sunday.

Dad and Mom were at a hypermarket. We were at the books and stationery section.

Dad pointed out to Mom that "all over there, are preschool books."

Mom walked over there, and began to browse around, picking up a book and flipping through the pages ... one after another ... until ...

Gasp ...

Oh my goodness ...

What are the chances ???

Mom bent down to pick up the book. She was practically running to Dad to show him.


Mom went berserk, "Omg ... last week I attached a photo about that trail of HUGE ANTS in son's blog (Call 403) ... and I specifically mentioned at the bottom of the photo to remember the ANT photo as it would zap later ... but I was referring to his garden (on August 21) ... and look! Omg! He's talking to me. Can You see that? Can You see that he's talking to me???" :D

I got your call about the ants, Ma ... :D

What are the chances?

Honestly, what are the chances? You must have whispered to Dad to point out to Mom the section to go. There was in fact another book that was covering about half of that book on the rack at the time of discovery, only the name DAN was peeping out at your mother. Imagine her surprise when she pulled out the book, and saw the title.

Dan The Ant ...



(continue from Call 403)


Here's the pond after clearing. Can You see the fishes? 

Justine spotted two small prawns, scampering at the bottom of the pond. :D

You used to slide down from this point with your sister when You both were younger.

Dad's famous pose ...

Did God made any comment?

Chuckle ...

This one's for You, Daniel ...

You are shaking your head now, aren't You? :D

Justine and Mom in the TV room.

Okay, about the TV room, gotta tell You this, Son.

Something strange happened there and we know You have something to do with it.

Yes You.

So anyway, as You know, our room was at the bottom floor. Uncle S's brother's family was using the room upstairs (including the TV room). They were out that Sunday for some reason, from morning and had not come back even after we had our dinner.

Mom had said to Dad, that Uncle S said we could use the TV room any time we want.

Yeah, any time ...

Dad corrected, Uncle S meant we could use it any time when his brother's family is not around.

Mom replied, "Are they around? Do you see them anywhere? No, right?"


Mom called out to Justine, "You wanna watch a movie?"

Justine said yes. Mom flashed a look of triumph to Dad.

Dad relented with a stern warning, "Don't move their things around ..."

Laughing out loud, Justine and Mom went upstairs.

We put on a Mr Bean disc.

It was about 8:30 pm or so at the time.

Shortly after, Dad too came to join us.

And so, picture the scenario, would You please?

There we were, your family, relaxing on the sofa watching Mr Bean ...

An hour and a half passed ...

Suddenly, and without warning, the lights (and TV) went off ... and we found ourselves immediately in darkness ...  save for the lights that were streaming in from outside.

Pause ...

Eh, power cut?

We looked out, and noticed that the lights at the dining downstairs were on.

Hmmm, strange ... downstairs okay ... but upstairs was pitch black.

We made our way down.

It was about 10 pm.

Mom went to bed. Justine and Dad were still up and about.

Shortly after, about 20 minutes later, guess what?

Uncle S's family came back!

Oh my ...

Oh my goodness.

Are You thinking what she's thinking?

Can You imagine how awkward it would have been had they walked in on us, in the TV lounge?

Mom said to Dad, "Daniel must have shut the power to get us to go back to our room." :D

Justine agreed wholeheartedly.

Dad chuckled.

There was no reason how and why only the electricity upstairs and in the TV room was out. Dad didn't know where the main switch board was and could not get the electricity back on.

That was the only way You could get us out of the TV room.

Shut the power.

Wow Son ...

You were really with us, we know. You really were.

Run run run ... The family is coming back ...

Smile ...

Close call ...


On Monday, after dinner, we were in the car.

Dad, Justine and Mom.

The radio was on.

Justine said, "This is a nice song ... Jason Moraiz ... I won't give up ..."

Mom heard her.


Of course, her son's near.

You must have seen your mother smiling in the dark, huh. Then, just as the song finished, Justine reached over to the player to change the station and at the same time, turned up the volume.

CHEST TO CHEST ... boomed the speakers in the car.


Omg ... Mom glanced at the time immediately.

It was 10:17 pm.

Decode : 144

Her favourite numbers. :D

Two days before that, Mom had told You about the chest to chest inciDAN in Call 400.

Omg ... What are the chances?

You must have whispered to your sister to change the station and to pump up the volume. To remind Mom about the CHEST TO CHEST song because the next day, being your 31st month anniversary, You would be zapping her.

(continue on Call 405)