Sunday, November 6, 2011

Call 292 : ALL ANGELS

Hello Son

Wednesday, November 2

Today is All Angels' Day ...

We visited your garden the Sunday before ...

Early in the morning, about 7:30 am, we left the condo. 

On the way, what d'ya know ...

A car with our angel sign swerved into our lane. 

It was so obvious You were saying HI, we think ...

No, we believe ...

No no no, we KNOW ... :D

Yeah, we all know ... 

Especially when Aunty C announced that she did not get through a test that she took recently (Oh, You know, all the doctor exams that she has to take for advancement), but she said with a proud smile, 

"My score is 414."


We think that's good enough.

Know ... We know that's good enough ... 



Hi Dad, Ma, Jus, Aunty C ... 

Yoo Hoo Guys, I'm right here ... :D

Wherever that is ... we KNOW You are right here with us. 

Know, know, know ...

Mom knows. :D

A mother knows.

The bond between mother and child cannot be severed and remains forever. :D

Dad, Justine and Aunty C ...

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Sunday, Nov 6 @ 9:06 am

Daniel, Dad's here. 

Have to go. The school concert is next week on Saturday, November 12. Still have a lot of stuffs to prepare. Will call and tell You about it later. Meanwhile, keep the zaps coming. Each day and every day has been  awesome. 


Over to You, Son. :D

Sunday, Nov 6 @ 1:08 pm

Just arrived in school.

Oh Wow Wow Wow ... this Mom has to tell You. Some awesome inciDANs happened right after she left the computer (at home), and went out with Dad to breakfast before attending mass.

So anyway, we were in the car, driving to one of the cafes in Taman Desa. Mom was sms-ing to Justine (with Aunty D in Tawau this weekend) when Dad pointed out to a car that was in front of us : 

Dad said, "Look, One Triple Four ..."

Mom turned to look and was just in time to see the number plate of a white vehicle about to turn to the left.

The registration plate was 1444.

Oh My ...

What are the chances???

Mom said, "Hey, OMG ... I just uploaded a car photo with the same number 1444 on the blog just now. My Son's saying HI, I know ..." :D

Dad smiled and nodded.

Honestly, what are the chances? You must have whispered to Dad and alerted him about the car. Mom quickly pulled out her handphone to take a snapshot, but the car had driven out of her sight.

Frantically, Mom yelled, "U turn, follow the car, I want to take a photo ... QUICK!"

Dad said, "Don't be silly ..."

"Just make a U Turn, I need the eviDANs ... for Son's blog ...."

Mom insisted.

Dad said, "No need for eviDANs. Son knows. He can see the car ..."

And so, your mother was not able to get a picture of that 1444 white vehicle.

Not her fault.

Otherwise, the photo would be right here below ...

The cafe in Taman Desa was closed today.

So, Dad drove out of Taman Desa and on to Old Klang Road. Before long, Mom heard the familiar music to COUNT ON ME (Bruno Mars) on the radio.

The time was 9:36 am.

Decode : 144

You can count on Me

Like one two three

I'll be there ... 

the code number for the above image is 99 444 29 ... 

oh wow ... what a coinciDANS?

Smile Smile Smile ... :D

Mom had a broad grin on her face. You must have seen that.

She turned to Dad excitely,

"OMG, Son's talking to me ... I'm telling you, he's talking to me ... This morning, on the computer, I was listening to Olivia Newton John's LET ME BE THERE ... And now he's telling me, to count on him, he'll be there ..." :D

Dad said nothing.

What - Not convinced?

Your mother began impatiently,

"I said to him this morning, we know You are right here with us ... and now He's telling me ... Yes Ma, You can count on me, like one two three, I'll be there ... OMG ... Can You believe this?"

Dad had no choice but to smile.

That was the first and only video she had tuned in to this morning. LET ME BE THERE is one of our finale songs during the concert. Why she felt she had to check the video this morning, only God knows.

And You probably.

Hmmm ...

Maybe she thought of the song because, this morning she had added the link to your Flower Garden 21 entry (above), and perhaps she was reminded that she had written the following lyrics in that entry : 

"Just call my name, and I'll be there ..."

By Olivia Newton John

Anyway, that's not all. Let your mother give You the eviDANs. When she clicked on the above LET ME BE THERE video, she instantly saw the May 24, 1974 (on the video).


24 and 1974 ...

decode :

24 and 21 ...

Oh Gosh ...

Twenty - Four and Twenty - One?

How much more eviDANs would anyone need?

24 is your arrival date, and 21 your departure.

OMG ...

It's so obvious ...

It's nobody, nobody but YOU !!! :D:D:D

"My Son's with me ... He's with me all the time," 

Mom said happily as we were walking to the cafe. Dad had parked the car. There were plenty of parking bays today being a Sunday.

We had breakfast.

Dad ordered a bowl of curry noodles and Mom, had a bowl rice noodles. After our food, we went back to the car. Dad drove out to the parking exit, stopped to pay the attendant. Mom happened to look to her left and ... GOSH ...

1974 ???

OMG ... What are the chances ???

Truly, every lil thing just reminds us of You.

Mom told Dad about the LET ME BE THERE video this morning, the 24 and the 1974 ...

Thank you, Son for the morning ZAPs.

Remember to always make your presence felt all the time, kay. Mom hopes You are keeping a journal of all the ZAPs You are sending her, so that someday when we meet again, we can umm, compare notes.You do have notes, don't You?

We went to church to attend Sunday mass. The Priest said during the homily, "Do not grieve like those who have no hope. Jesus died and He rose again ..."

Yes, today, for some reason, your mother has to hear this line again. A reminder to her that you're safe with Jesus. Jesus' resurrection is the only thing that makes so much sense now. You're alive because of that. It's so obvious You are alive and living with the Lord and Mama Mary ... somewhere over the rainbow.

Not only that, but the song COUNT ON ME that came on at her angel time, was a clear message from You to Mom that she can count on You to be there. Yes, that is what your mother knows.

Not think or believe. She knows.

Would You believe it ...

but as we were driving to school, just before reaching school, COUNT ON ME that came on this morning, came on again.


The time was 12:41 pm.

Decode : 44

TWO times??? Why, that's like hearing You assure your mother :

You can really COUNT ON ME la, Ma ...

Like one two three ...

I'll be there  ...

Dad parked the car. 

Mom said, "Don't turn off the engine yet. Son's giving me a message. I want to hear the whole song ..."

And so, we listened and enjoyed the till last verse.

When it finally ended with the last lyric :

You can count on me 

'cause I can count on You

Mom pointed to the dashboard.

Dad looked.

The time was 12:44 pm.

That line is from her Son, she knows. How perfect ...

It can't get more perfect than this ...

Oh, but it can ...

After mass, we drove to town and stopped by an Indian restaurant for lunch. We had finished our meal and was about to leave when ...


4 ???

It could have been any number that is not her angel sign, but no, it had to be a huge large double 2 ... right in front of your mother's eyes. She was meant to see that. She knows. :D

Mom said to Dad, "Look behind ... Son's here with us." :D

Sunday, November 13 @ 10:19 pm

This entry was written last Sunday, but Mom didn't have the time to finish it, because she was busy with the school concert, which ended on Saturday yesterday. :D A lot to tell You, Son. Keep the zaps coming okay. We love You. Justine's birthday is next Sunday. What shall we get her?