Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hello Son,

Gosh, it's been like 10 days since Mom last called You. Mom wanted to call on Saturday 26th - her usual call days. However that day, we had Parents' Day in school. After the event, she was too tired to do anything.

It's been amazing how You drop little signs and zaps to remind your mother time and again, that You are right beside her.

Amazing, really amazing.

Also, as You know, your mother's computer crashed and till today, has not been replaced. Justine's using her lap top for revision purposes and Mom doesn't want to disturb (hurry) her.

Today, something happened that made Mom worried ... very worried. At one point today, she thought her connection with her son had come to an end. OMG ... that was so - scary.

For the past few days, Mom has been like, "I have to call Son tonight ... it's been 6 days ..."

Then ...

It's been 7 days ...

It's been 8 days ...

It's been 9 days ...

And today ...

It's been 10 days ...

In the afternoon, Mom told Dad she wanted to go to MidValley. Tomorrow is Grandma's birthday and she wanted to go check out the restaurant that Grandma said she was gonna have her dinner.

So, anyway ...

We reached the shopping mall.

Believe it or not, for the first time in a very very very long time, we COULD NOT FIND A PARKING BAY. After what seemed like, 20 minutes of turning round and round and round from G floor to Basement 1, 2 and 3, Dad finally said, "Let's get out ..."

As Dad was driving around, Mom had in fact called out to You, "Where can we park, Son?"

"Where's our bay, Daniel?"

Dad was like, "C'mon Dans ..."

It just felt so weird ... that all the bays were occupied and not one single vehicle was leaving. Mind You, there are like one thousand bays in the underground parking.

Mom felt quite distressed, to be honest.

She muttered under her breath, "Do you think Son is angry with me? I haven't called him for 10 days.The last call was on his 21st."

Dad said, "Don't be silly. He cannot be angry. Son's in heaven. There's no anger in heaven."

"Then why doesn't he come? I've been calling and calling and calling him ... and nothing."

Dad was silent.

Mom said, "When we do find a parking, we'll check the car number in front ... and we'll know."

No sooner had your mother said that line, in less than 3 seconds, Dad spotted a car coming out of its parking spot. Dad drove into the spot ...  alongside the wall.

Mom said, "Quick. See the number in front. What is it?"

She was afraid to check it herself. If it wasn't her angel sign, she wouldn't be able to get over it.

Dad did not say anything at first.

Mom demanded impatiently, "What's the number? See la, quick ..."

Dad said, "21 ..."



Are you sure???

Mom straightened up, and took a peek at the number plate in front. She couldn't tell whether Dad was kidding or not.

OMG ...

21 ...


How perfect ...

And PDM ???

Why, that's a clear - Phone Daniel, Ma ...

(continue on Sat, Son ... it's only 1032 pm but your mother is nodding off ... Love You, Son ... everywhere we are, there you'll always be ... We'll catch up this weekend ... )