Sunday, September 30, 2012

Call 411 : RED VELVET

Hello Son,                                               (continue from Call 410)


The two boys said they were hungry.


Can You imagine that? They had just attended a birthday party. Shouldn't there be lots of food?

Mom asked if they wanted to go to McDonald's and both cried out in unison, "Yes Yes Yessss!!!"

We drove to the nearest McD's joint.

In the car, your mother saw that the place was packed and the queue at the counter was rather long. She should be sending the boys back soon. So she suggested that they had their burgers at the cafeteria at our condo ... and by the pool, she'd added. That way, we were closer to the boys' homes.

The boys were excited about the pool as she'd expected ...

We arrived at the condo some 10 minutes later ...

We walked to the cafetaria ...

There was a small crowd of people at the cafe. It turned out there was a birthday celebration for a one year old kid. We walked through the cafe, and out of the other entrance, that led to the pool side, with Mom nodding and giving whoever gave her eye contact a smile, as they walked past the party guests.

We were soon outside the cafe and looking over to the pool.

Would You believe it but Justine was at the far end of the pool with Baby Megan? Did Mom mention that Aunty D is here for the weekend with the baby? How perfect is the timing?

Your sister had yelled out, "Teacher Lynn ... Teacher Lynn ..."

Yeah, Mom has asked her to call her that in front of her students.

Hehe ... :D

Kish was there too, bouncing with excitement and panting away when she saw us approaching.

Whilst the boys were playing with Kish, Mom went back to the cafe to order the burgers. She had specifically asked for tomato sauce for the burgers.

However, when the burgers were served shortly, Mom noticed that the cook had added chilli sauce on the burgers, instead of tomato sauce.

Oh, darn it.

She tried to remove as much as she could by scraping the sauce out of the buns with a knife, but the boys complained that it was "too hot" and "too spicy" ... both panting away like a ... a ... thirsty dog and dramatically gulping down their bottle of water.

Pushing their plates away, they refused to take a second bite of their burgers.

Mom ordered a plate of french fries and at the same time, conveyed her annoyance to the waitress about the sauce mistake. The waitress apologized, but did not offer to ... to ...

Oh, what did she expect the girl to do? Bring over two more sets of burgers with the tomato sauce this time?

Pause ...

Why, actually, yes ... yes, she did ... expect the waitress to at least bring fresh buns to replace the ones tainted with chilli sauce. Now they would still go home hungry ...

Meanwhile, the boys had gotten their hands on a balloon each ... balloons from the birthday party that was held at the cafe. They were helium balloons and were tied down to some of the chairs.

As mom watched them playing, she suddenly realized 21 was staring at her in her face :D





See the 21?

Ah ...

Truly, everywhere Mom is, there You'll be.

You know what happened next?

Well, just as Mom was putting down her cell (after taking the photo), the host of the birthday party (the mother of the birthday boy) came to our table and presented us with a plate of cakes and some cookies.

Pause here for a sec ...

That triggered the inciDAN that happened in the morning at the book store. Just as she had taken the JASON photo, the song came on within minutes ... two minutes to be exact.

Surprised, Mom exclaimed that she (the host) shouldn't have, but thanked her for the cakes.

It was a red velvet cake, she quickly learned the name, with bright blue icing ... apparently made by the host's friend, who was sitting next to our table, some 5 walking steps away from us.

The fries came. The boys ate heartily.

Mom fed them the cake and had some herself.

Oh Wow ... the cake was really yummy and Mom told the host so. 

Hmmm ... she thought to herself as she was munching on the delicious cake.

Did You see what happened there?

21 was looking at her ... and the next thing she knew, a stranger came and presented a plate of cakes.

On hindsight, Mom must repeat again, that after noticing the number 21, and taking a photo, this lady came to our table? Gee, You must have whispered to the lady to bring us some cakes, since the boys were not eating their burgers, and Mom did not want to send them back hungry. Plus, she was still annoyed that the waitress or the cook, did not offer to re-do the burgers.

That was You ...

Mom knows ...

You knew they'd eat the cake, didn't You?

Smile ... :D

After the snack, Mom sent them home ... happily. :D

at the mall

That Saturday evening, about 7 pm, our family went to the mall for dinner.

Aunty D, Aunty C, Justine, Baby Megan and Mom. Dad will be home only at midnight.

That's Justine with Baby Megan, and Aunty D with the stroller, in the photo above.

We went to a Japanese diner.

nose to nose

Baby Megan and Aunty D in the photo above ...

At one point during dinner, would You believe it but mother and child were demonstrating a nose to nose action?

Mom stared.

At first, she was not aware of that zap moment, but had merely looked, because it was too cute.

However Aunty C was like, "Again Megan ... again ... do again ..." as she wanted to take a video.

It was after the again, and again ... and again ... that it suddenly hit her that they were doing the nose to nose thingy.

Gosh, it was heart-warming for her to witness that. You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel. That was just incredible, Son ... :D


Nose to nose ...

Oh gosh ...

Chest to chest ...

Nose to nose ...

Chest to Chest, Ma ... :D
(See 405 : Anime Boobs)

She hears her son say.


He's giving her a big hug, she knows.

They did not have to demonstrate this nose to nose action in front of her face.

Think about it ...

Just take a moment and think about it, would You please?

What have You got to say, Daniel?

A moment of silence ... that did nothing but zap, zap, zapped her.

Honestly Son, You say it best when You say nothing at all.

It's amazing how You can speak right to her heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as she may, she can never explain

What she hears when You don't say a thing

Truly ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... :D

Thank You Jesus for the bond between mother and son  ... <3

God's plan is perfect ...

He truly made a way for us, Daniel ... :D

After dinner, Justine and Mom went to the Jusco. Mom wanted to check out the children's wear to see if she could find anything for one of the concert items. Aunty D, Aunty C and Baby Megan went a-walking here and there.

So anyway, at one point, we walked past the KIKO section, and Mom pointed out to your sister, that special corner, telling her that, "This is the place where Daniel tried on the jeans ..." :D

Mom would have told Justine before, but your sister took in the information like she's hearing it for the first time. :D

We walked on to the next section ...

It was barely 10 steps away, when Mom stopped abruptly ... and pointed, with her mouth opened.

She had spotted the name DAN on a tee shirt.

Justine looked, at the same time moving away the price tag to reveal the full word DANCING.

DANcing with your SOUL?


Gosh ... Honestly, what are the chances of stumbling upon a tee shirt that has your name DAN and the word SOUL on it?

No chance ...

Absolutely no chance ...

"He's definitely with us, Jus," Mom said with a smile.

Your sister gave a knowing nod.

Yeah, definitely ...

Definitely ...

Definitely ...

You're with us ... It's so obvious ... :D

About an hour later, Justine said, "Let's go meet the aunties ..."

Yeah, okay ... lets ... and so we slowly made our way to the end of the mall.

As we were walking there, we passed a new boutique that Mom has not seen before.

She stopped in her tracks and said, "Eh Justine, this shop is new ..."

Your sister exclaimed, "Aiyo Ma, how long have you not been here? It's not new la. It's been here for a few weeks already ..."

Really? What shop is this, Mom wondered, as she looked up to check the name of the boutique.


Omg ...

Would You believe it?


"Omg Justine ... of all the names that could have been up there, it has to be FOREVER 21 ..."

Your sister grinned ...

See how You make your presence felt? She did not have to stop at that boutique as they walked by ...

You must have whispered to her :

Check out this boutique, Ma ... :D

We soon met up with the aunties and Baby Megan.

We browsed around for a bit ... until Aunty D bumped into a friend. Aunty C, Justine, the baby and Mom walked out of the departmental store, to wait for Aunty D there. Meanwhile, Baby Megan spotted an arc of balloons and toddled towards it.

Balloons ...

Balloons ???

She thought of the two balloons this afternoon with the boys, and the number 21 that had called out to her.

You must be near  ...

Justine with Baby Megan

Baby Megan's fascinated with the balloons ...

... so mush so that the store's security guard came forward, took out his lighter to burn off part of the string that held the balloons releasing two balloons. He presented them to Megan.

Mom watched ... everything ... that was happening before her eyes, in awe.

She checked her time instantly.

It was 6:52 pm.

Decode : 4

She had to smile as she thought of her I Am Number Four ...

And two balloons?


You don't say ...

Gosh, what are the chances?

And wait a minute ... wait a minute ... as Mom caught sight of the number printed on the balloon.

Number 36 ???

Hellooo ...

36 ???

Why, isn't that a  21 ???

Omg ...

You can say that again ...

Omg ...

Code cracked ...

Message received ...

Her son has made contact ...


That was easy ...

The guard could have given Megan just ONE balloon ... but no, he had to give her TWO.

Like the two balloons this afternoon.

Of all the numbers that could have been printed on the balloons, it had to be a number that had a secret code 21 ... like the balloon inciDAN in the morning at the cafetaria with the two boys ... she knew the 21 was calling out to her ...

Hi Ma ... I'm right here ... :D

 ... otherwise why would she take a photo?

Wow, would You look at all her ... her ... overwhelming ... eviDANS. :D

Yes, 21 ...

Forever 21 ...

Gosh Daniel ... You really do know how to make your presence felt.

So anyway, Aunty D came out shortly ... saying that she wanted to have some coffee. Aunty C, her friend (who met her at the mall) and Justine said they wanted to check out the gym on the top floor.

Mom, Aunty D and Baby Megan went to Starbucks. We took the corner sofa, and placed the pram in a way where Megan was imprisoned in the corner along with a large sofa that prevented her from "getting out."


Aunty D prepared the baby's milk whilst Mom went to get the coffee.

Aunty D called out to say she wanted a large coffee latte. Mom ordered that for her, and a black tea for herself.

The counter girl cheerily asked, "Which size?"

Your mother said, "Small ..."

Mom took out some notes in preparation to pay for the drinks. Nothing would have prepared her for the zap she received from the bill.

Gasp ...

Gosh ...

24  4

Decode : You   You

The whole day, Daniel ... You've been with us ...

Why, do correct your mother if she's wrong but isn't that a loud and clear holler all the way from heaven :

Hi Ma, It's Me ... :D

24 being your birth date ...


And 4???

We all know, You Are Number 4.

See Call 410 : DAN JASON


Gosh Daniel, what an awesome day we had today ...

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... and always let Mom know You're near. :D

Be good ...

We love You ... <3