Saturday, May 12, 2012

Call 362 : THE MAID

Hello Son,

It's Saturday today. 


Mom's in school.

Dad's overseas. 

Justine's studying at home ... 

and You ... You are ...

What would You be doing on a Saturday morning at 9:33 am? If only your mother could have a little peek at what You are doing right at this moment. 

Let's see ...

Mother's Day is tomorrow. 

Are You doing something special for Mama Mary? The kids at school presented their mothers with a rainbow decorated cupcake, a straw beaded necklace and a really awesome Happy Mother's Day card that's been carefully designed to touch the heart and bring a tear. 

Try beating that. Hah! :D


 (a cute card from the internet)

By the way, school's closed today. 

Mom's here to use the computer ... and to wait for the maid. The maid is doing some cleaning. The desk computer at home has crashed for the final time. That is why it has been difficult, though not impossible, to download her eviDANS for some of the entries the past 2 weeks or so. All the handphone and camera cables are attached to that desk computer at home. She needs to get a new computer. :D

Oh, talking about the maid, Mom's owing an entry about the maid, she knows ... but You know what ... let her tell You about it now in brief.

Okay so let's start by saying that, this maid is God-sent. 

Yes, really. 

OMG really.

Really really.

Mom had a feeling You have a hand in it because on Wednesday, March 21st, 21st being your 25th month anniversary, a phone call came from the maid agency. 

By this time, we have been waiting for the maid for more than 2 months. The several phone calls Mom made to the agent was met with a string of cold and uncommitted replies of :

"We can't confirm the date of arrival ..."

So anyway, Mom was pleasantly surprised to hear the agent say over the phone, "The maid is arriving on Friday." 

That was like, in two days' time then.

Mom called up Dad and told him that the agent called. 

Dad said, "About time. I was gonna go to the agency to tell them off."

Mom continued excitedly, 

"Son is sending me the maid. I know it's him. Today is his 21st. The agent called today. Helloo? Today? He could have called yesterday or the day before yesterday or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow ... but he had to call today ... TODAY ... the 21st." :D

Of course, by the time she was done with her um, submission, Dad was pretty much convinced that You are responsible for delivering the maid to your mother.

So anyway, the maid came on Friday. The agent sent her to school. It was about 3 pm or so in the afternoon.

Upon first introduction, Mom felt she had chosen the right girl. She has a pleasant personality and carries a smile on her face. She's polite and appears to be hard working ... which Mom is happy to confirm that the girl is, at the time of writing.

The agent left about half an hour later.

Mom was showing the maid the kitchen stuff and giving her some instructions .. at the same time asking some casual questions about her background.

Maid R is 23 years old. She looks older for her age though. She eats rice three times a day, always with dried fish, she said. 

Hmmm ... 

Dried fish? And where are we gonna find this dried fish? 

Mom changed the subject abruptly, and asked if the maid has any children. Your mother knows from the biodata that the maid does not have any children. Mom had specified she wanted a maid who's educated, likes working with children and able to do the usual household chores. More importantly, she must be a Catholic.

It would not be possible for us to have a live-in maid of a different faith. Our God is a jealous God. Is He still? There can be no other God for us, your family, but Jesus Christ.

The maid replied, "Yes Ma'am, I have one daughter ..."

One daughter?

What? She lied in her biodata?

" ... but she died." The maid finished quietly.

Oh ...

Time stood still.

Very still ...

W-what did the maid say? You know very well what she said, your mother chided herself impatiently. It was loud and clear. 

The maid's baby girl died. 

It was at that point that Mom knew with a hundred percent certainty that YOU had sent Maid R to her.

"What happened?" Mom asked.

The maid said, "She died 10 minutes after I gave birth to her."

 "When did this happen?" Mom probed further.

The girl said, "Last year, April, Ma'am."


Last --- Year --- April? 

The girl's exact words.

As in 2011, 4?

Decode : 44

Oh My Gosh ...

I picked this maid for You, Ma ... :D

Omg ...

If your mother needed any more eviDANS, it would have to be the following information that the maid supplied freely :

"After that, I take care of a baby, Ma'am ... the mother was sick ... cancer ... leukemia ... until the mother died ... 8 months later ..."

Mom stared at her.

Omg ...

Your mother had to excuse herself as she went back to her desk to plonk herself down on to a seat. Omg ... What are the chances? Mentally, she sent a telepathic message out into the universe, hoping it would shoot straight up to heaven.

It really is You, isn't it, Daniel? You sent this maid to Mom.

Yeah, Ma ... :D

It wasn't until we were at home when Mom spoke to the maid again about the maid's baby. 

Mom said, "You told me earlier that your baby died ... She's alive now with Jesus and Mother Mary ... My son is also with Jesus and Mother Mary ..."

The maid's eyes had widened with surprise.

Your mother continued, 

"Your baby and my son ... they're okay ... they're with Jesus ..."

The maid nodded with a quiet smile, before asking, 

"What happened to your son, Ma'am?"

He had a brain tumor, Mom explained and deliberately chose not to go into the details. Those details are no longer important. What's more important is that, You have called upon the Lord many times since You left, to make You a rainbow so You can shine down on your mother, and she'd know You're safe with the Lord, as she stands under your colors.

Pause to take a breath.

Tsk tsk tsk, drama Ma ... :D

 The Band Perry.

It has been more than a month since You sent Maid R to your mother. This girl really is God-sent. Even Dad commented that Maid R genuinely enjoys taking care of the children.

Thank You, Son ... all her maid worries are now a closed chapter.  

Gonna take a shower now, and continue with the next call in a bit.

Be patient, yah? Back in a bit ...