Saturday, June 15, 2013

Call 474 : BIG RAT

Hello Son,

It's Saturday today. Justine is at home with Mom. Your aunties are planning to go shopping in a bit but Mom said she would give it a miss. She too behind all her long-distance calls. :D 

Sigh ...

If only she could have like ... 30 hours in a day ... 

You're on our minds all the time, You know that, don't You? There's not a single fraction of a moment that You're not on your mother's mind.

Not a single one, Son ... and that's okay. You know why? Well, some weeks ago, when Mom was at the medical book store, she came across a book that, upon flipping the pages, said : Do no underestimate the time period of grieving ... people may still be grieving even after 7 years after the loss of a loved one ...

Seven years ... and still grieving ... 

What's seven years? That's nothing ...


Huh ...

Mom will easily break that record, she'll tell You now. :D

It's been such a hectic, crazy two weeks. Mom received all your zaps and signs and is constantly reminded that You're right by her side. Thank You for that, Son. 

God is good.


So anyway, she must tell You about this inciDAN that happened to Grandma ... before Grandma's birthday on Saturday, June 1.

Tuesday, May 28

4 days before Grandma's birthday do.

Grandma sent two photos to the family (Whatsapp) @ 3:26 pm & 3:28 pm :

Mom saw the photos but didn't really pay much attention to them. 

Aunty C commented about half and hour later @ 4:05 pm : 

"Where did you get that, Mom (Grandma)?"

Grandma's reply came in at 4:19 pm, and it was a mighty long one.

"Hi. surprise. I got a trolley of food stuff for my sat karaoke all free. as we were paying at the cashier, my friend aunty theresa was helping me to unload the trolley. suddenly the whistle blew n the security officers came n told us, you r lucky, yr shopping this morning is all free. i was surprised n told the officer u must be kidding. n he said, not kidding. n true enough, my long bill worth about rm200 was just written off. then they garland me. placed crown on my head and plenty of shots were taken together with my friend. wow. i told them this shopping was for my bday and they said happy bday. and for once i thought Big Aeon is ok."

Pause ...

Then ... just as the stars and the moon and the sun were aligned in a straight line in her head, she let out an excited outburst.

Omg ...

Mom was with Dad at the time, and she was like ... 

Omg ...

Jaw-dropping and all ...

Grandma - was - chosen - as - that - morning's - lucky - winner? 



At that BIG (Carrefour) hypermart? 

That same BIG supermarket where only a week ago before that day, Grandma and Mom were there, and we saw a RAT scampering across our section to another, right before our eyes? That same supermarket? We were so shocked to see the RAT. 

Eeeee ...

Grandma had in fact complained to one of the staffs who was standing near us about the RAT and the staff's lazy tak-peduli reply was, "Semalam punya tikus lagi besar ..." (Yesterday's rat was bigger ...)

We left the place and vowed never to ever shop in that place again.

So what was Grandma doing there that morning? 

You must have whispered to your grandmother. Would You please take a look at the TWO FREE signs in Grandma's text?

Not only that, but look at this sign :

Mom enlarged the photo in her cell and showed it to DAD.

She said excitedly, "Omg, it's Daniel ... I'm telling you, it's Daniel ... He's giving my mom a birthday treat ... look at the sign ... a big fat FREE ... and the numbers ... 24 ... and 6/2013 ... that's 21 ... Omg ..."

What are the chances? 

24 being your date of arrival and 21, departure.


Gosh Son ... everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Grandma's purchase amounting to RM200 was written off and she got all her Karaoke food stuff and containers for absolutely FREE.

That was really fantastic! What a super birthday treat for Grandma. She was crowned and had her photos taken like she was a celebrity. :D

Free ...

Who would have thought that your pink FREE tee shirt could connect us in this way, Son? Why and how we bought that tee shirt, Mom will never know. Of all the words that could have been on the shirt ...

Free ...

It was all part of the plan, wasn't it?

God' plan ... which You now can take a peek into ... and probably say :

Oh, I see ... that's why this happened, and that's why that happened ... no wonder ... no wonder ... it all adds up now ... it all makes sense now ... and then You holler down to your mother :

God's plan is good, Ma ... :D

Mom hears You ... <3

Loud and clear ... :D