Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello Son, 

Wednesday, Oct 26

Today is Deepavali. 

The festival of lights. It's a public holiday today so school's closed for the day. Aunt S has invited Dad, Mom and Aunt H to her house for Deepavali lunch. So, that was the plan for the day. To hang out at Aunt S's home with her mother, at her place.

Dad and Mom left the condo at about 12:15 pm to pick Aunt H up in Bangsar, before going to Aunt S's house. We arrived at Aunt S's place at about 12:30 pm. We were the first guests to arrive. :D Mom wanted to catch up with Aunt S for a bit before the crowd came.

Anyway, after the initial greetings, Mom and Aunt H were in the kitchen, helping to bring out all the lovely curries including the signature mutton dish. By the way, Mom managed to get the recipe for 4 of the dishes, mutton rendang, sambal prawns, sambal brinjals and briyani rice. :D 

Slurp ...

Burp -ppp ...

The radio was on, by the dining table, playing softly in the background.

Before long, Mom heard the familiar music to the song COUNT ON ME. Immediately, she pulled out her cellphone. 

It was 12:39 pm.

Decode : 4


Did You see your mother smiling secretly to herself?

If you ever find yourself stuck 
in the middle of the sea?

I'll sail the world to find you

If you ever find yourself lost 
in the dark and you can't see?

I'll be the light to guide you

You're right there with Mom, she knows.

Guests started arriving ...

By 1 pm, we had lunch. 

Aunt S and her mother had made a delicious spread of Indian food and all of us tucked in heartily in a warm and easy fellowship. 

The food was amazing ... spoon - lickin' delicious.

When Mom was done, after two helpings of everything on the table, she excused herself and brought her plate to the kitchen. At the sink, the maid took her plate. Mom washed her hands before returning to the dining.

Dad passed her just as she was approaching the dining table, and whispered, "The song is on ..."

"Which song?" Mom muttered under her breath, but Dad had walked on. Then Mom heard the lyrics ...

Lay me down on a bed of roses ...

 The Band Perry

Click on title to view video.

Oh My Gosh ... 

Are You kidding???

If I Die Young ???

She glanced at her cellphone. 

It was 1:55 pm.

Decode : 4

Again ...

OMG ... 

How perfect is this?

What a coinciDANs ... :D 

That was nobody, nobody but YOU. 

Mom knows. She was in a really happy mood. 

Couldn't You tell?

We spent the whole afternoon at Aunt S's home, munching on cookies and stuffing ourselves with cakes. Finally, at about 6 pm, it was time to leave. Mom had to interview somebody who had called this morning for a cleaner's job

Dad was driving, with Mom in front and Aunty H at the back of the car. We arrived in school about 6:30 pm. The girl called to say she was on her way. While waiting for the girl to arrive, Mom stepped into the grocery shop beside the school. 

A song that was playing in the shop had come to an end. 

Would You believe it ... 

OMG, would You believe it, but the next song that came on was COUNT ON ME ... 

Oh Gee Wow ... Count On Me ... two times today ...

Had the girl arrived on time, your mother would not have stepped into the shop. The timing was too perfect. Angel perfect. Mom was meant to hear it, she knows. She spent the next 3 minutes or so, enjoying the song in the shop. 

You can count on me like one, two, three ...

I'll be there ...

Anyway, after meeting the girl and interviewing her for about 20 minutes or so, Mom went back to the car. She couldn't wait to tell Dad ... about the song.

"The second time today," she remarked quite excitedly.

We were then on the way to the hospital in Subang Jaya to visit a relative. 

At the hospital, one of the aunties, Aunt I, commented on the hospital's menu. Like a 5 star hotel's, the aunty said. Justine had in fact shown Mom the image of a rainbow that was in the menu, the day before. 

Mom took the menu and looked at the rainbow again.

The familiar (If I Die Young) lyrics came on automatically in her head. Her favourite lines that warm her heart each time ...

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

Shortly after, we heard the sounds of firecrackers exploding in the air. 

Fireworks ...

Ah, major fireworks ...


A few minutes later, Dad held up a bottle of water from the side cabinet, and said, "This is free from the hospital ..."

Mom turned to look.

Free ???

Your mother glanced at her mobile. 

The time was 8:53 pm. 

Woah, that's like a whole lot of angel number 4

Rainbow ... 

Then Firework ... 

And then, Free ...

Is this leading somewhere? 

Mom heard one of the aunties reply, 

"Nothing is free in this world ..."

Free ...

She thought quietly, "But someone is ..." :D

Only YOU heard her. :D

We left the room at about 9 pm when Aunty I said that it was getting late. Aunty I, Aunty H, Dad and Mom went down the lift. 

We parted at the lobby.

Dad asked Mom to wait at the lobby while he went to get the car.

So, Mom stood there by herself for a few minutes. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, the drama is about to begin. 

Wait for it.

She saw Dad approaching. 

He had a big grin on his face.

He stopped the car for her to get in. 

She opened the door and hopped on to her seat. 

Immediately, she heard the familiar music ... 

and then ... 


Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother 

She'll know I'm safe with You 

As she stands under my colors

Time stood still for two seconds.

W- what ???

OMG ...

Mom turned sharply at Dad, with an incredulous look on her face, her finger pointing to the radio, as she mouthed the OMG. 

The time was 9:05 pm.

Decode : 4

Dad was grinning from ear to ear. 

He said, "The song started there," he pointed, "at the bend."

Mom was totally hyper, "OMG, right at the Lord, - make - me - a - rainbow part ..."


Mom couldn't stop talking ... 


Honestly, how - do - You - explain - that ???

Nobody could.

Nobody tried.


That moment was priceless.

We drove to a nearby pasta place for a quick dinner. 

We walked over to an unoccupied table and sat down. Today, had been amazing. Even You have to admit that. How do You explain this, Mom asked Dad again.

It's awesome ...

Just then, your mother turned to her left, and as she did, she spotted the words :

This man was sitting beside our table.

OMG, who wears a tee shirt like this? 

Lamb of God ... 

Yes Son, God is good to us ...

Thank You for the reminder ...

After dinner, we were on our way home. 

Along the highway, came a car with a number plate that zapped.

Orange Dot Blog

Mom instantly thought of the entry PEE in your Orange Dot Blog.

8871 ...

That's 24 ...

Your birth date ...



On the way back, two songs came on the radio in the car which made it clearer than ever that You were / are with us that day. 

Glory Of Love (not by Peter Cetera) at 10:13 pm ... 

Theme song of Karate Kid. 

The boy in the movie is called Daniel


Oh Wow ... Every lil thing, reminds us of You. 

Just before the turning into Taman Desa, I Can Go The Distance (Hercules) filled the car. The time was 10:28 pm. 

Hearing the song, Mom could only shake her head in disbelief. 

OMG ... Seriously ???

Once again, she thought of your Orange Dot Blog. In Dot 2, she had written about You and this song.  

Orange Dot Blog

Two orange dot entries in the car on the way home ...

TWO ???


Oh Gee Wow ...

A definite coinciDANs ...

What an awesome day we had today ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ...

We love You and we miss You very much ...

Be good ... :D