Saturday, October 15, 2011

Call 284 : PAPER CLIPS

Hello Son,

This would be like the longest time that Mom did not get to call You. 

13 days !!! 

Oh Lord. She really did want to last Saturday. There were just so many things to do ... the preparation for the concert stuff and the certificates for graduating students etc. They are still not done, by the way. OMG ... The weekend just flew by. Her Saturday entry was unfinished. So many entries owing now. 

Please could You tell God to slow the days down a bit? Or may be, ask God to give her 25 hours a day. Is that possible, Daniel?

Today in fact, (Saturday), Mom's gonna be out with Aunty H. We're going to Chinatown to try to get some accessories for the children and also some garlands of flowers for the Bambi's Hawaiian dance item. Be with us, kay?

Every day, You drop a sign, two signs, here and there for your mother to remind her that You are near. Every single day. :D You're just right beside her, aren't You? :D 

You really, really are.

Sunday, October 2

Dad and Mom were in the car. 

Mom was mentioning that it was a Sunday already, and that she MUST get on the blog that night, having not talked to you on the blog for a week then. 

She happened to glance at the time at the dash board and saw that it was 11:11 am.

Her angel number 4.

Mom pointed to Dad with a happy smile, 

"Look at the time. He's saying, Yes Ma, you're owing me some entries. :D" 

For some reason, Mom took this photo below. She didn't know then, that it would connect and zap her later that night. You must have whispered to her to take a shot ... since she's so into her eviDANs. Hah!

 You say it best, when You say nothing at all ...

On Wednesday, October 5 ... 

Mom was in school. The children had gone home and the day care kids were having their nap. Mom walked over to one of the shelves, and noticed that a little number sticker had come off the multiplication board. She peered closely before trying to get it to stick back, when she saw the number in red.

OMG ...


Of all the numbers that could have been ...

21 ...

What are the chances ???

21 ???

But of course ... 21 ... 

Mom just checked, at the point of writing this entry, and found that the time the photo was taken is 2:44 pm. 

24 ... 4 ... 21 ...

That's easy ... That's nobody, nobody but YOU !!! :D

Thursday, October 6 ...

This morning, your mother happened to be at the 6 year old class. She was about to call a girl, N, to practise her Welcome Speech (for concert) when she noticed two SPONGEBOB paper clips on N's exercise book.

You must have seen your mother smiling secretly to herself. 

TWO SpongeBob paper clips. 

Not one but TWO. Her son's right beside her, she could tell.

Mom checked the time of of the photo taken ... by the way, she doesn't normally do this, but You must be whispering to her to check it. It would zap her later this evening.

Check the time of the photo, Mom ...

It's 11:04 am.

24 ...

Nobody, nobody but YOU ...

Confirmed ... :D 

Today, she checked the times for TWO photos, and both are connected to You. 

21 your departure date, and 24 your arrival date. 

4 your angel number.

Wait for the best part ... be patient ... it's coming ... :D

That evening, Dad, Mom and Justine went to a new food court nearby the school, for a quick dinner. It was almost 8 pm when we arrived there. We chose a table that was in front of a large TV screen. As we were ordering our food, Dad pointed to the table number. 

He said, "See 13 ... That's 4 ..."

See how fast your father is catching on. :D


Here's Justine saying Hi and Dad at the right corner.

After our dinner, we were in the car. As we were driving out, a white car slid in front of us, in a way that you just had to take notice of it. 

Mom saw the number plate and exclaimed, "Hey, 2421 ..."

The registration plate was WTR 2421.

Mom said with a smile, "He's with us ... He's definitely with us ... Wonder what WTR means?"

Justine replied, "Water ..."

Mom must have gasped a little. 

Water ... of course. 

Water ...

All connected to YOU.

Come to the water ... 

Call 239 : 17th Month

That started Mom off. She was tired, it was late ... but she suddenly found the energy to tell Dad and Jus about the inciDANS that had happened that day, and the past few days earlier. As Mom was relating excitedly in the car, your sister nudged her at one point. 

Mom stopped. 


The song COUNT ON ME had come on the radio. The time was 9:02 pm.

You can count on me

Like one two three

I'll be there ...

A lump appeared in her throat.

It's amazing how You can speak right to Mom's heart ...

Yes Daniel, we can count on You, like one two three, 

You'll be there ...

Mom knows, You'll be there ...

We know You will, Son ... <3

On hindsight ... 

The 21 and 24 photo - time ... 

Just think about it ... 

What are the chances of Mom finding the angel - time out if not for your whispering to her to do that? To connect to the car number WTR 2421? 

It's YOU YOU YOU the whole time ...

That was awesome, Son ...

WTR 2421 ...

You can count on Me to be there, Ma ... :D