Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello Son

Sunday, Oct 23

Early this morning, about 8 am, Dad, Mom and Justine were ready to go to church. Your sister was taking an awfully long time to get ready. At the lobby of the condo, Dad asked Justine to go down to the basement to get the car. 

A few minutes later, Justine emerged from the basement car park, to pick Dad and Mom from the lobby.

Your sister said, "If I Die Young came on just now, when I started the engine ..."

"OMG ... Really? The beginning of the song?"

Justine said, "No ... "

Mom asked excitedly, "Did you get to hear the rainbow part?" 
(2nd verse)

Your sister replied, "No ..."

Mom was surprised. "No? You weren't in time to hear the rainbow part?"

Justine said, "No ... Aiyah, but we all know the song la ..."

Mom said, "Still ... You missed the rainbow part? Yesterday (Friday) was his 21st. I'm sure he wanted you to hear the rainbow part ... "

That was Sunday morning ... when Justine went to get the car.

Monday, Oct 24

This morning, Mom was in school. 

Everything was just very normal ... until evening time, about 5:30 pm.

The kids were playing on the floor ... when Mom turned on the computer, all of them kinda rushed to the computer area.

Your mother happened to noticed the letter D on the floor, which was standing apart from the other alphabets. Of all the alphabets that have to get her attention, it had to be a D

You  must be near ... :D

See the D?

 A closer look ...

A few minutes later, a 4 year old girl (note : a FOUR year old girl) said she wanted to go wee-wee. Y skipped to the Little Girls' room, with Mom following closely behind her. 

While waiting for Y, your mother noticed a mattress and a blanket on the stage (sleeping area) which had not been kept ... The toddler was the last one to wake up today, so whilst all the other mattresses were put away, his was still on the stage. What was unusual was that, this toddler doesn't normally sleep that soundly. Usually, he sleeps for half and hour only but today, he slept for almost 3 hours. 

So his blanket and mattress was still on the stage.

Mom bent down to pick up his blanket (to fold). Would You believe it but the first thing she saw when she picked up the blanket was the label that said :


Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

You must have seen your mother standing quite still as she stared at the label ...

OMG ...

What are the chances???

A million names could have been on the label, and it had to be Rainbow???


Just then, Y skipped out, and went back to the computer table. Mom put down the blanket, still in awe. 

Y was then sitting before the computer. 

Mom found herself standing right behind her. She was watching Y, when Y suddenly pointed excitedly to an online game and said,

"I want the rainbow one ..."

You must have seen your mother holding her breath.

OMG ... W-WHAT ???

Mom could not believe her ears.

Did You whisper to the lil gurl?

Can You imagine how surprised your mother was to hear Y utter the word rainbow, just minutes after she spotted the rainbow label?

The letter D, the rainbow blanket, and the rainbow word ... 

all that happened in the span of 10 minutes.

You want rainbow, Ma? Here are two ... :D

Gosh Daniel, that was definitely You. 

Nobody, nobody but You.

When Mom got home this evening, she couldn't wait to tell Justine.

Before your mother could tell Jus about her rainbow inciDAN, your sister said, "Wait, wait, I have something to tell you. Something awesome happened this morning ..."

Justine said, this morning (Monday), she went to get the car to go to college and IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio.

"RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING ..." your sister stressed.

"It came on again today?  Yesterday too, right?"

On Sunday and Monday, when your sister went to get the car, IF I DIE YOUNG had come on the radio. On Sunday, Justine had missed the rainbow part, and on Monday, the song started right from the beginning.

Mom was amused. "It's so obvious it's your brother. Here Jus, Mom wants you to hear the rainbow part ..."

Justine continued, "Wah, got style. I warmed up the car, released brakes, put the car into gear, stepped on the accelerator, the moment the car moved, If I Die Young ... " (your sister sang the first line)

Wow Daniel ...

That was pretty neat. 

How awesome ...

Friday, your 21st month with Jesus, You sent Mom a rainbow. Then followed by the song on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. How absolutely wonderful to hear the assurance again and again, that You are safe with the Lord Jesus. :D

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

Thanks for that, Son ... :D Keep the zaps coming ...