Sunday, May 13, 2012

Call 363 : MOTHER'S DAY

Hello Son,

Monday, May 7

Earlier in the week, on Monday, May 7 ... 

Mom was on the computer in school, preparing some songs and activities for the week. Our theme was on MOTHER'S DAY ... for obvious reasons. 

Among the daily activities for the week centering on MOTHERS, she had chosen a nice song by Celine Dion for SPEECH & DRAMA - BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME - but had carefully changed the words to reflect the present tense. 

You remember this song, don't You? Mom has told You before that every mother would love to have this song dedicated to her, when You asked once why Mom was teaching such a difficult song to her 6 year olds, three or four years back, during concert time. 

Three or four years ago ...

How fast time flies. Speaking of which, this 21st, You'd be away from us for the 28th month. That's almost like ... what ... a century already. Oh gawd.




Not calling God's name in vain.

Anyway, here are the lyrics:


You are my strength when I am weak

You are my voice when I cannot speak

You are my eyes when I cannot see

You see the best there is in me

You lift me up when I cannot reach

You give me faith 'cause you believe

I am everything I am, Mommy

Because You love Me

By Celine Dion.

So anyway, the plan was to get the kids to recite it along with hand actions and all. 

For this reason, Mom googled for the handsign for mother ... 

and boy oh boy ... 

was she surprised when she saw this image right at the top of the computer screen, second image from the left:

Zzzzzaaaapppp ...

Mom instantly thought of all your photos that she has of You showing this handsign. 

Why, there are several of them. 

No, many ... there are many of them.

So many of them.

She can easily pick 10 photos of You with that ... that - Spiderman - handsign. 

Gosh, how awesome for Mom to find this image as she was looking for the handsign for "mother." You sure know how to make your presence felt, Daniel.

It wasn't until she moved the mouse onto the image that the words at the bottom of the image, popped up. 

Omg, what's this?

What she read left her gasping ... literally. 

Omg ...

You - have - got - to - be - kidding ...

mother - and - son - I - love - you - hand - sign

Omg ...

mother and son I love you handsign?

Omg Omg Omg ...

That was surreal ...

That sure was You saying I Love You, Mom to your mother on the internet. 

Oh gosh ... 

With Mother's Day on Sunday 13th, at the end of the week (it was Monday 7th when she discovered the image), that felt somewhat special, Daniel. You found a way to tell Mom, I Love You, all the way from Heaven. 

Sniff ...

How amazing is that? 

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad.

She was literally bursting with excitement when she could finally tell Dad. 

"Omg ... all his spiderman handsigns ... all this while ... it's a mother and son I LOVE YOU handsign ... We never knew ... We never knew that ... He's saying I LOVE YOU in all the photos that we have of him with that handsign ... Not just I LOVE YOU ... but I LOVE YOU, MOM ... MOM ... It's a Mother and Son's secret code ... The caption could have stated FATHER AND SON, OR FATHER AND DAUGHTER but no, it did not ... it CLEARLY AND SPECIFICALLY spells out MOTHER and SON ... MOTHER AND SON I LOVE YOU handsign ... OMG OMG OMG ... WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? NO CHANCE NO CHANCE NO CHANCE ... THIS IS SON TALKING TO ME ... I'm telling you he's talking to me ..." 

He's talking to me ...

Omg ...

And that's the short summary of what Mom said to Dad when she burst out in one thousand words per minute, that evening.

Pause to take a breath ... 

You call that a summary ah, Ma? :D

Haha ... 


Mother's Day is coming. What better time to spot this message than right then? From that moment, Daniel, let Mom tell You that she now sees all your photos with that handsign, in a different light. 

Yeah, You could say the uh, shadow, has been removed.

Before, the most likely caption behind your photos would simply be a "Daniel and his Spiderman handsign" ... but now ... 

Omg now, it's "Daniel saying, I love You, Mom ... " <3

Gosh ...

That is so awesome ...

So very awesome ...

Yet ...

Still ... 

When all the dust of excitement settled, there was a small teeny weeny little DOUBTING THOMAS voice that began to bug her ...

Mom sees You shaking your head here.

Shouldn't there be like - two signs?


If that handsign message is really for her from her son in heaven, there would be two zaps. Remember? That's the rule. 

There must be two zaps for her to know FOR SURE that the I LOVE YOU, MOM message is from You. Having said that, Mom must confess that even if, she did not get a second zap, it doesn't matter. All your photos with the handsign are ZAP enough. 

She's still hugging herself with delight each time she thinks and sees your photo with the (no longer Spiderman, but) I LOVE YOU, MOM handsign.

That's just so incredible.

Mama Mary must have planned this right from the beginning.

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