Friday, August 24, 2012

Call 400 : BIG HUG

Hello Son,                                                                                       (continue from Call 399)


The Raya holidays are here. :D


We were traveling up north that Saturday to spend some quiet time at Uncle S's waterfall resort for a few days.

Yeah Son ... the waterfall resort ...  place where Justine and You used to spend your holidays at. Also, the place where You went to to recover from your surgeries. Not to forget too that, that's the place where Dad bundled You to when your sister was having her important exams, so your sister could study without You disturbing her.

Sigh Daniel ...

Sigh Sigh Sigh ...

What Mom would give to have You disturb your sister again. :D


We miss You so very much, Daniel ... You know that, don't You? Is it possible for your family to miss You even more than before? Truly, not a split of a second could pass without Mom thinking about You. You're always on our minds, Daniel ...

Yeah Son, You're just - everywhere ...

Truly, everywhere ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Oh gawd ...

So anyway ...

We were not all that aware that it was gonna take us a whole day to drive up north that Saturday. Sure it was the festive season, as well as the school holidays. We naively thought that most people would have balik kampung on Friday since Raya was on Sunday.

Boy, were we wrong.

It took us almost 8 hours to get to the resort, when it should have taken about 4.5 hours only.

Of course, there was a extra 2 hours delay as we stopped by in Ipoh for the irresistible hor fun.

Good thing we drove the Exora. With the DVD player, we did not feel the long journey all that much.

We, as in Justine, the maid and Mom. Dad was driving.

Mom had asked Justine to bring along our FRIENDS DVD.

Justine brought the whole set of Season 5.

Throughout the long drive, FRIENDS was on.

Even watching FRIENDS, Mom felt your presence. :D

How, You ask?

Why, there was the DAN, and the DANNY characters ...


Can You blame her?

Then, at one point, Rachel mentioned RIHANNA.

Mom sat upright.



Omg ...

What are the chances?

Immediately, Mom turned to your sister, "Rihanna sang Chest To Chest right?"

Justine replied lazily, "Yeah ... Why?"

Your mother needed no further invitation.

"Yesterday ... Chest to Chest ... came on when I was getting some sweets for the kids ... and then later in the evening, it was on again when Dad and I walked past the juice stall at the mall ... etc "

You must have whispered to your sister which Season (DVD) to bring for the journey. We have all the 10 seasons and she had to pick the one that would alert your mother's senses, first with the DAN and then the DANNY, before zapping her sharply with RIHANNA.

Omg ...

How do You do it?

Honestly Daniel, that was amazing. The timing was just too perfect. Had Dad and Mom walked by that juice shop just a minute earlier (yesterday), the song would not have been on. Also, the day care teacher had reminded Mom about the lollipops. Teacher A had said, "Don't forget to get the lollipops. The children will be asking for them later ... Had Teacher A not urge her to get the sweets, Mom could have conveniently forgotten about them. She was not in the habit of buying candies and sweets during school hours. Especially not at that sundry shop opposite. That was her first time going to that shop. You have to cross the road ... it's not convenient to go there at all. 

Gosh ...

Two Chest To Chest inciDANS the day before ... to stir up all the memories of our chest to chest moments ... then the next day, she had to hear the names DAN and then again, DANNY ... before the zap RIHANNA.

She was so meant to hear them.

At the point of writing, Mom gets a sudden enlightenment.

A deeper interpretation of the RIHANNA zap. 

It's not just your presence that Mom is getting.

You're giving her a hug too. 

Omg ...

Yeah, that must be the message behind the zap.

Aiyoh Ma, finally ... :D

You must have whispered into your mother's ear. 

Chest to chest, Ma ... :D

Aww Son ... that was definitely a BIG HUG your mother received all the way from heaven.

(continue on Call 401)