Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello Son,

Saturday, June29

Mom was walking to the basement (4 levels underground) to get the car. 

It was a Saturday and the maid needs to do some cleaning in school. As she was walking down the stairways, she found herself thinking of what Aunty D said the night before, in Aunty D's sms to the family.

Aunty D had sent a photo of Baby M in their new apartment. 

Aunty D said (@ 5:16 pm): 

"Megs arranging her own room."

Justine commented (@ 5:19 pm) : OMG SHE HAS THE HAND BEAN BAG CHAIR! D;

Aunty D replied (@ 5:24 pm) : That chair was free.

Mom read the text and her heart skipped a beat at that - that 4 letter F word.

Your mother commented (@ 5:25 pm) : FREE?

Aunty D said (@ 5:25 pm) : Haha ... yes ... FREE ... 


Smiling broadly, your mother texted back (@ 5:27 pm) : Awww FREE ... 

After that, there was no more texting. We went back to do whatever we were doing then. Aunty D was unpacking in her new apartment, which is one floor below our home by the way, whilst Mom was on the carpet, thinking of how to choreograph a dance routine for the children's concert.

Awhile later, your mother checked her cell and found Aunty D's reply (@ 6:33 pm) :

Yup ... thanks dans (and inserted the logo of an angel at the end of the msg)

Mom quickly noted the time. 


Why that's 21.

It's so easy. 

FREE ...

Aww FREE ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

So anyway, (remember) Mom was still going down the stairways ...

She found herself spiralling back to a certain FREE gift that You gave her through Aunty D. It was a handbag accessory and a mirror. Both FREE. Aunty D had given them to Mom and at the time, Mom knew - she knew - You had found a way to give your mother a present for Mother's Day. The distance between heaven and earth did not stop You from giving your mother a small gift. 

Correction, two small gifts.

She walked over to the car ... got onto the driver's seat ... turned on the ignition.

The radio came on ... a song was on ...


Omg ... 

What are the chances?

Seriously, what are the chances?

Whitney's Houston's A Moment In Time ...

The time no the dashboard showed 8:09 am : the 2nd verse of the song was on.

Decode : 44

Gosh, we all know this song ends loud and clear at the end with a :

"I will be ... I will be ... FREEeeeeee ..."

Omg ...

That was unbelievable ...

You must have whispered to Mom : 

FREE Ma ... FREE ... :D 

Otherwise why else would she be thinking about that FREE inciDAN so specifically at that moment in time? You definitely whispered to Mom, You definitely did - she knows You did. It's too obvious.

Also, You know what? 

On Mom's birthday on Tuesday, June 25 ... Yes, the same day Michael Jackson died ... Dad and Mom went to Bangsar Village for lunch ... We drove into the parking area, and lo and behold, we saw two vehicles coming out of their bays at the same time. Wait for the good part. This is not it. Not yet. You know this place is not known for having unoccupied bays. 

Dad said under his breath as he was reversing in, "Thanks Son ..." :D

Mom repeated loudly with a big grin, "Yeah, THANKS SON ..."

So anyway, after a really nice lunch at Botanicals, about an hour and a half later, we went back to the car. 

The moment Dad started the car engine, the song that came on immediately on the radio was one of the same : ONE MOMENT IN TIME.

Mom had commented then, "One Moment in Time ... I will be FREE-eeee ... It's Son ... He wants me to know he's with me ... It's my birthday, of course he's with me ..." :D

Her birthday zap, she had thought happily. 

Thank You, Son, she had sent You a telephatic message.

We had a really nice dinner with the family in our home that Tuesday night. Mom insisted on having dinner at home. So Dad tapau-ed crabs ... butter crabs and kam heong crabs ... and Grandma made laksa and mango pudding with glutinous rice ... your aunties tapau-ed pandan chicken and brought the cake. :D Oh, Dad also made shitake mushrooms with the brown sauce -- the one that Aunty Iris made on your last birthday before You left us a month later. :( Don't tell Dad but Mom doesn't fancy that dish. Your aunties and Grandma loved it though.

Grandma bought a pair gold ear-rings for Mom. 

Aunty D said, when they came through the door, "When we were at the shop just now, Megan was playing with their calculator ... and the number that appeared was 484 ..."

Mom listened.

A big smile spread across her face. You must have seen that.

Aunty D is aware of your mother's angel numbers. 

Aunty D, Baby M and Uncle C

Aunty D walked over to the computer desk and picked up a scissors. She wanted to remove the plastic covering over the baby chair for Megan to sit. Looking at the scissors that she had picked up, Aunty D said, "Eh, this is Daniel's scissors ..." 

Yup, your name is written on the blue scissors. 

Aunty D continued, "This afternoon, I picked up a stapler in Mom's car, and it has Daniel's name on it too ..." 

Your stapler? With Grandma? In her car?


Hmm, guess we should just cut and staple together all the little pieces to see the big picture, huh ... 

So anyway, dinner was lovely. Everyone knew where Mom wanted to sit ... and they left that seat empty for her. It's the chair nearest to your portrait. :D

We were soon at the living room huffing and puffing with our bloated stomachs when Megan spilled some water on her dress. Grandma asked Justine to find something for her to change into.

Your sister brought Baby M into her room, and some 10 minutes later, they both re-appeared, causing immediate laughter around the TV room. Mom turned to see what the commotion was all about. 

Oh my ...


Baby M was wearing an overly large singlet that showed her -- everything :D ... but that's not what Mom was looking at ... She couldn't help but stare at the word that was spread across the singlet :


Oh boy ...

Mom whispered to Dad, "This is Son's idea ... He's behind it ... I know it's him ... He must have whispered to Justine to choose that ANGEL singlet ..."

Dad agreed with a laugh, "Yeah, that's something Son would do ..."

Mom confirmed with a knowing smile, "It's definitely Son ..."

How many times has Baby M come to our place? Not once has the babe had to change into your sister's clothes. The maid would always carry the baby's bag of stuffs everywhere they go ... but that night, the maid didn't.


Nah ...

It's part of the plan ... :D By the way, that ANGEL singlet is not the above purple tee shirt. Justine changed Megan into that purple tee shirt after the big laugh.

Here's Kish with her new friend ... :D

Haha ...

Haagen Dazs ice-cream cake ...

Justine, Aunty C and Grandma

Here's Grandma with Baby M ...

Make a wish ... and let's blow out the candles ...

Thank You, Son, for being with us and making your presence felt.

On Friday, June 28 ... after school ... which was probably around 8:00 pm ... Dad, Justine and Mom were in the car. We were driving home. In Taman Desa, Dad asked whether we wanted to have nasi kukus for dinner.

Mom would normally say yes to that. The nasi kukus here is really delicious. However, she heard herself telling Dad, "Let's have KFC tonight."

KFC ...

Yup, KFC ...

Dad parked the car by the side of the road, and went into the eatery. 

He came out some 10 minutes later, hopped into the car, and announced, 

"The moment I stepped in the shop, IF I DIE YOUNG came on ..."

"In KFC?" Mom asked with raised eyebrows.

Dad said, "Yes ..."

Mom pounced excitedly, "The beginning of the song?" 

Even if it wasn't - the beginning of the song - did it matter?

Dad said, "Yes, I stepped inside, and the song started ... from the beginning ..."

How sweet to hear that.

How perfect.

We would have eaten nasi kukus that night ... except that You must have whispered to Mom : KFC Ma ... :D