Friday, August 17, 2012


Hello Son,

Wednesday, August 15

That Wednesday afternoon, Dad, Justine and Mom were in the car.

We were on the way home.

Dad was going outstation at 3pm.

Mom said to drop by one of the bakeries to get some sandwiches for lunch.

Dad initially said no, it was almost 2:30 pm then and he still needed to go home to shower and pack an overnight bag.

Mom insisted. She wanted to get some bread stuff for Dad as well, so he has something to eat on the way whilst driving.

So off we went to one of the bread shops nearby our condo.

Mom went into the bakery and bought some chicken pizza rolls and sandwiches.

She came out shortly after and walked to the car.

Dad and Justine were waiting for her at the end of the block, which was about say, 20 steps away.

She hopped in to the car. Dad pulled away from the curb.

A song on the radio had come to an end.

The song came on. She wasn't really listening to it until the first line hit her and caused her jaw to drop.

Omg ...

Every breath you take


It was ages and ages ago since Mom heard Every Breath

Excitedly, Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard. 

"Look! 2:37 pm ... That's 21 ... this song ... I'll be watching you ... Awww ..."

Dad smiled.

Justine nodded knowingly.

We felt your presence, Daniel.

You're certainly watching your family from where You are ... somewhere over the rainbow.

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

I'll be watching you ...

That line was just so heart-warming to hear.

Her son has spoken.

Oh yes, he has.

She knows.

A mother knows when her child has spoken.

Mom had to smile.

Fast forward to back home later in the evening.

Justine was watching television.

The maid was preparing dinner.

Mom was taking a shower.

After her shower, she plonked herself in front of the telly, sitting opposite your sister, on the carpet.

GLEE was on.

They were auditioning some young talents for the show.

Mom helped herself to a slice of papaya, her eyes on the TV screen.

She saw the casting directors giving a title of a song to the short-haired girl ...

Nothing unusual about that.

Oh, would You just wait for it ...

Omg ...

Nothing would have prepared her for what she was about to hear next.

Omg ...

You've so gotta be kidding your mother.

Her jaw dropped.

You must have seen that.

Guess which song the casting guy mentioned for the next talent to sing.

Guess Guess Guess ...

Omg ...

Would You believe it ?

Daniel ...

Holy mackerel.

Yes, DANIEL ... the song ... the casting guy mentioned this song next.

Oh My Gosh ...

You must have seen your mother pounced on that.

"What??? Omg, did you hear that? What are the chances? One thousand songs he could have said and he said DANIEL? Did you hear that? And I just sat down a minute ago. I just came here to eat the papaya. Omg ..."

Omg ...

Justine was right there.

Good good.

It's always good to have a witness.

It was barely a minute after she sat down before the telly when that zap happened.

Would You look at the perfect timing?

Of course your sister heard everything.

Mom said, "Daniel must have whispered to me ... Go watch TV, Ma ... Now Ma, now ..." :D

How else would You explain the perfect timing?

Mom told Justine about the zap in the afternoon - I'll be watching You ...

Two song inciDANS.

Let's see ...

I'll be watching You ... Daniel.

Awww Son ... What a beautiful message.

Mom couldn't ask for more.

Sniff ...

Yes Daniel ... that was nobody, nobody but You.

Eres tu ...

That was easy ...

We love You so very much, Daniel ... <3

Keep the zaps coming ...