Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello Son,                                   (your 21st month in Heaven)

Friday, October 21

OMG ...


You're so not gonna believe this ... but something totally totally totally aMaZiNG  happened this morning whilst Mom was in school.

Oh  --- My --- Gosh ...

It was awesome ... :D

Early this morning, Mom posted Call 286 : 21st Month at 6:19 am. 

In that call, Mom said, "Wonder what You'll be doing today. Give Mom a sign and tell her." 

Read those lines again, please. :D

She then uploaded a SpongeBob (smiling) image and another SpongeBob video with the song I MISS YOU in the background in that entry this morning.

So anyway ...

Be patient. 

Wait for it ...

At the usual time about 7 am, she went to school. One of the day care staff had left on an urgent notice the day before, so Mom went to school early to prepare whatever that needed to be prepared before the kids arrived.

Everything was as normal as could be.

Then, about 8 am, whilst Mom was photostating some Deepavali images for the Bambi class teacher, a 6 year old girl, E, came running down the stairs and said, 

"Teacher Lynn, Teacher Lynn, there is a rainbow out there ..."

Pause ...




Mom thought E was referring to a book.

E exclaimed excitedly, "There! There! Outside the window!"

We both kinda ran to the window, along with another 6 year old girl J.

Mom pulled the curtains aside.

OMG ... 

So it is ... 

 Photo taken at 8:09 am from Mom's desk (beside the window) in school.

It is a rainbow ...

Oh My ...

Right before your mother's eyes ...

How perfect is this?

Mom was practically speechless ...

SpongeBob sliding on a rainbow ... 

She instantly recalled an entry she had posted some months ago.

Call 177 : 14th month.

E broke the silence, "My mommy told me about the rainbow downstairs ..." (when her mommy dropped her off at the ground floor)

Oh Wow ... This girl did not have to come downstairs. Her class is upstairs. Yet, she had come down to tell Mom that there was a rainbow. Early this week, on Tuesday, 3 days ago, You had picked her to be the messenger, among the rest, during our graduation rehearsal.

Mom had no clue then ...

No smart comments please ...

The graduating students were lined up in 2 rows, and practising their medley of songs. All of them were in blue uniform, except for one, who was wearing a bright PINK windbreaker.

That was E ... Mom's eyes were drawn to her windbreaker. Her heart had skipped a beat when she was the words HELLO KITTY across the chest.


Mom had wondered initially. 

She wanted to snap a photo ... but decided against it. It was too random. She can't be over-reacting each time she sees the word HELLO. After all, HELLO is a common word, she had chided herself mentally. 

Besides, for it to matter, there must be TWO.

On hindsight ... Mom hears You now sighing : 

Aiya Ma, that was ME la ...

Later that same afternoon, after nap time, Mom was rehearsing with a 3 year old girl, M, her concert speech. 

Mom started, "Good morning Daddies and Mommies ..."

Normally, M would repeat the lines after your mother. However, that day, that moment, and that time, M took the mike and refused to say anything. M smiled but no words came out of her mouth.

Mom prompted, "Hurry up M. Let's practise your speech. Good morning Daddies and Mommies ..."

M gave another smile ... and then quite suddenly, she brought up the mike close to her mouth, almost kissing it actually, before announcing loudly, 

"HELLO ... HELLO ..."

Time stood still for your mother.


OMG ...

Little M has NEVER done this before. No, not once has Little M utter this HELLO word even though we've been practising for almost a month now. After not taking the (one) HELLO (KITTY) inciDAN seriously, your mother got an earful of HELLO HELLO.

You wanted TWO Hellos, Ma ?

So, that was Tuesday ... Are You following? Stop Mom any time.

Today, on Friday ... your 21st month anniversary ... a rainbow appears ... after Mom asked You to drop a sign ... and of all the children who could have come to tell Mom about the rainbow, it had to be the HELLO KITTY girl. :D

Not only that, but during the 4 hours of kindergarten in the morning, Mom was all over the place, except the registration desk. The moment she went back to the desk, only to get a staple, the telephone rang. She was there for less than 10 seconds before the phone rang. Mom answered the call. 

Would You believe it but it was a girl asking if we had a vacancy.

OMG ...

It was unbelievable. Our day care staff had left the day before on Thursday, and today, Friday morning, Mom had asked Dad to put an ad in the papers, which ad would only be out on Monday ... and this girl on the other line, was calling to ask if there was a job vacancy.

Oh Boy ...

What can your mother say except ...

That was You ... nobody nobody but YOU ...

Sending your mother a quick replacement. :D

And the beautiful rainbow ...

By the way, the rainbow was only visible for a very short while. Mom wanted to show Aunty H (who was in school) some 10 minutes later, but it was nowhere in sight then. It had disappeared into the clouds. 

Mom knows.

Of course she knows. 

The rainbow was there just for her. :D

(continue on Call 288)