Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Call 403 : HUGE ANTS

Hello Son,                                          (continue from Call 402)


Uncle S's Canadian friend was at the resort too. He's building a similar hideaway further up the waterfall from Uncle S's place. Dad asked him to show us the place, and that's why Justine and Mom are on the jungle track as per photo above. It was about 20 minutes walk away.
Time was around 11:30 am.

Justine pointing to a trail of ants that was across our path.

Dad zoomed in on those ants.

Oh my ... those were really HUGE ants.

(Remember this ant inciDAN ... 

it would soon zap us on your 21st at your garden on Tuesday, Aug 21)

This is the Mat Salleh's land. He said, he's just cleared the trees.

He's on the extreme right of the photo.

Can You see him?

We didn't stay long ...

 Back at Uncle S's place ... :D

Here's DANIEL'S PARADISE before we cleared it. 

The pond was filled with water - plants, whatever You call it. :D

Pretty sight, huh?

Here we are, with Maid R, about to clear up the pond.

Justine and Dad relaxing on a deck bed, overlooking the resort.

Your pond is all muddy and looked really terrible right after we pulled out those aqua-plants.

Dad said to wait awhile and let the mud settle.

Mom took this photo.

This is what we were looking at from the deck bed.

We definitely see and feel the rays of the Son, Daniel ... :D

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