Sunday, May 20, 2012

Call 365 : FAR AWAY

Hello Son,

Monday 21st will be your 28th month away from us. 

Honestly, how time flies flies flies.

Did Mom mention how time flies?

We went for the 8:30 am mass this morning. 

Dad, Mom, Justine and Maid R.

We walked into church about 5 minutes before mass started. 

Today, we did not get to sit together ... for a reason. 

Wait, wait for the reason.  o.o

In fact, at first Dad spotted a row which could take the three of us, Dad, Mom and Justine. Seeing the packed pews as she walked into the church, Mom had motioned for Maid R to sit, when she saw a spot for one, somewhere near the entrance. 

So anyway, there were two people sitting on the extreme right, and one on the left, on that row. The middle portion of the pew was empty. 

Ah, that must be for us ... :D

Your mother's thoughts at first. 


We excused ourselves and slowly made our way in, from the right side of the pew.

Just as we sat down, an old lady sitting on the extreme left, and on Mom's left, said, 

"There's somebody sitting here ..." 

and the old lady pointed to a hymn book that was tucked neatly into the back - of - the - bench - pew - in - front - of - Mom.


Did You get that?

Read that slowly, and picture the scenario, will You please?

Mom had snorted ... silently in her head.

Huhhh! ONE hymn book is allowed to reserve seating space meant for THREE people? Why ... How fat is this person? She stopped short of rolling her eyes.

Annoyed, Mom got up, before muttering to Dad and Justine, 

"Somebody's sitting here ..." 

We got out of that row, and walked forward. The church was quite packed already. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Dad and Mom managed to sit on the pew further up front, with Justine on the row in front of us ... Your sister was sitting directly in front of Mom.

Picture that, could You?

Mass went on.

Hymns came on.

Ears tuned in.

Then, came communion time ...

We got up, row by row, went forward to take the Body of Christ, before going back to our seats. At this point, Mom was kneeling down, whilst Justine was sitting on the pew, in front of your mother.

See the picture?

The communion hymn came on.

Mom started singing ...

Then, came one part when she saw the word FREE among the lyrics that was flashed against the wall ... 

Your mother leaned toward your sister, and sang that FREE word LOUDLY into your sister's right ear. :D:D:D

Hehehe ...:D

You must have shook your head, huh ...

Justine pretended to rub her ear after that ... 

You know, like it hurt.

Hahaha ... :D

Anyway ...

Tomorrow is your 21st, Mom thought to herself ... Seeing that word FREE so unexpectedly, immediately made her think of You in your PINK FREE tee shirt.

She had to smile.

We're going to your garden in a bit, You know that don't You, Daniel? Mom sent a telepathic text straight to heaven. 

Oh, what was she saying? 

Of course, You'd know. 

You know everything now. 

So anyway ... 

After mass, Dad suggested that we had breakfast in SS2. 

We drove there.

Approaching the coffee shop, Dad drove on until we saw the first vacant parking bay which happened to be right at the corner of the row of shoplots, and in front of a bakery. 

Dad parked the car there.

Mom got down .. . and for some reason, decided to check the bakery out. The coffee shop we were supposed to go to was at the back of this row of shops. 

Pause ...

Are You like all confused now?

Can You picture where we were?


So, Mom walked into the bakery ... like normal, and definitely not expecting anything to happen ... when a few seconds later, she spotted a word on the wall that MADE - HER - GASPED. 


OMG ...

Dad, Justine and Maid R at the material time, were waiting outside the bakery. Mom hurried out, and called out excitedly to Dad and your sister, 

"Omg ... Quick ... Come in and take a look ..."

Dad and Justine walked in ... 

No sooner had they stepped in, Mom saw them smile as they looked ahead.

Your sister said, "It's orange too ..."

Believe it or not but the number of this photo is 021.

How not to see the connection?

21 and FREE ...

Mom was breathless when she explained to Dad, "Omg ... I whispered FREE into Justine's ear during mass just now."

Justine said, "Loudly too ..."

Hehehehe ...

Awww Son ... What are the chances? You do know we're gonna visit your garden later, don't You? What are the chances of Mom walking into this bakery and get zapped? You must have reserved the parking lot for us ... right in front of the bakery ... and whispered to Mom to walk in.

We walked to the coffee shop ... a short distance away. 

FREE ...

FREE ...

FREE ...

That 4 letter F word was all she could think of.

You're with us, Mom could tell.  :D

A mother knows.

The menus came. 

Soon, we were ordering our food. 

Mom suddenly noticed the song playing in the background :

I'll be there for you
These five words I swear to you
When you breathe 
I want to be the air for you
I'll be there for you
 I'd live and I'd die for you
Steal the sun from the sky for you
Words can't say what love can do
I'll be there for you

Mom announced, "Heard that? I'll be there for you ... right after we saw the FREE ... C'mon, c'mon, it's so easy ..." :D

"Who's the singer?" Your mother demanded to know.

Dad said, "Bon Jovi ..."

Ah, of course, Bon Jovi ...

I'll be there for you ...

We know, Son ... You'll be there for us ... :D:D:D

Mom was all smiles after that. :D

The next song then came on ...

Justine said immediately, "Daniel used to sing this song ..."

Really? What song was that?

"FAR AWAY by Nickelback," your sister said. 


By Nickelback.

Mom was not that familiar with the song, but that doesn't matter. Justine said You used to sing it. 

You ...

Right after "I'll Be There For You ..."

You ...

It's so easy ...

We were in the middle of our food when KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR came on the air. 

Justine was the first to hear it, and she was like, 

"Marm! Knockin' on heaven's door ..."

It was 10:32 am. 

Decode : 4

For some reason, she forgot to check the time of the first two  songs. Too busy with the menu, she thinks ...

Anyway ...


Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door ...

That line as You'd know, is sung repeatedly ...

Like over and over again ...

Like there's no tomorrow ...

Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door ...

Yeah, that'd be your mother, probably ... >.<

Dad called for the bill. 

The waiter came with the bill.

Mom saw the bill.

Omg ...


Decode : 24 / 4

You ... 

All You ...

Nobody nobody but You ...

We walked back to the car, with Mom basking in the afterglow of all the wonderful zaps from her son in heaven. 

In the car, before shutting the door, Mom took a photo of the bakery. 

Hmmm ... she had not noticed the FREE sign board on top of the shop then.

Funny, how she'd just walked right in to the bakery, right after getting out of the car.

You must have whispered to her.

Check out the bakery, Ma ... :D

We were soon on our way home. 

At one point, Justine blurted out, "Ma!"

Yes, yes, Mom heard ...

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag ...

FIREWORKS by Katy Perry.

Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard. 

It showed 10:49 am.

Decode : 14

Oh Wow, Son, one zap after another ...

Justine sang out loud, "After a hurricane, comes a rainbow ..."

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