Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hello Son,

Saturday, October 8

That Saturday morning, Dad and Mom were in the car. 

It was a Saturday, Mom's day to make a long distance call to her Son in heaven, she knows. Since she started in the new school, she's been preoccupied with school stuffs and has not been able to talk to her Son as frequently as she used to. 

Mom really misses our call moments, Daniel. Only God knows how much. Um, He does know, doesn't He? She can only thank God, that He allows You to continue to make your presence felt to us. It has certainly been amazing how we are able to feel You with us ... each and every day.  :D

Your mother was telling Dad how she has not been able to blog during the weekdays and complaining that even during weekends, she feels her schedule tight. It was a Saturday that day, yet she was not in front of the computer, she was on the road, driving here and there running errands etc ... 

At the peak of her lamenting to Dad, a lorry happened to cross over to our lane ...  which managed to silence your mother.

Of course Mom saw it. 

Are You kidding?

She instantly saw her angel numbers.  


Decode : 44 444

Then, she counted loudly, "1 2 9 2 7 ... " and added mentally ... before exclaiming, "OMG, that's 21 ... You see, he knows we're talking about him." :D

Mom said in her heart, "Will talk to you tonight, Daniel. Let Mom finish all her chores first ..."

So anyway ... by the time she was half way through her TO DO List, it was evening time. Dad was driving. Mom was in front. We were driving back to Taman Desa, to have a cup of tea at one of the cafes. Boy, little did we know that something amazing was about to happen in the car. 

You will not believe this.

OMG ...

Dad was at the wheel. We had just left the school. The radio was not on. Mom repeats : The - radio - was - NOT - on.

We were in the MPV ... and Mom was not familiar with the gadgets, so she didn't bother to try to turn on the radio. She in fact, had laid back and rested quietly as we drove on the road. 

Everything was just very normal. 

Then, shortly after we drove out of the school area, some 5 minutes later, would You believe it but suddenly ...


We were startled. 

Dad and Mom turned to look at each other instantly. Dad's jaw dropped. Mom's hand was over her mouth.

OMG ...

Mom asked quickly, "Did you turn on the radio?" 

Mom did not see Dad's hand anywhere near the radio but on the steering wheel at all material times. She had to ask. Of course she had to ask. Radios don't just come on by themselves ... do they?

Dad said, "No. Did you?" Dad knew Mom didn't.

Mom was like, "No ... Of course not ... OMG ... The radio came on by itself??? OMG ... I can't believe it ... It's Son ..."

The first line from the radio that filled the car was :

You gotta keep your head up ...

It was an unfamiliar song. Mom has not heard it before. Neither has Dad.

Mom said incredulously, 

"Did you hear that? You gotta keep your head up."

Yeah, she had been kinda burdened with a problem that had arisen that day, and clearly You know about it. 

Dad said with a grin, "Son's telling you that ..."

Yes, Yes ... 

She could tell ... Her Son is telling her to keep her head up.

OMG ...

OMG ... Seriously ???

She didn't hear the rest of the lyrics except the rainbow line that came on towards the end of the song.

Only rainbows after rain

The sun will always come again

Don't judge your mother, Daniel, but she's gonna read that as:

Only rainbows after rain,

The SON will always come again ... 

and again ... and again ...

Only Mom and You will know what that means. Hah!

Good thing Dad was with her. He would definitely not believe her, if she had told him about the inciDAN without him witnessing it first hand. It was unbelievable how the music / song came on by itself when the radio was not on in the first place.

Just when we were recovering from the unexpected surprise, the next song that came on the radio was ...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ...

Call 177 : 14th Month

Oh My Gosh ... 


Honestly, the moment was priceless. :D 

Dad drove to the shops.

Dad asked, "Where do you want to go (for tea)?"

Ah. You hear that, right? On this issue, Mom's decision is final. 

She said, "Hailam ..."

The last time we went there, You had zapped us ... left right and center. :D


Call 272 : Red Paris

So, Dad turned into the lane. 

Of course, as the drama enfolds, left and right side of the two blocks of shops were filled with parked vehicles, from the first shop right to ... as far as our eyes could see ... as we were driving in. The cafe was at the end of the row. As Dad drove on, Mom found herself holding her breath. Something was about to happen, she could feel it.

Oh, it was dramatic as she had expected. If it wasn't dramatic, it wouldn't zap her, her Son knows. 

Every single parking bay was occupied from the first bay, right to the bay at the end of the two blocks of shops, EXCEPT for one ... which was empty and available and would You believe it, was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAFE ... 

The same parking bay You have reserved for us the last time. 

Mom knows what you're thinking but no, this is NOT a specially reserved bay for the cafe's patrons.

It was the work of her angel Son ... :D

Mom knows, it was nobody, nobody but You ... :D

The same parking bay ... was free for us at the same congested time as the last time we were here on Tuesday, August 23rd. Almost 2 months ago. 

What are the chances?

Park here, Dad ... :D

Dad said, "Thanks Son."

Did You hear that? :D

Mom is hoping You were not shaking your head as You watch her collect her eviDANs ... :D

Were You ?

At the cafe, You would have heard your mother talking at one thousand words per minute.

"I tell you, I really must talk to him tonight. I must. It's (Sat) evening already. Tomorrow we'll be busy (can't remember why now) ... I used to talk to him every day ... and now since the school, I can only call on Saturdays, and today is already coming to an end ... " Mom left her sentence hanging as her voice kinda broke. :(

Dad assured Mom she could have the computer all to herself that night. 

That evening, about 7 pm ...

Mom was at the computer. 

She knew she would be spending some time on her uh, long distance call, so she checked her emails first. 

There was a mail from Aunty J (from the States). 

Your aunt had sent her some very cute alphabet letters for school purposes (to decorate notice boards). However, the alphabets were not complete from A to Z. 

So Mom google-searched for "cute alphabets clip art" hoping to get the full set of those cute letters.

A whole page of images appeared on the screen.  As she scrolled down the page, she suddenly spotted the word :


She stopped and stared.

Oh Gosh ...

Hello ???

Hello ... 

Like a reminder ...

Like a greeting ...

Like a call ...

From Heaven?

Mom found herself saying with a smile, 

"Hello Son ... Mom's gonna talk to You in just a moment."

She went to the blog, clicked on a NEW POST and began typing out ...

Hello Son ...

She had barely written a paragraph, when it was time for dinner. She stopped reluctantly, and went to get her dinner.

After dinner, Dad said he had to check something on the internet, for "just one minute."

His one minute extended to one hour, and then two hours ... and soon Mom fell asleep on the sofa ... and only got up at about 11 pm.

Mom asked Dad impatiently, "Are you done? I have to talk to him tonight. It's 11 pm already." 

Dad said, "Finishing ... finishing ... one minute ..."

Sighing, and grumbling under her breath, Mom turned on the television. The Biggest Loser was on. She changed the channel, from one to another, and finally stopped at 711. 

A wedding was going on. 

The Bachelor (reality show).

Mom found herself stopping to watch the show ... not really expecting anything to happen when a few seconds later, the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow came on.

OMG ...


Instantly, she jumped up from the sofa and grabbed her cell (which was on the table beside Dad), some three steps away, to check the time. 


It was 11:11 pm. 

Decode : 4


Mom let out a yelp of excitement, as she shoved her handphone to Dad :

"Look! Look, quick look! It's 11:11 pm. 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow is on! OMG ..." 

Dad took a glance at her cell and smiled. 

Mom continued excitedly, "OMG, I took a photo of this time 11:11 last week ... the same exact time 11:11 ... and in the car this afternoon, the radio came on by itself, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow came on ... You heard, You were in the car ... OMG ... I can't believe it, I can't believe it ... He knows I want to talk to him ... He knows ... OMG ..."

Call 284 : Paper Clips

Mom retreated to the sofa and sank down happily ... her eyes never leaving the television screen. Dad was pretty much speechless.

Chuckle. :D

Then came the next ZAP.

She heard the groom's name announced. 


OMG, w-what ???

Did she hear right???

Jason ???

The groom's name is Jason ???

OMG ...

Daniel Jason Phua ... 

You really know how to zap your mother. :D

When the wedding ceremony ended, Mom thought that was the end of the zaps that night ... but no. There was another treat for her.  

JASON Castro (the ex-American Idol contestant) came on and closed the show with his famous version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Mom could only gasp.

Two Jasons ...

Not one, but TWO Jasons ...

It's Me la, Ma ... :D





That moment was unbelievable ...

It was really awesome, Daniel ... 

Thank You Son for that zap connection ... :D ... 

and Thank You Jesus for keeping You safe and happy in heaven.