Sunday, May 13, 2012

Call 364 : BUGS THEME

Hello Son,                                                                (continue from Call 363)

It's 12:43 pm on Mother's Day. 

Just came back from having a nice brunch with Grandma, Aunty C and Justine at this French cafe in Taman Desa. We all had pasta and thick creamy soup and now feeling quite fat and lazy. 

Justine's trying to study. Her first paper starts tomorrow. Help your sister, would You please? Go whisper to her the stuffs that she needs to know, yeah?

Mom must continue with her Mother's Day story from Call 363. It wouldn't be complete otherwise. You just gotta know this really unbelievable SIGN that ZAPPED her on the internet yesterday morning (Saturday 12th) because it's just so omg - incredible. 

You ready? 

Okay ...

So anyway, after telling herself to look for a second zap sign from her son since the handsign on Monday 7th ... a whole week just breezed past. 

Of course, don't get your mother wrong ... there were the daily signs ... the unexplained "what are the chances" coinciDANs ... It's just so very awesome that every little thing reminds Mom of You. How's that possible?

Unfortunately, those little signs did not give your mother that zap that is supposed to connect her to the internet message that she discovered on that Monday 7th.

Mom could not think of anything else except that Mother and Son I Love You handsign throughout the week. How awesome for her to stumble upon that image so easily that day.

Then on Saturday, May 12 yesterday ...

teng teng teng ...

Mom was in school. 

She was on Call 362. She had originally intended to tell You about that incredible sign that had zapped her that morning, but was side-tracked when she started talking about the maid.

She was on the computer, checking her emails. There was one new email from Elaine Engerdahl (author of Kinderplans website). Mom had subscribed to Elaine's online newsletter sometime end of last year, and have since been receiving online updates on lesson plans and preschool news from this author every now and then.

She checked the email and saw a new link on BUGS THEME. Clicking from one link to another, she soon found herself on a video. She clicked on the video. 

Mom was not expecting anything exciting. It wasn't a theme she was exactly excited about. Can You blame her? The link is on Bugs, for cryin' out loud. How excited can she get about insects? She did want to find out though whether spiders were classified under bugs. 

Are creepy crawlies, bugs?  

Before she knew it, the video came to an end ... and that was when the ZAP happened. 

OMG ...

When she least expect it ...

Would You believe it but this page turned up after the video ended.

Notice the time at the bottom? 

2.50 / 2:50

Decode : 14

Oh gosh ...

DAN ...


Mom could not help but stare at the screen for a good few minutes.

That Mother and Son handsign ... 

You wanted to know if that handsign is really from me, Ma? You're looking for a second sign? Here it is. :D:D:D

Omg ... That was surreal. 

It really, really, REALLY is from You, Daniel. 

It - CLEARLY - is - from - You.

Gosh, what are the chances? 

Honestly, what are the chances? You must have whispered to Mom to tell her to check her email and to check out the link and the video ... and to wait until the video came to an end. Otherwise, she could have stopped the video mid-way. 

Oh WOW, Son ...


What a lovely message for Mom for Mother's Day. :D

That evening, Mom picked Justine up from the condo to go for dinner. Dad was in Jakarta. We were going to our favourite pan mee coffee shop. 

In the car, Mom was telling Justine about the inciDANs that happened that morning. Then, at one point, Justine reached over to the radio to change the station and guess what ...

WE ARE YOUNG (by FUN) was on.

Mom turned to your sister and said, "Your brother is with us. Mother's Day is tomorrow ..." :D

We turned into the lane where the coffee shop is. It was a long stretch of road. Would You believe it but, every parking bay on our right and left was occupied ... until we arrived at the coffee shop, and spotted an empty bay RIGHT BESIDE the eatery.

"Your brother is definitely with us, Jus," Mom said with a big grin on her face. Your sister grinned back.

We ordered our food and drinks. 

While waiting for our food to arrive, Mom filled Justine in about the inciDANs that had happened during the week (some of which are not written yet on the blog) (no time no time).

Anyway, when we were done with our meal, Mom asked Justine to call for the bill. 

The waiter came to our table, and presented the bill to Justine. Your sister looked at the small piece of paper and dramatically dropped her jaw.

Mom asked, "What?"

Jus said, "RM 21 ..."

Mom was like, "Really? On the dot? Let me see ..."

It can't get any better than this. What a nice close after a series of zaps during the week. 

Especially the one this morning - the DAN zap ...

That is a loud and clear sign that You were / are with us, Daniel.

Yes Son, always and all the time and every other time ... :D

Thank you, Son ... for making your presence felt all the time. 

At the time of writing this entry, Mom could only find this photo we took of You whilst in the USA (from your sister's laptop). You were 10 years old then. Mom's computer crashed and so she is unable to access your photo album. Not to worry though, Dad has a back up file ... just don't know where he kept it. :D

Your sister says that sometimes You have 2 fingers up, and sometimes 3, sometimes thumbs-up and sometimes peace sign. You know what? It doesn't matter ... it doesn't matter how many fingers You put up or down ... because whatever handsign You give us, Daniel, we know now that it means I LOVE YOU ... 

It's that simple. 

It's so easy ... :D

We hear You, Daniel ... Your words from the hospital bed two weeks before You left us. Yes, we hear You loud and clear ... and yes, it's so easy.

Today, on Mother's Day, all the little clues and jigsaw zap puzzles have fallen into place. Can You imagine if it didn't? Honestly, can You imagine if Mom was still looking for the second sign? Aiyoh ... nightmare man, nightmare. You wouldn't let that happen, now would You? Can You imagine if she did not check the BUGS link? She would not have seen the DAN zap ...

Oh Wow ... so meant to be. It's so incredibly amazing. The timing is always so spot on. 

Need to go now, Son. Have to go fetch Dad from the airport.

Thank you, Daniel, for the handsign message. 

We love You too ... Please wish Mama Mary a Happy Mother's Day from all of us back home ... and oh, one last thing (for today), tell Mama Mary, Mom says thank you for - everything.

Mama Mary will know ...

She'll know ... 

She's a mother ...

She'll know ...

Be good and don't stuff yourself on too many cupcakes. :D