Saturday, August 11, 2012

Call 396 : LABOUR ROOM

Hello Son,


Something amazing happened on Tuesday whilst in the school's mpv.

It was after school.

Mom was gonna send the children home.

Whilst waiting for the older children to come down from their classes, the teacher on duty started packing the younger children in the car, as their classes end 15 minutes earlier.

Mom was at the driver's seat.

Teacher E carried X, a cute little 3 year old boy, and put him in the front passenger seat.

Mom smiled, as she looked at his pink crocs.

Being a foreigner, he doesn't talk all that much ... and when he does speak, he speaks in his own native language. Don't get your mother wrong, he is able to repeat some words in English if you asked him to, but that's about it.

As Mom was watching him, at one point, she saw him staring at the space in front of him (car dashboard) and was still for a few seconds before he lifted his right hand and began to claw in mid air. He did that a few times.

She looked at the boy, and was literally still as she held her breath.

Omg ...

She peered closer, thinking it was a sand fly or a tiny insect that the boy was trying to swat ... but there was nothing there.

Absolutely nothing.


No uh, cobwebs, or dust or rays whatever. The space in front of him was perfectly clear. She had carefully checked at every possible angle, thinking at first it could have been some kind of reflection.

The little boy continued to stare two seconds and claw the next two seconds.

Like he was trying to get at something.

Swiftly, she took her handphone and without a sound, as she did not want to distract him, she tried to take a video clip. Her cell could only take very short clips (5 seconds). The video was for Dad and Justine to see when she related to them later. Mom's not able to upload the video on your blog for security reasons.    

You would have seen what the little boy did.

Clawing in the air.

Only You can tell Mom what he was doing ...

The bigger kids soon came down to the car, and for the next few minutes, her focus was not on the boy. When she looked at him next, he was no longer clawing ...

There was one other time when Mom saw this clawing the air motion.

That was at the birth of Baby M, Aunty D and Uncle C's baby, last year.

You were so with us at that time, even Aunty D said so.

That morning, Mom had received an sms from Aunty C, telling her that Aunty D's water broke at 4 am.

That was the 1st sign.

Of all the times that could have been, it had to be a time that was connected to You.

4 am ...

Upon checking, Mom learned that Aunty D was in the room (hospital), timing her contractions ... Mom was told that Aunty D would probably deliver in the evening. Uncle C was on the next flight from Tawau and would arrive at the hospital about 5 or 6 pm.

Mom went to school.

The day passed ... and evening came.

Dad, Mom and Justine went to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, we went to the labour ward.

Aunty C was waiting for us. She said that Aunty D was in Labour Room No. 4 and that Uncle C had arrived.

Oh boy, Mom had thought ... Labour room number 4???

Seriously ???

Sign number 2.

Fast Forward ...

Say hello to Baby M.

About half an hour after the baby was brought to the nursery, we all went to see Aunty D in that labour room number 4. 

Aunty D told us that "the baby could not come out" ... and that the doctor had tried this and that and the baby still refused to come out. So, "the doctor had in fact ordered for c-sect."

Mom listened carefully and threw in the occasional, "And then? And then? And then what happened?"

Oh My Gosh ...

Nothing would have prepared your mother for what she was about to hear next.

Aunty D said that it was during the complication that IF I DIE YOUNG came on.

Time stood still.

Mom thought she heard wrongly.


What did Aunty D say?

For a moment there, she thought Aunty D said IF I DIE YOUNG.

Did she?

But it can't be.

It can't be.

Aunty D probably said she thought she was going to DIE YOUNG and not that she heard the song IF I DIE YOUNG. Besides, how could the hospital play IF I DIE YOUNG in the labour ward whilst a pregnant patient was trying to give birth?

Mom asked with a laugh, "You thought you were gonna die? It was that bad?"

Aunty D corrected impatiently, "No lah ... The song IF I DIE YOUNG ... the song ..."

In disbelief, Mom asked, "IF I DIE YOUNG? IF I DIE YOUNG came on just now? Daniel's song?"

Aunty D confirmed, "Yes ... his song. He was with me ... During the complication, and the baby couldn't come out, the doctor already wanted to do caesarean ... this song came on ..."

Pause ...

Did You hear that???

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

"How could the hospital play this song?" Mom asked, still trying to take in the wonder of it all. You really know how to make your presence felt, Daniel.

Aunty D said, "It was on the radio ... The radio was on ..."

Aunty D had 2 previous inciDANS, and both times IF I DIE YOUNG had come one.

That was the 3rd inciDAN. She knew You were with her, Daniel.

Yes, she did.

She really did.

It's so easy ... :D

The 3rd sign.

It was so amazing to hear that.

Mom will never be able to express fully how she felt to hear Aunty D tell her that IF I DIE YOUNG came on right at that crucial moment during the complication ... to comfort Aunty D ... to assure her ... that everything was gonna be okay. Truly Daniel, You really are watching over your family. The baby was delivered naturally a few minutes later ... Yeah, after the song came on, everything kinda fell into the place, and out pop the baby, Aunty D told your family members. Isn't that wonderful?

God is so good to us. Praise the Lord.

That's not all ...

We went to the nursery.

It was on the same floor about 20 steps away from where Aunty D was. We were only allowed to look through the glass window.

There were 4 babies in the small nursery ... Yeah, 4 ... all newly delivered that same day. Two were sleeping peacefully, one was in the incubator ... and as for Baby M ... one hand had escaped from the wrap that was around her, and she appeared to be clawing the air ... the second hand followed suit shortly after.

Yes, You heard right.

Baby M's hands were clawing the air.

Like she was reaching for something.

Like she was playing with someone.

An angel for sure.

It has been said time and time again that babies are able to see angels. Grandma would say when Justine and You were babies ... that when babies smile in their sleep, they are seeing angels. :D

Is this true, Daniel? :D

Anyway, Baby M's eyes were just fixed on a spot in front of her as she continued to reach her hands out and moving them in mid air.

Dad saw that.

Justine saw that.

Uncle C saw that.

Aunty  C saw that.

Grandma saw that.

The nurses had smiled and said casually, "Tak mau tidur ..." (Don't want to sleep)

Mom could almost see You playing with her.

You were playing with her, weren't You, Daniel? :D

It's so obvious.

Back in the room, Mom told Aunty D very excitedly, "Eh, your baby is very active la ... all the other babies are sleeping ... but yours is exercising her hands ... from just now till now, her hands are still clawing through the air ..." (from just now till now was about 20 minutes then)

Aunty D said, "Must be playing with Daniel la ..."   :D

Your mother's thoughts exactly.

Aunty D is a Horse, like Mom. We think alike.

You know what, You're so not gonna believe this but that clawing the air continued for about 2 hours.

No typing error there.

You heard right.

Hours is what she said. Two hours and could have been longer. We left the hospital at 10:30 pm and at that time, Baby M was still clawing the air, and her eyes still fixed on one spot in front of her. It wasn't the ceiling. No, she wasn't looking at the ceiling lights, if that's what You're thinking. No no no. Her angle was more like positioned at 45 degrees. She must have be fascinated with a different kind of light.

Heaven's light.

Jesus and Mama Mary and all the angels in heaven including You (of course, Son) must have been looking down on her and smiling at her, with God telling her that, "Megan, these are your parents and people who love you very much ... they will be looking after you whilst you are on earth ..."

It was really amazing to watch.

And that, was the 4th sign.

It is interesting to note that it was only on that day right after her birth that Baby M was clawing and reaching out into the air. The next day, and the day after that, she did not do it anymore. It really did feel like there was a ... some kind of send-off ... from heaven. You were probably allowed to play with her at that time, huh Son. :D

It was amazing ... whatever the reason.

Simply amazing. :D

Back to the school mpv ...

When the little boy did that clawing motion in the mpv, it triggered the memory of Aunty D's baby doing the same thing. You were with Mom at that time, weren't You, Daniel? It's obvious You wanted Mom to know that You were / are near. :D

It was awesome, Son.

You're always there with us, for us, by us. We feel your presence with us daily.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be.

Always Daniel ...

You'll be in our hearts until we are together again.

A big hug from all of us, Son. You're a really good boy.

Keep the zaps coming.