Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hello Son, 

Tuesday, May 1
public holiday

Early this morning, Dad was at the computer. 

He was trying to get a flight ticket online. 

After the purchase, Dad said to Mom, 

"Guess how much I paid for the ticket?"

Mom asked, "How much?"

Dad replied, "RM404-40."

Mom chuckled. 

"Looks like Son's gonna be with You on your travel." :D

It was a public holiday that Tuesday. 

Mom spent the day printing worksheets and preparing assessment papers. You heard right. Sigh ... kindergarten was so much easier during her time - but not so long ago. 

Having said that, she enjoys every moment in school. She does ... she really does. Time just flies when she's in school. Somehow, You found a way to bring your mother back to school. She never thought she would return to school after You left. 

The day passed. Evening came ...

Dinner time.

We picked up a friend and her daughter before going for dinner. Justine was with us that evening. 

Dad drove us to a nearby mall. We were gonna have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in the mall. 

At the restaurant, we were seated down. While going through the menus and deciding the dishes, Mom asked Justine to run along to the junk food store (haha) to get some kuaci (sunflower seeds).

You know how addicted we can be to kuaci. Every time we are at this mall, we would buy a few tubs of kuaci. 

Normally, 4 tubs. Don't ask why.

So anyway, off your sister went to the sweet shop.

Justine came back a short while later. She bought the 4 tubs. 

Mom asked, "How much?"

Your sister showed Mom the receipt. 

The amount showed RM13-40.

Decode : 44

A big smile appeared on your mother's face. 

Code 44 : Everywhere we are, there You'll be. :D

Oh, take note people. Daniel's with us. 

Big grin.

We had a nice dinner with our two lovely guests, and chatted casually about this and thats. Before our food arrived, Mom opened a tub of kuaci and announced that it was our appetizer. :D She offered the mother and her teenaged daughter. The college girl said she didn't know how to eat kuaci. Ahah!

And so, the next few minutes, the girl's mother and Mom demonstrated our Crouching - Tiger - Hidden - Dragon kuaci skills. 


So anyway, our food arrived and soon, we were enjoying our dinner. 

After dinner, we walked a bit in the departmental store before going back.

In the car, on the way to our guests' condo, your sister mentioned at one point, "What an old song ..."

That made Mom stopped to listen. The volume of the radio was way down low to enable us to talk without distraction. She did not have to strain for long, as she recognized almost immediately the song :

Karate Kid The Movie

Her eyes shot to the dashboard. 

The time was 8:58 pm.

Decode : 21

Oh My Gosh ...


You must have whispered to your sister to say something to alert Mom. At that right moment, at that perfect angel time, Mom heard it. It had to be a ZAP time.

It had to be.

Of course, it had to be.

How else would she know that her Daniel-son would soon be a-calling? :D 

Grin Grin Grin.

Mom was all smiles in the darkness of the car.

We dropped our guests off at their condo and headed home.

Arriving at our condo, Dad dropped Justine and Mom at the lobby before he went down to the basement to park the car. 

Mom was about to shut the car door when Dad said, 

"Guess how much was dinner just now?"

Mom asked, almost holding her breath, "How much?"

Dad gave Mom a knowing glance before replying, "RM144."

Mom asked, "The exact amount?"

Dad said, "RM144-05."

Decode : 444

That confirmed it.

That's the only eviDANS we need to know that You were with us during dinner and the whole day today. :D

Nite Daniel-son ...

Watch over your sister as she prepares for her finals.

We love You, Son ... <3