Monday, May 21, 2012

Call 366 : 28th MONTH

Hello Son,                                                                          (continue from Call 365)

Sunday, May 20

Yeah, rainbow like ...

Lord, make me a rainbow 

I'll shine down on my mother


So anyway ...

Dad and Mom dropped Justine and Maid R back at the condo, before driving to town to get your flowers. On the way there, the song WE ARE YOUNG (FUN) came on the radio.

The time was 11:42 am.

Decode : 44

Ah, everywhere we are, there You'll be ... :D

So anyway, there was quite a bit of traffic in town. Approaching ChinaTown, Mom could not help but notice the vehicle in front of us. We were at the red lights. 

She pointed it out to Dad.

Decode : 44

Mom had to smile. 

Code 44 : Everywhere we are, there You'll be. :D

A second vehicle swerved in front of us. 

Mom said in humor, "66 - that's me. JCC? Jesus Christ's Connection. Hah - You saw that? The 1st car was 44 and now 66. My son is practically having a conversation with me."

A cab soon made its way in front of us. 

Mom saw the number plate and exclaimed, "Hey, that's 4."

Why, that's like 444 in a row. 

Mom said with a smile, "HBA - Heaven's Best Angel ..." :D

Grin ...

Before long, we were following the above green cab.


Decode : 14

Mom said in jest, "HWD - Daniel's Watching from Heaven ..." 


Why, You're practically escorting your parents to the departmental store to get your flowers.

Anyway ... we got your flowers. 

We arrived at your garden at 12:02 noon.

What's with all the angel numbers today, huh?

Mom and Dad's ...

At your garden, whilst Dad was tidying up your plot, and Mom was getting the candles, an old man on a bike stopped by. He came down and started to talk to us. At first, Mom ignored him, hoping he'd leave us alone. The old man said, he has come to you garden several times to admire the flowers and had always wondered who the family was, and now he has finally met us. 

He said, "Tuhan sangat sayangkan dia ..."

(God loves him very much)

That brought a smile to your mother's face. She thanked him instantly. He said that again another two times, before he said he didn't want to "ganggu" (disturb) us anymore and left.

Hmmm ...

A message from heaven, perhaps? She'll never know. She must confess though, hearing that line from a strange man ... was somewhat - heartwarming.

We left at 1:11 pm. That was the time on the dashboard when Dad started the car. 

Mom said, "Wah, 1:11 pm ... that's 21. How perfect ..." 

VIDEO GAMES came on at 1:14 pm. 

Decode : 24

Oh Wow Son, 21 and 24 just after we left your garden. That was surely YOU, reminding us just how near You are. The VIDEO GAMES got Dad started about You and your video games period. 

Mom said, "We're now like the objects in his video games ..."

We drove back to Taman Desa, to one of the cafe for a quick bite. Dad parked the car. Mom got down and walked to the cafe. 

Look what she saw right beside the cafe?


Decode : 4

Mom stopped, chuckling to herself. Dad came over then. 

Mom pointed, saying at the same time, "I just took a photo of 111, and now I see a 1111? And hello, DH? That's definitely Daniel from Heaven ..."


Thanks Son for making your presence felt ... :D

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